10 Suggestions To Stop Gemini Man From Ignoring You

Updated September 4, 2023

A Gemini man ignoring you can make you panic. This isn’t always a sign he’s done with the relationship.

You can get a Gemini man’s attention. When you understand his psyche, you can help keep him from losing interest.

Gemini men have short attention spans. He may be interested in you one moment and silent the next. When he is distant, don’t jump to conclusions.

Leverage his need for constant mental stimulation. You can beat a Gemini man at his own game by finding ways to lure him back. It’s easy to do if you understand his motivation.

Gemini men are attracted to intellectual women. If you use your wit to impress him, he’ll stop ignoring you. He can’t resist you if you’re fascinating and entertaining.

1. Tell Him Jokes

One of the best ways to get a Gemini man to re-engage with you is to tell him jokes. Even a Gemini man who is upset with you will respond if you text him something light and funny.

Choose your timing carefully. Don’t text jokes in the heat of a disagreement. If he is not responding to you or goes silent, wait a few days. If he doesn’t reach out, text him a joke.

You may also send him a link to a funny video online. Gemini men enjoy intellectual humor. Their interests range from satire to slapstick. They also love jokes aimed at current events or pop culture.

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2. Teach Him Something

When a Gemini man sees that he can learn something from you, he will want to spend more time with you. Teach him something he doesn’t already know. Gemini men love to dabble in learning new skills.

Gemini men love to be knowledgeable about several subjects even if they are not experts on the topic. Even if you have superficial knowledge, being able to teach him something new keeps him coming back.

Gemini men can’t stay away from intellectual women for long. The more you show him you have the knowledge to share, the better. A Gemini man will come around when he sees you can help him learn something new.

How long will a Gemini man ignore you? They never stay silent for long. It’s not in their nature. You’ll hear back in a few days. If you send him something funny and he doesn’t reply, wait before texting back.

When a Gemini man is done with you, he won’t reply. Luckily, men born under this sign are fickle. He may feel finished with the relationship, but in a month he’ll be back.

3. Suggest Traveling

When your Gemini man doesn’t respond to your text messages, wait a few days. Then, send a text suggesting some travel ideas. This should get his attention.

You don’t have to send a long text. Send a link to a website with a fascinating travel destination. Send links to festivals, museums, or events that are in a different area and would require travel.

When a Gemini man hears you’re thinking about traveling, he instantly wants to reach out. Gemini men love traveling. They can’t resist the prospect of a road trip with you.

You’ll see the signs a Gemini man misses you if you drop hints about taking a trip. It’s his way of letting you know he wants to accompany you. He loves having a change of scenery.

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4. Post to Social Media

When a Gemini man stops responding to you, use social media to lure him back. He’s still online even if he’s not talking to you. Gemini men are attracted to social media like moths to a flame.

When a Gemini man sees you post about the places you’re going and things you’re doing with friends, he’ll react. If you want to get a Gemini man to reach out to you, post your best selfies.

Humble-brag about your exciting plans. Give him a few days of watching your engaging posts before expecting him to reply. Vary your posts. Be sure to include videos and photos.

5. Get a Makeover

Get a wild new haircut or makeover. If you’ve been contemplating a new look, the best time to experiment with upgrading your image is when a Gemini man is ignoring you.

When your Gemini love interest sees that you’re trying a new look, he will want to see you again. Gemini men aren’t shallow, but they are enticed by image.

Men born under the sign of the twins are curious. They are excited by change and enticed by appearances. Change up your wardrobe or hairstyle when you want to get his attention.

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man think about you, get a new look. This will tempt him to respond to you. He’ll want to reach out when he sees you’re doing something new.

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6. Take a Class

Take advantage of your downtime when a Gemini man is ignoring you. Take a class to increase your skills or knowledge base. This keeps you busy while he is away.

It also gives you new information to share with your Gemini love interest. The more you learn, the more you can impress your Gemini man. You can keep him interested while expanding your mind.

Taking a class and posting about it on social media will encourage a Gemini man to reach out to you. He wants to know more about what you are learning in his absence.

When he ignores you it’s not always a sign a Gemini man doesn’t like you. He could just be bored. Gemini men will go wherever they are most entertained and amused.

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man regret losing you, the best thing you can do is expand your skills and knowledge. The more intellectual you are, the more fascinating you are to a Gemini man.

7. Go Out with Friends

Never sit around waiting for a Gemini man. One of the best things you can do when he ignores you is to go out with friends. Gemini men are social, and they are attracted to group gatherings.

When he sees how popular you are, he will miss being with you. Gemini men want to be where the excitement is. They pay attention to popular women.

Spending time with your friends also impacts your mood and energy. Gemini men can sense when you’re pining for them. When you spend time with friends, you become more confident in yourself.

Gemini men can pick up on this. He wants to be around you when you’ve been out with friends. He’ll have a chance to miss you. Being around friends makes you happier, and he senses this.

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8. Don’t Continually Text Him

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when a Gemini man is ignoring you is to continue sending text messages. Gemini men are usually chatty. They love texting.

If you send him a few texts and he doesn’t respond, leave him alone for a while. Give him a chance to get back to you. Don’t keep texting him. If you continue to reach out to him, it looks desperate.

Give him a break from communication. Use techniques that don’t require direct contact. Let him come around in his own time. Do things from the sidelines to attract him.

When a Gemini man ignores your texts, it’s time to go out and do things that make you happy. Ignore him for a few days. Give him space and time to miss you.

What happens when you ignore a Gemini man? They have enough time to realize how much they miss you. A Gemini man who hasn’t been communicative will turn around when you give him time.

Give yourself a no-contact rule with a Gemini man. Eventually, he will become curious about what you’ve been up to. Give him space and let him realize he misses you.

9. Host a Party

Gemini men are party animals. If you can’t get a direct reply from him, don’t make your communication about him. Throw a party and invite him. You can also let him find out about the party through mutual friends.

When word gets around that you’re having a party, he’ll want to be there. Sometimes a Gemini man needs to be around other people so they don’t get overwhelmed by direct communication with just one person.

When your Gemini man appears at the event, don’t approach him right away. Give him a chance to mingle and chat with others in the crowd. When he eventually comes around to talk to you, act slightly neutral.

As the party host, keep yourself busy. Don’t get into the conversation for too long with him. Give him a chance to see you with other guests. Don’t go out of your way to make him jealous. It will happen naturally.

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10. Initiate a Game

Start a game when you want to lure a Gemini man who has been ignoring you. Gemini men love games, especially trivia. You can invite him to an online game with friends as well.

When you start a game with a Gemini man, he’ll want to show off his skills. Keep him intrigued by raising the stakes. Gemini men love to show off their brilliance.

You can count on a Gemini man to respond to your invitation. Men born under this sign will be happiest if the game involves a small group, not just the two of you.

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