10 Surefire Techniques to Hurt a Gemini Man (Beware)

Updated September 8, 2023

Hurting a Gemini man isn’t always easy. Many Gemini men are upbeat people with high self-confidence.

You can hurt a Gemini man if he cares about you and you don’t treat him well. Be careful about what you say to a Gemini man if you care about him.

Insulting a Gemini man’s intelligence is one way you can hurt his feelings. He won’t always care about this unless he values your opinion.

If you’re close to him and insult his intelligence or communication skills, he’ll be upset.

Gemini men hate it when people waste their time. If you pretend to be interested, only to ghost a Gemini man entirely, you might hurt his feelings.

Many Gemini men also feel hurt when their friends and partners are rude to other friends of theirs. They like it when the people they love get along.

1. Insult His Intelligence

If you want to know how to hurt a Gemini man’s ego, insult his intelligence. Gemini men are intelligent people! They know it too. You can make him feel bad if you tell him he’s not intelligent.

You can gently tell a Gemini man if he’s wrong about something. He will understand if he’s got some information wrong and will appreciate you correcting him as long as you are kind about it.

A Gemini man won’t appreciate it if you tell him he’s stupid just because some of his information is wrong. He wants to learn and grow. He doesn’t want to be told he’s an idiot when he gets something wrong.

How will you know if your insults upset your Gemini man? When a Gemini man is hurt, he’ll go quiet. Gemini men are chatty and loud. You’ll know you’ve hurt him when he goes silent.

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2. Gossip About Him

If you want to get revenge on a Gemini man for hurting you, you can always gossip about him. If you spread rumors or share his secrets with others, you will hurt him.

Your Gemini man will hate it if you gossip about him to your mutual friends. This might seem hypocritical because Gemini men love to gossip! They do not appreciate it when their loved ones talk about them behind their backs, though.

Gossip is also a great way to get a Gemini man’s attention if he’s ignoring you.

If a Gemini man is not texting back or is constantly avoiding you, toss out a couple of rumors. He’ll respond to you once they get back to him.

3. Betray His Trust

It’s not always easy to hurt a Gemini man’s feelings. He won’t necessarily be hurt if a stranger insults him or disrespects him. If he trusts you, though, he’ll be extremely hurt when you betray that trust.

You can betray a Gemini man’s trust in many ways. If you two are in a monogamous relationship, he might be hurt if you cheat on him.

A Gemini man will also be hurt if you share his secrets with others. He will feel like this is a profound betrayal of trust, sometimes even more than if you are unfaithful.

When a Gemini man opens up to you, he trusts that you’ll keep that information to yourself. He will feel betrayed if you tell other people.

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4. Hurt His Reputation

If you want to learn how to hurt a Gemini man, figure out how you can harm his reputation. A Gemini man’s reputation is important because he is very social.

A Gemini man will be immensely hurt if you isolate him from other people by making him look bad to them.

Your Gemini man will be even more upset if you damage his reputation with lies. He can own up to his mistakes, but he might not always be able to convince people that what you’ve said about him isn’t true.

5. Insult His Communication Skills

Gemini men are often excellent communicators. Gemini’s ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication. A Gemini man will usually be confident in his speaking skills.

You can hurt a Gemini man by insulting his communication skills. He will be upset if you can convince him that he’s not getting his point across well or isn’t easy to understand.

If you ever have trouble understanding something a Gemini is saying, he will gladly offer more explanation or try to explain himself differently.

However, a Gemini man might become frustrated if you refuse to understand him. If he continuously tries to explain and re-explain things and you tell him that he’s not making any sense, you might upset him.

He will not be upset if you just ask for an additional explanation. A Gemini man will be upset if you call him stupid, say he’s impossible to understand, or that he doesn’t make any sense when he talks.

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6. Criticize His Art

Gemini men are very proud of the things they create. A Gemini man will be upset if you insult the art he shows you.

Criticism won’t hurt a Gemini man if it is constructive or helpful. If he asks your opinion about something, he’s not going to be upset if you give him some gentle criticism.

Your Gemini man will be hurt if you insult his art and offer no compliments. If you constantly tell him that he’s a lousy artist or that you don’t like the things he creates, he’ll be upset.

Gemini men will also be hurt if you tell them that their art is a waste of time. Art makes Gemini men happy. They love to create things. They will feel insulted if you tell them that their art is worthless.

7. Be Rude To His Friends

Gemini men are social people. Gemini is a highly communicative sign, and Geminis often have a large social circle.

Gemini men also care deeply about their friends. They usually have a lot of friends, though not all of them are close friends. A Gemini man wants all his friends to get along because it makes socializing with everyone easier.

You can hurt a Gemini man by being rude to his friends. If he cares about you, he wants you to get along with the other people he cares about.

Your Gemini partner will be offended if you constantly refuse to hang out with his friends. He will be upset if you insult his friends or tell him that you don’t like any of them.

You don’t have to be friends with every single one of a Gemini man’s friends, of course. He just wants you to be kind and respectful when interacting with them.

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8. Push His Boundaries

Gemini men often push their own boundaries and try to get out of their comfort zones. They do this because they always want to learn more and experience new things.

Their quest for knowledge means that Gemini men have few hard boundaries. They are flexible people. If a Gemini man sets a boundary with you, though, you should take it seriously.

A Gemini man will be hurt if you completely ignore any boundaries he has set with you. He doesn’t often set boundaries, so it is a big deal for him when he does.

Your Gemini man will feel like you don’t care about him when you ignore boundaries. There are few things a Gemini man won’t talk about. If he says he doesn’t want to talk about a particular topic, you should respect that.

If you push a Gemini man’s boundaries too often, he may decide to end your relationship. Be careful about pushing boundaries with a Gemini man unless you want to lose him.

9. Don’t Value Him

Hurting a Gemini man isn’t always easy. If he truly values you and cares about you, though, he’ll be hurt when you show that you don’t value him at all.

A Gemini man will feel like you don’t value him if you don’t listen when he talks to you. If a Gemini man is sharing something with you, he’ll be hurt if you act bored or uninterested.

You will also show a Gemini man that you don’t value him or care about him if you lie to him all the time.

Gemini men are more flexible regarding “white lies” and lies by omission. He will understand if you lie to try and spare his feelings.

If you constantly lie to make yourself look better or conceal things from him, a Gemini man will be hurt, though.

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10. Waste His Time

When you ignore a Gemini man, he won’t always be hurt. If you consistently ignore him, cancel plans, and waste his time, he will be.

What happens when you ignore a Gemini man? He won’t always be upset. He understands that people have lives. If he expects you to meet him somewhere or be available to talk, though, he’ll be upset if you ignore him.

You can hurt a Gemini if you claim to want a committed relationship and then change your mind. If he commits himself to you and you immediately break up with him, he’ll be extremely hurt.

A Gemini man will be hurt if you lead him on. He’ll feel like you’re wasting his time if you just use him for sex when he wants more than that.

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