What To Wear To Attract a Virgo Man? (Dress For Sign)

Updated August 16, 2023

If you want to dress for a Virgo man, you can on a budget. Virgo men have basic tastes.

They are attracted to women who are down-to-earth and practical. You can get his attention without spending a lot.

If you hope to get the attention of a Virgo man, keep your fashion style traditional and basic. A timeless, classic look appeals to Virgo men. Avoid flashy outfits.

Virgo men are easy to impress because they don’t look for anything fancy when it comes to a woman’s attire. Virgo men expect a woman to wear flattering, clean clothing.

Your Virgo love is not interested in trendy outfits. Your best choices are clothes that don’t distract him. He would prefer to focus on you, not what you wear.

Simple Patterns

Keep it simple if you want to attract the attention of a Virgo man. Conflicting patterns or wild prints are too much for a Virgo man. They prefer simple, practical styles.

A blouse with patterns can be distracting and unattractive to a Virgo man. If you wear patterns, your best options would be small prints that aren’t obvious. He would rather pay attention to your conversation, not clashing patterns.

The one exception to this rule relates to traditional patterns such as houndstooth and plaid. Even better if you pair patterns with prevalent solid colors.

Pants with small patterns matched with a solid color blouse, for example, create the right balance and is attractive to a Virgo man. Avoid conflicting colors and bright patterns, however.

For a Virgo man, fashion is a matter of excess. It is a luxury that often goes unnoticed by him. He prefers plain, simple patterns. Keep his attention by dressing in simple styles.

If you know how to dress for a Libra man, dressing for his neighboring sign, Virgo, is much different. Whereas Libra is artistic and expressive, Virgo is much more subdued.

Dressing to impress a Virgo man requires less effort but more strategy. Virgo men are practical and are attracted to understated styles. Virgo traits reflect his no-nonsense style.

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Classic Styles

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you dress for a Virgo man. He avoids the latest trends and may find some styles offensive. He prefers fashion based on the classics.

Your “little black dress” is perfect for an elegant evening with a Virgo, but you should reserve such formal styles for special occasions only. Virgo men don’t like to be overdressed.

Simple, classic fashions are ideal. Virgo men don’t like pretentious-looking outfits. Too much lace, frills, bows, or ruffles will seem him a waste of material.

Virgo men have a sentimental side. They like to see fashions that remind them of past eras. You don’t have to get lost in nostalgia, though. Sensibility always rules over artfulness for Virgo men.

What attracts a Virgo man to you in the first place is a look that stands the test of time. He also loves a woman who dresses up slightly. Treat every date with him like a special occasion.

If you wear a top with patterns, avoid replicating a different pattern on your skirt, pants, or shorts. Keep your outfits simple for the best results.

Earth Tones

You can attract a Virgo man by wearing specific colors. Earthy tones appeal to men born under this sign. Virgo men love when women wear mossy greens, browns, and other muted colors.

Virgo men are also fond of neutral colors. They avoid anything flashy or obtuse. If you want to keep his attention on you, the best thing you can do is dress in earthy colors.

You may not think your khaki pants are romantic, but your Virgo love interest is attracted to neutral styles like this. As an earth sign, Virgo men can’t help their attraction to colors that remind them of woods and trees.

If you know how to dress for a Sagittarius man, you may be surprised to see that dressing for a Virgo man is different. The bold colors and patterns that turn on some men repel Virgos.

If you want to know what to wear on a first date with a Virgo man, you can’t go wrong if you wear his favorite earth tones. Shades of brown and dark green make him most comfortable.

This is in stark contrast to what to wear on a first date with a Gemini man, as this sign prefers bright, airy colors. The reason for this difference is clear when you know a Virgo man’s personality.

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Professional Clothing

Virgo men enjoy casual dates as long as they involve physical activity like hiking or gardening. But if you aren’t planning a rugged date, it’s best to dress on the professional side.

Virgo men can’t resist professional-looking women. A pantsuit may not be a turn-on for some guys, but rational, meticulous, and ambitious Virgo men love these styles.

A smart, office-appropriate appearance is best for a date with a Virgo man. If you aren’t yet dating but want him to notice you, walk by looking like you’re ready for a job interview.

Your outfits will not make him want you, the best way to attract a Virgo man is through your intelligence and down-to-earth nature. Dressing professionally helps to give you credibility.

Virgo style, aesthetics, and image are perfect for an office setting. Business casual is one of the best looks to choose from if you are going to see a Virgo man.

Sturdy Clothes

You never know what might happen on a date with a Virgo man. He may want to go for a romantic stroll, and as he tells you about his many interests, you notice your clothes are not best for walking.

It’s best to wear sturdy clothes when you’re out with a Virgo man. Sloppy shirt straps that constantly fall annoy him. Flimsy fabrics turn him off if they don’t hold up.

Virgo men crave security and stability. When they see reminders of stability, they feel reassured. Likewise, something poorly made or flimsy makes them leap to conclusions and triggers their insecurities.

To make the best possible impression on a Virgo man, ensure your clothes are good quality. Materials that may seem romantic and sexy will turn him off if the fabric tears easily.

His ideal look is the opposite of how you should dress for a Pisces man. Virgo is sensible and rational, whereas Pisces is dreamy and mystical. Look for clothes that are well made.

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Sensible Shoes

Spiky high heels may put some men in the mood for romance, but you’ll be lucky if a Virgo man notices you’re wearing them. If he catches a glimpse of your highest heel shoes, he thinks they’re impractical.

If you love looking and feeling taller in your high heels, don’t kick them aside. But if you’re wearing them just to get a Virgo man’s interest, you’re wasting your time.

If you wear shoes that are comfortable for walking or standing, good quality, and sensible, a Virgo man won’t notice. But he usually doesn’t notice your clothes anyway.

It’s best for him to ignore your clothes than being distracted by them. If your shoes are so uncomfortable you can’t enjoy yourself, a Virgo man will notice; this is a turnoff for him.

Plain Clothing

Dressing down and wearing plain clothing is another great way to keep a Virgo man’s focus. A man born under this sign doesn’t want to look at what you’re wearing. He wants to think about what you say and do.

Avoid clothes that have too many clashing colors or patterns. When trying to attract a Virgo man, a few sensible accessories like a watch are better than excessive items.

Part of keeping it simple when you dress for a Virgo man includes clothing and practical accessories. A scarf in the summer heat seems silly to him.

A plain top and pants work surprisingly well to attract a Virgo man. You don’t need to add anything to an outfit that flatters your natural beauty. Virgos don’t like frills and extras.

Your Virgo love interest doesn’t care about your appearance as much as he cares about hygiene and tidiness. Ensure your clothes are ironed, clean, and free of stains or loose threads.

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Timeless Fashions

When a Virgo man takes the time to get to know a woman, he falls in love. But he will only spend the initial time staring into her eyes during conversations if she appeals to his unique aesthetic.

Virgo men are attracted to women who dress in stylish old fashioned outfits. Some romantic looks never go out of style. An elegant but simple necklace or bracelet can complement your outfit perfectly.

When a Virgo man thinks of his ideal woman, he imagines her wearing a simple, feminine outfit. He remembers the celebrities and fashion mavens of the past and finds beauty in nostalgia.

Dressing to impress a Virgo man is easy if you know what to wear on a first date with a Cancer man. The classic, romantic styles are preferred. He longs for past eras and wants the simplicity of older styles.

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