Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Libra Man

Updated March 5, 2023
Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With a Libra Man

For a Libra man, mind games are a deal breaker. That is, only if he knows you’re playing with him.

Libra men see the best in others. They’re innocent and trusting, which makes it easier to play mind games.

If you’re ready to gamble and possibly lose a Libra man, play mind games with him. Messing with his head can give you satisfaction if you’re looking for revenge.

But if a Libra man hasn’t done anything wrong and you want to test him, be forewarned, mind games backfire. He’s slow to catch on to manipulation but loses trust instantly.

Libra men can be indecisive in love, but if he catches on to you playing games with his head, he won’t forgive you. He loses all faith in you.

Manipulate His Feelings

One of the easiest ways to play mind games with a Libra man is to manipulate his feelings. Libra men aren’t overly emotional. But they do have a sentimental side.

Libra men are compassionate. They believe in the goodness in others. They assume others are as kind as they are. When you deceive him, he won’t see it coming.

If you want to toy with a Libra man without pushing him away, be careful. Keep your strategies neutral. You need to be able to justify and explain your actions.

If you want to get him upset, you have to understand the mind of a Libra man. He is conscientious and values fairness. He assumes people are inherently good and considerate.

When you toy with his feelings, he will initially deny anything is wrong. His denial is strong because he only wants to see the best in you. This is a surefire way to get to him.

Don’t chase a Libra man. If you want to lure him back to you, you can try manipulating his feelings. Just remember this is a volatile strategy. When it works, it’s powerful. But it can also backfire.

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Ignore His Sensitivity

Libra men love to talk a lot. They chatter about what’s on their minds. They don’t always talk about their deep, hidden feelings, but if you listen carefully, you’ll know how he’s feeling because of what he says.

When a Libra man tells you about his troubles and concerns, he’s showing his sensitivity and fears. If you downplay his feelings or ignore his sensitive side, he becomes deeply upset.

Libra men need to feel appreciated. If a Libra man thinks you are ignoring issues that trigger him or his sensitive nature, he feels hurt. He wants to be with a woman who understands his sensitive side.

If you ignore a Libra man’s sensitive side, he still makes excuses for you. Libra men are idealists. They want to believe the fantasy they have about the women they care for.

If you want to know how to destroy a Libra man, take his sensitive side for granted. Don’t show any compassion for him and act cold when he needs you to be understanding.

You can gaslight a Libra man by playing coy and pretending you don’t understand why he’s so upset. Keep your reactions curt and excusable. Refuse to take responsibility for hurting his feelings.

Criticize Him

Because Libra men are so sensitive, they can’t handle criticism. They will become defensive and make excuses for their behavior and then they’ll shut down. If you criticize a Libra man, he disappears.

Even when your intentions are good, constructive criticism devastates a Libra man. He desperately wants to be accepted. His desire for approval makes him even warier of criticism.

Libra men are people-pleasers. He becomes distraught when he thinks you aren’t happy with him. He loses sleep wondering what he did wrong to make you criticize him.

A careless statement that doesn’t mean much to you will drive a Libra man to have a panic attack. He wants to keep the peace at all costs. He stresses over every detail if he thinks you’re upset with him.

If you’re asking, “Is my Libra man thinking about me?” he may not be if you criticized him. Then again, if he’s in love with you, he may obsess over why you were hard on him in the first place.

Be abrupt and harsh. Don’t go out of your way to think about his feelings. Say whatever comes to your mind. Don’t sugarcoat your feedback to him. When you criticize a Libra man, he feels crushed.

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Tell His Secrets

Another way to completely devastate a Libra man is to give away all his secrets. Ignore his need for confidentiality and gossip about him to others. Once it gets back to him, he’ll never trust you again.

What’s more, a Libra man who has been betrayed will also ruminate over why he missed the red flags. He blames himself more than he faults you. He’ll replay every conversation in his mind wondering why he trusted you.

Give away the secrets a Libra man confides in you, and you’ll have no problem gaslighting him. He’ll think twice before trusting anyone again. Even if he disappears, he won’t get into another relationship soon.

If you want to know how to get revenge on a Libra man, one of the best things you can do is to break his trust. Share personal information he confided in you. Gossip about his deep secrets.

When a Libra man trusts you, he won’t see red flags or signs of betrayal until it is too late. He assumes you are looking out for his best interests and is shocked when this isn’t the case.

Keep Him Guessing

Libra men are known for being wishy-washy. Their indecisive nature makes it even more important for their partner to be consistent and grounded. If you keep a Libra man guessing, you’ll make him anxious.

A Libra man wants to see that you are stable and reliable. If you keep wavering, he becomes confused. He needs a partner who can anchor him. Keep him guessing about your intentions and he becomes anxious.

When a Libra man doesn’t know what you’re thinking, he obsesses constantly. He tries to figure out the hidden meaning in everything you say or do. He fears instability but won’t confront you directly.

Women often ask, “Is a Libra man leading me on?” But the truth is, Libra men are just indecisive. They frequently change their minds. When he starts to fall in love, he goes cold and hides.

But he needs to know that you will still be there for him when he’s finally ready to commit to you. When you want to play games with a Libra man, be unreliable.

A Libra man’s back and forth momentum can be confusing. If you make him guess about your feelings, he may become so bewildered that he no longer knows what to do. He may disappear altogether.

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Flirt With Others

One of the best ways to mess with a Libra man’s mind is to flirt with other men. This makes him uncomfortable. He won’t show jealousy; he tries to maintain the peace.

As always, it’s best to keep your tactics subtle enough to allow plausible deniability. At the same time, be obvious enough to get under his skin. He won’t want to seem controlling and possessive.

Instead of challenging you, he’ll try to maintain his manners. He wants to look like a gentleman and not a crazed lover. But he’ll question his senses and wonder if he’s interpreting the situation correctly.

Will a Libra man test you? He sometimes acts flirty to see how you react. But if you do the same to him, he gets upset. If you flirt with other men, a Libra man becomes insecure.

A Libra man’s hot and cold nature makes it easy for him to shut down. When you make it obvious you’re flirting with other men, a Libra man will see it as a sign he must end the relationship.

Ignore Your Appearance

If you want to play mind games with a Libra man without doing anything directly to him, one of the strategies you can use is to let yourself go. Ignore your appearance. Dress carelessly.

Stop paying attention to your image and looks. A Libra man is too kind and polite to point out that you look sloppy. He doesn’t like to be judgmental, but he is image conscious.

It will make him uncomfortable to feel you are neglecting your appearance and therefore reflecting poorly on him. At the same time, he won’t want to seem rude.

A Libra man in a serious relationship with you will expect you to maintain the image you had when he first fell in love with you. When you get lazy about your appearance, he feels betrayed.

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Be Judgmental

When all else fails, you can play mind games with a Libra man by suddenly becoming judgmental and critical of people in general. Libra men love women who are compassionate and kind.

If he has come to expect this from you, throw him off course by making rude and judgmental statements about random people. Better still, judge his friends.

When you make these kinds of statements, a Libra man instantly feels confused. He wonders why you would suddenly become so intolerant. He may second guess his judgment and wonder if he missed other red flags.

Act as if you have intolerant views or make unfair assumptions about people. This will hit a Libra man right in his heart. Men born under this sign prefer to create peace and understanding.

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