10 Secrets to Making a Virgo Man Miss You (A Lot)

Updated May 22, 2023

It’s not always easy to make a Virgo man miss you. He likely only will if you two already have a deep connection.

A Virgo man will miss you more when he can trust you, rely on you for support, and when he feels a strong bond with you.

If a Virgo man feels a strong connection with you, he’ll likely miss you if that connection ever goes away. He’ll miss being able to rely on you and open up to you.

Your Virgo partner will miss you when you’re not around, but only if you give him a chance to miss you! Give him some space, and don’t cling to him too hard.

Your Virgo ex will also miss you, but you need to distance yourself from him. Don’t message him too often. When you do, appeal to his nostalgic side and remind him of better times.

1. Be Someone He Can Trust

If you want a Virgo man to miss you when you’re not around, you need to be someone he can trust. Regardless of your relationship with him, he’ll miss having you in his life if he can’t trust anyone else the way he trusts you.

The more a Virgo man trusts you, the more he’ll miss you when you’re not around. You might be the only person he can talk to about certain things, and he’ll miss you when he can’t speak to you about them.

When a Virgo man wants you back after a breakup, it’s because he still trusts you and misses being able to have you around. He’ll miss being able to confide in you, knowing that you’ll keep his secrets.

If a Virgo man knows he can’t trust you, he’ll be less likely to miss you after a breakup. Don’t break his trust if you want him to feel your absence.

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2. Be Emotionally Open

Will a Virgo man miss you any time you’re not around? He might not miss you all the time, but he will definitely miss you more if he’s already feeling vulnerable, and you’re usually the one he talks to about his feelings.

If you’re emotionally open, your Virgo man will have an easier time connecting with you. He’ll develop more of a bond with you and miss you more if anything happens to that bond.

The closer you are to a Virgo man, the more he’ll miss you! You won’t have to try that hard to make him miss you if you’re emotionally open and he feels a strong connection to you. He’ll genuinely miss you any time you’re not around.

3. Don’t Be Too Available To Him

A Virgo man can’t miss you if you’re always available. If he knows you’ll come running the second he reaches out, he won’t ever have the chance to miss you.

If you’re unavailable sometimes, your Virgo man will start to miss you. He’ll appreciate the times you are available even more!

Sometimes, you should focus on yourself. Don’t always be available to your Virgo man, regardless of your relationship with him. He can’t miss you if you don’t give him a chance to!

If you want to make a Virgo man regret losing you after a breakup, don’t be too available to him! Pull away from him and stop giving him the support you once did, even if you two remain friends.

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4. Text Him Photos

If you want to make your Virgo partner miss you while you’re away, text him some photos of whatever you’re doing!

You don’t have to send him photos of yourself, though that might make him miss you. You can also text pictures of the place you’re staying, your friends, or even the food you eat while you’re apart.

Seeing everything that you’re getting up to without him will remind a Virgo man that he’s not there with you. Seeing you smiling with friends or enjoying a good meal without him will make him miss you terribly.

Photos can also make your Virgo ex miss you, though you might not want to send them directly to him. Instead, send pictures in a group chat or post online where you know he’ll see them!

5. Leave Thing Behind At His Place

Leaving things behind at a Virgo man’s place is a great way to make him miss you. Any time he sees something of yours lying around, he’ll think of you and miss having you around!

If you have a no-contact rule with a Virgo man after a breakup, you can still remind him of you and make him miss you by leaving things behind at his place.

Leaving things behind at a Virgo man’s place will likely make him miss you regardless of your relationship! He’ll miss his partner when he sees her toothbrush sitting in his bathroom, just like he’ll miss his ex if she left her coat in his closet.

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6. Give Him Thoughtful Gifts

If you really want to know how to get a Virgo man to miss you when you’re not around, give him a lot of thoughtful gifts that will definitely remind him of you whenever he uses or sees them.

Practical gifts are one of the best ways to make a Virgo man miss you. He’s unlikely to throw away a new winter jacket or a set of kitchen pans, even after a breakup. He’ll think of you whenever he uses those items and miss having you around.

Even years later, a Virgo man will likely see a gift you gave him and think of you. He probably won’t ever be able to separate you from the present, and he’ll miss you any time he uses it.

7. Don’t Message Too Often

If you want a Virgo man to miss you, don’t message him too often! If you two are in constant contact, why would he miss you? He’ll never get a chance to!

You should still message a Virgo man sometimes, but don’t overdo it if you genuinely want him to miss you.

What happens when you ignore a Virgo man completely? He might get annoyed or assume you’re mad at him. If you want him to miss you, still talk to him, but don’t message too often.

One of the signs a Virgo man misses you is that he’ll start messaging you more than usual. If you two haven’t spoken in a while and he messages out of the blue, it’s because he misses talking to you!

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8. Appeal To His Nostalgic Side

Many Virgo men have a nostalgic side. Reminding your Virgo man of things you two used to do together can make him miss you while you are apart.

Your Virgo partner will miss you terribly if he’s away and you start talking about something the two of you used to do together.

If your Virgo man happens to be out of town for an important date like an anniversary, talk about things you’ve done on that day in the past. Remind him of the good times, and he’ll miss you even more!

Appealing to your Virgo ex’s nostalgic side will make him miss you too. Bring up a trip you two went on, or post photos of you at a restaurant you used to frequent together. He’ll think back on the times you two used to share, and he’ll miss them.

9. Be Someone He Can Rely On

Will a Virgo man miss his ex? He likely will, especially if she was always someone he could rely on while they were together.

You want a Virgo man to notice your absence whenever you’re not around. If you’re one of the few people he can genuinely rely on, he will notice immediately when you’re not there.

Your Virgo partner will miss you when you’re out of town if he relies on you for a lot. Your Virgo ex will definitely miss you if he suddenly has nobody in his life he can genuinely rely on following your breakup.

Ignoring a Virgo man or being completely unreliable won’t result in him missing you. He’ll probably get used to you being unreliable and start distancing himself. If you usually are someone he can rely on, he’ll notice your absence if that ever changes.

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10. Give Him Time & Space

The key to making a Virgo man miss you is to become an integral part of his life, then give him some time to himself. Absence does make the heart grow fonder for a Virgo man!

Try to give your Virgo man some space now and then. Even if you two have a great relationship, you shouldn’t be with him 24/7. He’ll never get the chance to miss you if you’re constantly around.

If you ever feel like your Virgo man is taking you for granted, take some time away from him. Give him the space he needs to realize how important you are. It might take some time, but he’ll start to miss you when you’re no longer around.

When a Virgo man misses you, he’ll likely be the one to reach out eventually. Give him a chance to miss you by keeping your distance and giving him space.

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