May Gemini vs June Gemini

Updated April 25, 2023

May Geminis and June Geminis are unique in just as many ways as they are the same. They have some key differences, but they are all still Geminis.

June Geminis sometimes have traits associated with the other air signs, Libra and Aquarius.

The reason May Geminis and June Geminis are different has to do partially with how planetary rulership works. Gemini is divided into three subsections, and each section has a subruler, in addition to Gemini’s ruler.

June Geminis tend to be more rebellious, while May Geminis are mischievous. All Geminis love making connections, but June Geminis tend to prefer a few close friends, while May Geminis are social butterflies.

May Geminis are the most communicative and well-spoken of all Geminis. June Geminis are also communicative but are more creative and tactile than May Geminis.

Mercury vs Venus & Uranus

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules the sign of Gemini. May Geminis are the quintessential Geminis because only Mercury rules them. They don’t have a separate subruler.

The influence of Mercury is the reason many Geminis are well-spoken and intelligent. This planet gives Gemini a curious nature, which is why Geminis are always trying to gather as much information as possible.

May Geminis will be especially chatty compared to June Geminis. These are the Geminis who are constantly gossiping and researching new topics.

Mercury still rules June Geminis but all June Geminis have one of two subrulers.

All signs have three subsections known as decans. Most May Geminis are in the first decan, while June Geminis are in either the second or third.

The second decan is known as the “Libra decan.” This decan has Venus as its subruler. Geminis born in this decan tend to be more sensual, tactile, and focused on relationships.

The third decan is the “Aquarius decan,” and it has Uranus as its subruler. Geminis born in this decan are often more rebellious and innovative than other Geminis.

June Geminis are still Geminis, but they have some additional traits because of the influence of either Venus or Uranus.

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Quirky vs Innovative

All Geminis are unique individuals, though they express their unique nature differently. Being quirky is a May Gemini trait while being innovative is a June Gemini trait.

May Geminis are quirky and can seem extremely weird at times. They often have a nervous, excited energy that you don’t always see in June Geminis.

A May Gemini will do many odd things in their quest for information. They don’t always stop to think about whether or not they should do something. They just do it!

May Geminis might also seem peculiar because of their anxious nature. One of the downsides of Mercury’s influence is that it can give people nervous energy.

A May Gemini might seem unusual at times because they have too much energy that needs to be let out.

June Geminis can also be quirky, but they are also innovative. This is especially true for those June Geminis in the third decan.

Third decan June Geminis have some influence from Uranus. Uranus is a rebellious, eccentric, and unconventional planet.

June Geminis make excellent inventors. They are great at coming up with new solutions to problems. They use all the information they gather to experiment and create.

Mischievous vs Rebellious

How are May and June Geminis different? All Geminis are energetic. One of the differences between May and June Geminis is how they express that energy.

The May Gemini personality is highly mischievous. May Geminis like to play around and tease the people in their lives.

The Roman god Mercury, from whom the planet gets its name, is a trickster god. May Gemini’s often have this trickster energy. Many May Geminis love to play pranks.

A May Gemini’s mischievous nature is usually all in good fun. They like to play and laugh. They aren’t trying to be mean-spirited when they tease people.

The June Gemini personality is more rebellious. Second and third decan June Geminis can have this trait, though it is more pronounced in third decan Geminis.

June Geminis in the second/Libra decan often have a strong sense of justice. They aren’t afraid to break a few rules to do what they think is right, either.

A June Libra in the third/Aquarius decan will be highly rebellious. They aren’t afraid to use their intellect to fight for what they believe in.

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Social Butterfly vs Close Friendships

One of the differences between May and June Geminis is the friendships they form with others.

May Geminis are social butterflies. They often have large social circles. It’s common for a May Gemini to have many different groups of friends.

A May Gemini might not always have one best friend. They aren’t likely to have a small, intimate group of people they trust. A May Gemini has friends all over the place!

May Geminis are good at making friends as well. They can go to a party where they don’t know anyone and leave with half a dozen new friends.

June Geminis love to socialize, but they are more focused on developing close friendships. A June Gemini might have a large circle of friends, but they will also have a smaller circle of close, intimate friendships.

A June Gemini will gladly go to a small gathering with just their closest friends. They are perfectly content to socialize with people they already know. They don’t need to constantly meet new people like a May Gemini does.

It can be difficult getting into a June Gemini’s inner circle. A June Gemini doesn’t consider every person they meet their friend the way a May Gemini might.

Communicative vs Creative

Being an excellent communicator is one of Gemini’s characteristics. This is true for all Geminis, though May Geminis tend to be even more communicative than June Geminis.

May Geminis love to talk. It is one of their favorite activities! A May Gemini will gladly talk your ear off and tell you their whole life story the first time you meet them.

May Geminis also tend to be gossips. You can’t always trust a May Gemini with your secrets. They sometimes spill secrets on accident if they are caught up in the moment.

June Geminis love to talk, but they love to create more. They are incredibly artistic people. A June Gemini might be a writer or poet because they can utilize their gift of language in creative ways.

A June Gemini doesn’t always enjoy talking just for the sake of talking. They are also less gossipy than May Geminis though they can still gossip from time to time.

May Geminis express themselves by talking to other people. June Geminis might also express themselves with words, but they prefer to do so in an artistic way.

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Detail-Oriented vs Tactile

“Detail-oriented” isn’t always a trait associated with Gemini, but many Geminis are surprisingly good at paying attention to the small details! This is especially true for May Geminis.

May Geminis are often detail-oriented because they are constantly multitasking. It’s rare for a May Gemini to focus on one task at a time. They have to pay extra attention to the small details to ensure everything is getting done.

May Geminis are the people who will focus on something minor you said while telling them a story. May Geminis are very observant. This is one of the reasons they are so good at gathering information!

June Geminis might not always get caught up in minor details. They aren’t the type of people to simply complete a task. They like to involve all their senses in whatever they are doing.

A June Gemini born in the second decan will be tactile. These Geminis prefer hands-on activities and learning. They can’t always focus on tasks until they do something with their hands.

The reason for a second decan June Gemini’s tactile nature is the influence of Venus. Venus is a sensual, physical planet. June Geminis aren’t just thinkers. They need to be doing something to feel satisfied.

Gathering Information vs Acting on Information

Being prone to gossiping can be one of Gemini’s negative traits. Gossip isn’t always bad, but it can be if a Gemini starts talking about others behind their backs.

May Geminis are more likely to have this negative trait because they focus on gathering information and spreading it through conversation. This can sometimes result in gossip.

A May Gemini will gladly sit there and listen to you talk for hours because they want to learn as much about you as they can. If you are an expert on a particular topic, a May Gemini will want to hear all about it!

June Geminis are more concerned with acting on the information they’ve gathered. They believe that there is no point in having knowledge if you don’t do something.

A June Gemini might use the information they’ve gathered to develop a creative solution to a problem. They might also use information while spreading rebellion and fighting for justice.

It is not enough for a June Gemini to know everything. They need to do something with their knowledge to feel satisfied.

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