Will a Gemini Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Updated March 3, 2023
Will a Gemini Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

A Gemini man’s apologies aren’t hard to come by. They aren’t always sincere, though.

Gemini men are quick to apologize even if they don’t mean it. They often just want to move on from an argument or make the other person feel better.

Gemini men will often apologize right away after an argument or after they’ve said something to hurt your feelings.

They also might apologize if they notice you’re mad at them, even if they have no idea why you’re upset.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between a sincere apology and an insincere apology. Gemini men apologize in different ways depending on the sincerity of the apology.

Gemini men are people pleasers. They also tend to have guilt complexes. He’ll apologize just to make himself feel better, even if he doesn’t mean it.

Quick to Apologize

Will a Gemini man apologize after he’s said or done something to upset you? He absolutely will. Most of the time, he’ll do so quickly.

If you two argued, a Gemini man might step away at first. How long does it take for a Gemini man to come back after he does this? He’s often not gone for long.

He’ll usually come back after he’s had a moment to breathe. Often, the first thing he’ll do when he comes back is apologize to you.

A Gemini man doesn’t want you to be mad at him, especially if he cares about you. He wants to have a good relationship with you.

If he said something to hurt you, he probably didn’t mean it. He’ll want to make amends and show you that he cares about you, even if he said something to upset you.

If you want to know how to apologize to a Gemini man, it’s usually best to follow his lead. Apologize quickly to soothe any hurt feelings.

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People Pleaser

When a Gemini man says sorry, he doesn’t always mean it. He sometimes apologizes just because he’s a people pleaser and he knows that is what will make you happy.

There are times where a Gemini man is going to upset you because he disagreed with you and he’s not necessarily going to think whatever he said was wrong.

There are also going to be times where a Gemini man says something critical. It might hurt your feelings and he might apologize for hurting your feelings but that doesn’t mean he thinks he was wrong.

He’ll apologize to you because he cares about you and because he wants you two to have a good relationship. He doesn’t want things to be awkward between you. He doesn’t want any bad blood.

Don’t always take an apology from a Gemini man to mean that he admits to doing anything wrong. Even if he is sincerely sorry for hurting you, he might not be sorry about what he said or did.

He’ll Pacify You

When a Gemini man hurts your feelings, he’ll usually feel legitimately bad about doing that. He might not always feel bad about how he hurt your feelings, though.

He might not think the hurtful thing he said to you was particularly cruel. He might even think he was right!

He won’t tell you that, though. He’ll just apologize. He’ll even play it up and start complimenting you.

He might give you gifts or do other things to pacify you. He just wants you to feel better. He wants you to forgive him and move on from the situation.

He will do anything he can to cheer you up. He doesn’t want you to be mad at him. If admitting wrongdoing and saying sorry is what he needs to do, he’ll do it, even if he doesn’t want to.

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Says the Right Things

A Gemini man’s communication style is often very charming. He’ll usually know just the right thing to say to make you feel better following an argument.

Most of the time, you won’t be able to stay mad at him after he’s done something to upset you.

He’ll turn up the charm. He’ll say exactly what you need to hear at that moment. He’ll say all the right words to cheer you up and make you forgive him.

Sometimes, the things he says will be sincere. Other times, they won’t be. They’ll be exactly what you want to hear but that doesn’t always mean he’s being genuine.

You might not even realize he’s just saying what you want to hear either. He’s good at charming people and cheering them up.

If you know him really well, you might be able to see through his ruse. Unless you really feel the need to continue talking about whatever he did, though, just let him have this one.

Insincere Apologies

How do Gemini men apologize? It depends on whether the apology is sincere or not.

He’ll often apologize just to calm you down or because he knows you expect an apology. He might not always even know what he’s apologizing for!

If he’s being insincere, the apology will seem generic and forced. He might say all the right things. It might even make you feel better. Something will seem off, though.

Pay attention to what he says when he apologizes. If he says something like, “I’m sorry you’re upset,” he’s not being entirely sincere.

If he says sorry but doesn’t say what he’s sorry for, he’s also probably not being sincere. He might legitimately not even know why you’re upset. He’s just apologizing because he wants you to stop being mad at him.

If he starts apologizing to you out of the blue when you’re upset and you’re not even upset at him, that’s a definite sign he’s giving you an insincere apology.

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Sincere Apologies

When a Gemini man is sorry, truly sorry, he will give you a sincere apology. You’ll typically be able to tell his sincere ones from his insincere ones.

His sincere apologies will outline exactly what he did wrong and why he’s sorry. He won’t say that he’s sorry for upsetting you, he’ll say that he’s sorry for what he did or said.

If he said something hurtful, he’ll acknowledge that what he said was hurtful and he’ll apologize for saying it.

If he did something to upset you, he’ll take responsibility for his actions. He’ll apologize for what he did, rather than apologizing for the effect it had on you.

He’ll also do what he can to make amends. He’ll be more careful with his speech in the future, for example, if he said something to upset you.

When he is sincere about his apology, he’ll try to change his behavior. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice.


Gemini men like to keep the peace between people. If he needs to apologize to somebody he doesn’t necessarily want to in order to do that, he will.

If he argues with your sibling or best friend, he might apologize to them just to make you happy.

He doesn’t want there to be conflict when he hangs out with your friends and family, even if there are certain people he doesn’t particularly like.

You’ll be able to tell if he’s apologizing for the sake of diplomacy and keeping the peace.

His apology will seem professional in a way. It may even seem cold and detached.

He’s not apologizing because he feels bad or even because he particularly cares about the other person’s feelings. He’s apologizing because, for one reason or another, it will make his life easier if he apologizes.

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Hates Conflict

Gemini men hate conflict. They aren’t the type of people to pick a fight just because. They will do what they can to avoid a fight.

They might like having friendly debates sometimes but they never want people to actually be mad at them.

Sometimes, apologizing is the best way to diffuse a conflict.

If he says he’s sorry quickly, that might end an argument and calm the other person down.

Even if he doesn’t think he’s in the wrong, he’ll apologize just to avoid a larger argument.

Guilt Complex

When a Gemini man says hurtful things to somebody he cares about, he will often feel legitimately bad about it afterward.

Crying in front of a Gemini man is one of the quickest ways to make him feel guilty for something he’s done.

He hates it when people cry so he’s likely to apologize quickly and do anything he can to make the crying stop. Even if he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, he’s going to take the blame at that moment to calm you down.

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Wants to Move On

If you two have been arguing about the same thing for a while, a Gemini man might apologize just because he’s done and wants to move on.

He hates conflict. He doesn’t want to fight with you, especially if he cares about you. He doesn’t want you to be mad at him.

He’d rather be doing literally anything else other than arguing with you!

He’ll say he was in the wrong and apologize to you just so that you two can move on from the situation. He wants you to forgive him. He wants you to be happy.

He wants the two of you to be able to go do something fun, without any lingering hurt feelings.

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