Gemini Men Sexuality: Everything You Need To Know

Updated March 10, 2023
Gemini Men Sexuality: Everything You Need To Know

A Gemini man’s sexuality tends to be pretty wild. If you’re going to bed with him, prepare for things to get a little freaky.

Gemini men are adventurous with their sexuality. They love to try new stuff and constantly mix things up in the bedroom.

There aren’t many things a Gemini man will say no to when it comes to sex. They love trying new things and will do nearly anything at least once.

Gemini men tend to be pretty kinky. Even the ones that don’t have any wild kinks will still be willing to try new ones out if their partner suggests them. They also tend to be spontaneous and a little impulsive.

Gemini men need to be constantly stimulated in the bedroom. They aren’t in a rush, and they love foreplay. They don’t want to keep doing the same thing.

He Can Be Freaky

If you want to have sex with a Gemini man, you should know that things can get pretty freaky when you’re in bed with him.

Not all Gemini men are complete freaks, but they aren’t afraid to let their freak flag fly! Gemini men are also far more open about sex than other men, which can freak some people out.

Do not be surprised if your Gemini man has some wild fantasies or if he openly discusses topics others shy away from. He thinks this is entirely normal, and he isn’t at all ashamed of his freaky side.

The nice thing about Gemini men is that you don’t have to guess whether they are freaks in the bedroom. Your Gemini man will probably tell you stories of past sexual encounters and openly discuss his odd preferences.

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He’s Open About Kinks

Are Gemini men kinky? Some are! Even a Gemini man with preferences that are more on the tame side will likely have at least one kink.

It’s typically easy to figure out a Gemini man’s turn-ons because he will openly talk about them. Gemini men are not shy at all when it comes to sex! They will gladly discuss their preferences, including any kinks they have.

Not all Gemini men are incredibly kinky, but you’ll know immediately if yours is. He won’t hide it at all.

Your Gemini man might not have a long list of kinks, but that doesn’t mean he’ll only stick to those in the bedroom. Gemini men are typically always willing to try out new ones.

If your Gemini man comes across a new kink, he’ll likely talk to you about it. If he sees something online or hears about a new thing from a friend, you will hear about it!

Even if he only wants to talk about something, be prepared to hear about new kinks all the time from your Gemini man.

He’s Adventurous

How is a Gemini man as a lover? He tends to be highly adventurous! If you want to try something with your Gemini man, there is a high chance he’ll say yes and try it with you at least once.

Gemini men love trying new things in the bedroom. They’re up for nearly anything. Even if a Gemini man doesn’t like something he tries in the bedroom, he’ll at least appreciate having the experience.

Your Gemini man will likely suggest new things to try in the bedroom often. He isn’t expecting you to try everything he suggests, but he’ll get bored if you turn down every idea he has.

Gemini men love being with partners who are as adventurous as they are. If you suggest new things to try, your Gemini man will be much more satisfied with your sex life.

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He’s Spontaneous

It’s important to discuss boundaries and dislikes before you have sex with a Gemini man. He can sometimes be spontaneous and doesn’t ask before doing something in the heat of the moment.

A Gemini man doesn’t want to push your boundaries and has no desire to make you uncomfortable. He does sometimes go with the flow, though. He might surprise you if he gets the urge to do something.

If there’s anything you do not want your Gemini man to do, talk to him about it! He’ll keep that in mind and stick to spontaneous actions that he knows are fine with you.

Your Gemini man will love it when you’re spontaneous as well. When you can surprise him, he’ll be delighted. A Gemini man’s sexuality can sometimes be a bit reckless, but it’s all in good fun!

He Loves Dirty Talk

If you’re with a Gemini man in bed, try talking dirty to him. That is typically one of his turn-ons!

Gemini men love to talk and are no less talkative in the bedroom than anywhere else. You might find that your Gemini man is chatty during sex even when he’s not dirty talking.

This is a common preference for Gemini men, though. Be prepared for your Gemini man to sprinkle in some dirty talk before, during, and after sex.

He might even send suggestive text messages to get you riled up before you two go to bed together.

A Gemini man will love it when you participate in the dirty talk. Even if you’re inexperienced or not particularly good at it, he’ll appreciate the effort!

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He Loves Sex

Attracting a Gemini man can be easy. Many Gemini men love sex and will be down to have a casual fling even if they don’t intend on sticking around.

You usually won’t have to look for subtle signs a Gemini man is sexually attracted to you. Many Gemini men will be upfront about their attraction to someone. If he’s interested in sex, he’ll just let you know.

Gemini men don’t usually see any point in beating around the bush. If a Gemini man is pursuing a serious relationship with you, he can wait until you’re comfortable to have sex, but he’ll still make his intentions clear.

Gemini men are also very comfortable talking about sex. Your Gemini man will likely openly discuss things he’s tried with friends, though he’ll be respectful if you don’t want him spilling stories about your sex life.

You’ll likely know a lot about a Gemini man’s preferences before you even start sleeping with him. He has no issue discussing how much he loves sex with his friends or even casual acquaintances.

He Likes To Mix Things Up

Sometimes, you won’t know what to expect from a Gemini man in bed. Gemini men love mixing things up, and yours may be unpredictable sometimes.

A Gemini man’s likes and dislikes are constantly changing. Just because your Gemini man was really into a specific kink or position the last time you had sex, that doesn’t mean he’ll want to do the same thing each time!

Do not be surprised if your Gemini man constantly asks to try new things. You also shouldn’t be surprised if he suddenly dislikes something he always seemed to like before. He changes his mind a lot!

To satisfy your Gemini man, you should mix things up too. He might be fine doing certain things repeatedly if you like them, but he won’t want to only do those things.

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Foreplay Is Important

Are Gemini men good in bed? Many of them are! One of the reasons Gemini men tend to make excellent lovers is because they appreciate foreplay.

Sex isn’t a race to the finish line for a Gemini man. Rushing through things is boring! He wants to explore and try new things. He also wants to make sure his partner is satisfied.

A Gemini man won’t have a good time if you skimp on the foreplay. He might be down for some quick sex now and then, but for the most part, he likes to just experience it for a while.

Your Gemini man won’t just be focused on his own pleasure when you two are in bed together. He loves foreplay because it allows him to please his partner just as much as it allows him to be pleased.

Don’t be afraid to explore, and sometimes take your time with a Gemini man. He’ll enjoy himself when you two are lost in the moment together.

He Needs Constant Excitement

When seducing a Gemini man, keep in mind that he needs constant stimulation. You need to switch things around and try new things with him, or he’ll get bored.

A Gemini man’s sexuality is ever-changing because he needs excitement in his life. He’s not satisfied with just sticking to the same things over and over again. He doesn’t want to stay in his comfort zone.

Your Gemini man might like certain things, but he won’t want to do them each time he has sex. He’ll get bored of his favorite thing if you do it too much, so try to keep things interesting.

Do not be surprised if your Gemini man suddenly wants to switch what you’re doing in the middle of sex. He’s just trying to make sure he doesn’t get bored! Help him out by mixing things up too.

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