How To Flirt With a Taurus Man Through Eye Contact

Updated September 14, 2023

A Taurus man’s eye contact can tell a lot about how he feels about you. If you want to successfully flirt with him, use your eyes to convey your interest.

Don’t be too intense when flirting with your Taurus man, though. Start slow.

Taurus men can be shy sometimes, so try not to come on too strong when flirting with him. Don’t stare at him too much or make your gaze overly intense. That might scare him off!

Instead, play it coy. Highlight your eyes and bat your eyelashes. Adopt a softer, more loving gaze when looking his way. Smile at him and make him feel comfortable around you.

Use your body language to show your Taurus man how you feel too. Be gentle with your flirting until he’s ready to heat things up.

Highlight Your Eyes

When you’re attracting a Taurus man, make sure you highlight your eyes. This will draw attention to your gaze and make it more evident that you’re flirting with your eyes.

Your Taurus man won’t notice you’re flirting with him if he doesn’t look you in the eye! You need to do something to pull him in.

If you want to attract a Taurus man, try wearing eyeshadow in his favorite color. If you don’t know what that is, wear green or gold, or try finding a shade that is flattering to your eye color.

Taurus men like subtle makeup, so you don’t need to overdo this! Some mascara to accentuate your eyelashes might be all you need, or a little shimmer to make your eyes pop.

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Smile At Him

When flirting with a Taurus man, be sure to smile at him! He might not realize you’re into him if you look too serious.

If you do it right, your smile should go all the way up to your eyes. If you smile at your Taurus man and your eyes sparkle, he’ll know that you like him.

Smiling is essential when flirting with a Taurus man, especially if you’re trying to do so through eye contact instead of talking to him.

You want to appear warm and inviting while flirting with your Taurus man. If he looks into your eyes and you seem emotionless and closed off, he probably won’t be interested.

Smiling is a great way to make your eyes sparkle and to help your entire expression appear more open and sincere.

Seeing your smile will put your Taurus man at ease if he’s nervous about flirting with you. It’s always better to smile a little too much than not to smile at all!

Avoid Staring Too Much

What does it mean if a Taurus man stares at you? If you catch him staring, it probably means he likes you! You may notice that he tries not to stare too much, though. Follow his lead on that one.

You might scare your Taurus man off if you stare at him too much or are too intense with your gaze. You need to be gentle with him. Let him catch you staring, then shyly look away.

If a Taurus man is shy, staring at him all the time might scare him off. You’ll make him anxious. You can flirt with your eye contact but hold back a bit until he’s comfortable with you.

When trying to flirt, be strategic about your eye contact with a Taurus man. If he catches you staring at him, act bashful and look away, then don’t let him see you staring again too soon!

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Play It Coy

Not all men like it when a woman plays coy, but many Taurus men do! Even if you are bold and confident, tone it down a little when flirting with your Taurus man.

If you catch your Taurus man staring at you, avert your eyes. Grin and make it clear that you’re having a positive reaction, but act a little bashful.

If your Taurus man catches you staring, act a little embarrassed. Play up your shy side, even if you don’t typically act that way.

Averting your eyes instead of intensely staring is usually the best way to flirt with a Taurus man. Instead of boldly looking him up and down, act more hesitant about it.

Your Taurus man probably is shy when he’s around you. You can make him feel more at ease by looking like he makes you feel shy, even if that’s not necessarily true.

Wink At Him

One way you can be bold when flirting with your Taurus man through eye contact is by winking at him.

Winking isn’t too intense, but it’s a definite sign that you like your Taurus man! If you smile and wink when you catch him staring, then avert your eyes, he’ll know that you enjoy it when he stares.

If your Taurus man says something particularly flirtatious or makes an innuendo (purposely or not), you can wink at him to signal you’ve noticed what he said.

Be playful when you wink at your Taurus man. He’ll like it when you’re more teasing instead of winking in a sultry manner.

Don’t wink constantly. You don’t want to overdo this. If you are strategic about when you give your Taurus man a flirtatious wink and when you avert your eyes, you can show him that you’re interested without coming on too strong.

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Bat Your Eyelashes

Batting your eyelashes is a great way to show interest in your Taurus man. This is a great way to draw attention to your eyes in a flirtatious manner.

To bat your eyelashes, all you have to do is open and close your eyes quickly while looking at your Taurus man. This will be more effective if you have long eyelashes or wear mascara to attract attention.

Many Taurus men find this to be attractive. It’s a flirtatious act, but it can also be subtle. You’re not coming on too strongly, but you are signaling that you’re interested!

It’s easy to overdo this, though, or to bat your eyelashes unattractively. Be sure to smile while batting your eyelashes, and don’t constantly flutter them. A few quick blinks should do the trick.

Ensure that your Taurus man is looking at you, then grin and bat your eyes. Continue smiling at him, and that should do the trick.

Have A Loving Gaze

Pay attention when your Taurus man is making eye contact. If he likes you, he likely won’t be able to hide that. You’ll see how affectionate he is in his gaze.

You can flirt with your Taurus man and show him you feel the same way he does by adopting a loving gaze when you look at him.

Try to be as soft and affectionate as possible when looking at your Taurus man. You don’t want to be too intense when you stare at him. You want him to look into your eyes and know that you care.

When you compliment your Taurus man or say something kind to him, ensure your affection is also evident in your eyes. Having a loving gaze will make everything you say seem more sincere.

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Use Other Body Language

How do you know if a Taurus man is into you? Pay attention to his body language when you two are together. That will tell you everything you need to know.

You can also convey your interest in a Taurus man and flirt with him by using your body language. Focus on more than just eye contact.

Use your body language in combination with eye contact to show your Taurus man how you feel about him. Just looking at him won’t always do the trick.

If you want to catch a Taurus man’s eye, adopt a confident yet comfortable posture. Walk into a room with your head held high. When standing with your Taurus man, use open body language to make him feel more comfortable.

When your body language makes a Taurus man feel comfortable, he’ll be more likely to look you in the eye. You need him to feel at ease so that you can properly flirt with him!

Don’t Come On Too Strong

When figuring out how to flirt with a Taurus man, make sure you don’t come on too strong. Constantly staring at him, getting in his space, and intensely flirting with him might be too much for him.

Some men love intense eye contact. You can lock eyes with them to flirt when you catch them staring across a room. Taurus men don’t typically like that as much, though.

Don’t let your Taurus man catch you staring all the time. Make eye contact while you are chatting, or stare for a moment to get his attention, but don’t overdo it.

You don’t want to intimidate your Taurus man with your gaze, especially if he is shy or nervous around you. Be gentle with him.

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