Quick Guide to Turning a Virgo Man On (Sexually)

Updated November 22, 2022
Quick Guide to Turning a Virgo Man On (Sexually)

If you want to turn a Virgo man on, focus on his mind. Virgo men are very cerebral, so you can turn him on with words, as well as actions.

You don’t need to come on too strong to turn a Virgo man on. Go slow and tease him.

It’s a good idea to start slow when trying to turn on a Virgo man. Start by talking to him. Send flirty texts, whisper sweet nothings, and do things that will stimulate his mind.

Virgo men love to talk. You can start to turn him on before you even touch him. When you do start to get physical, take your time. Tease your Virgo man.

Pay attention to what turns on your individual Virgo man. Test things out and see how he responds when you do certain things to him.

Be Playful

Virgo men get a reputation for being serious, but they aren’t all the time! If you want to turn a Virgo man on, you can play around with him.

You can more easily turn your Virgo man on if he’s already in a good mood. It’ll be an uphill battle if he’s stressed out or bored. Take the time to cheer him before coming onto him.

Virgo men love to play around. Show off your funny side and tell him a few jokes. Get him laughing and then slipping in some flirtatious jokes.

You can be playful when you are in bed with a Virgo man. Sex isn’t always a serious affair. Joke around with him and make him smile. He’ll love being around you if you can make him laugh and turn him on simultaneously.

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Appeal To His Senses

Don’t just focus on touch when turning on a Virgo man. Appeal to all his senses and make sex an experience that appeals to the mind and body.

Your Virgo man will be turned on when he sees that you’re making an effort to please him. He’ll be turned on when he sees that you are trying to give him a good experience.

When you two go out together, wear some perfume. Put on an outfit that incorporates his favorite color too.

Put on some nice lingerie when you two go to bed together. Wear something sexy and show off for him. That will get him riled up.

You can also appeal to your Virgo man’s senses by lighting candles or turning on music when you two go to bed together. He’ll appreciate the effort.

Flirty Texts

Send him a few flirty messages or pictures if you want to turn on a Virgo man through text. Many Virgo men love to sext. Send him a few well-written, seductive texts if you cannot physically be with your Virgo man.

Flirty texts are a great way to make a Virgo man think of you when you aren’t around. Remind him of what’s to come later on when you two are together again.

Beware with this one, though! Make sure that your Virgo man is in an appropriate place if you send him steamy text messages.

Some light flirting is okay if he’s at work or in public, but make sure he’s alone if you send anything explicit.

If he’s on a business trip, wait for him to get back to his hotel at the end of the day before you try turning him on.

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Whisper Sweet Nothings

Whispering sweet nothings is a great way to make a Virgo man want you even more than he already does.

When you’re in bed with your Virgo man, tell him what a great job he’s doing. Praise is one sure way to turn a Virgo man on.

Whisper directly into his ear and tell him what an incredible lover he is. Virgo men can be very self-critical, so having a reminder that you think he’s doing a good job will encourage him and turn him on simultaneously.

Stimulate His Mind

How do you turn a Virgo man on? You can’t just focus on the physical side of things. You need to stimulate his mind as well.

Virgo men are very attracted to intellect. You can turn a Virgo man before touching him with a few witty remarks and double entendres.

Intelligent women turn on Virgo men. Show off your mind! He will love seeing you have more to offer than just your body.

If you can impress your Virgo man, he’ll find that sexy. Be confident when you speak to him. Engage in long, exciting discussions.

Turning a Virgo man on isn’t just about touching him or being physically sexy. If you want to make a Virgo man obsessed with you, you must be intelligent.

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Tempt Him

How do you attract a Virgo man? You can start turning on your Virgo man by getting his attention in subtle ways.

Virgo men are a fan of slow seductions. You don’t need to be in a rush when you’re trying to turn him on. Just start with a few little temptations and see how he reacts.

You can tempt a Virgo man by wearing an outfit you know he finds sexy. You can also try wearing some lingerie under your clothing. Tempt him by making it obvious what you’ve got going on underneath your clothes.

Do things you know your Virgo man finds sexy. If you two are having dinner or are somewhere you can’t have sex, give him a little taste of what he can have when you two are alone.

Tease Him

Your Virgo man might like it if you tease him a bit in bed. Don’t give him what you know he wants right away. Make him wait a bit.

Your Virgo man won’t like it if you tease him by making him the target of a joke. Virgo men hate it when people criticize or make fun of them. Tease him by making him work for what he wants in bed, not making fun of him.

Don’t completely deny your Virgo man what he wants, but don’t easily give it to him either. Start getting him riled up and pull back. Talk about something you want to do to him, but don’t do it immediately.

This is just another way you can be playful with your Virgo man. Tease him with the idea of something and then make him wait for it. The anticipation will turn him on even more.

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Talk About Your Desires

Tell him all about what you like if you want to make a Virgo man desire you. Virgo men love to talk. You can often turn a Virgo man on by telling him all about your fantasies.

This is a great way to turn a Virgo man on when you two can’t physically be together. You can start with a few texts detailing what you’d like to do to your Virgo man the next time you see him.

When you two are together, you can still tell him all about your desires. He will be more than happy to listen to you tell him what you like.

Your Virgo man will be turned on before you even touch him if you talk about your desires with him. Let him know what you need. Encourage him to talk about his desires too.

Be Attentive

If you want to learn a Virgo man’s turn-ons and offs, you need to pay attention to him! Nothing turns him on more than knowing that his partner is attentive to his individual needs.

The longer you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, the more you will learn about his preferences in bed. He might not open up about them all at once.

You can learn the best way to please a Virgo man by experimenting and noting his reactions. If he responds well when you touch a particular spot, pay attention to that area the next time you two make love. Show him that you remember details about him.

Your Virgo man will likely tell you what he likes in bed, too, if he trusts you. Listen to him! He’ll know that you care and that you were paying attention if you start incorporating his fantasies in bed.

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Go Slow

There’s no need to rush when you’re with your Virgo man in bed. He will be more turned on if you take the time to explore his body.

A Virgo man might be turned off if he thinks you’re in a rush. If you are only focused on your pleasure or getting things over with, you won’t turn your Virgo man on.

Your Virgo man wants both of you to have a good time and savor the moment. When you two are together, focus on him and enjoy the moment.

A Virgo man will be turned on if you take the time to explore his body and make sure he’s having fun. There is never any need to rush things with a Virgo man. Take the time to have an intimate experience with him.