9 Secrets to Making a Virgo Man Obsessed (with You)

Updated September 5, 2023

Be prepared to make an effort if you want to make a Virgo man obsessed with you! It might not always be easy.

Show your Virgo man you are the ideal woman he’s looking for. Prove to him that you’re the one, and he’ll become obsessed.

Try to look your best around your Virgo man. Let him get to know the real you, but put your best foot forward! Show off your intelligence, be honest with him, and try to make him laugh.

If you can help your Virgo man relax around you, he’ll start to become obsessed. He’ll also become obsessed if you boost his confidence and make him feel good around you.

Communication is essential to Virgo men, so do your best to communicate effectively. Be mature and respectful. Avoid gossip and drama, but be as open with him as possible.

1. Look Your Best

How do you make a Virgo man obsessed with you? You can start by always looking your best when you’re with him. This alone won’t make him obsessed, but it will definitely help!

You want to put your best foot forward when you’re with your Virgo man. He can be pretty picky about the women he’s attracted to, so you’ll have to dress to impress if you want him to become obsessed.

You don’t need to wear anything flashy to attract a Virgo man. You do need to focus on your hygiene. He’ll notice if your nails are dirty or your blouse is wrinkled, and details like those will likely turn him off.

Wear clothing with flattering silhouettes. You don’t have to wear makeup, but make sure your skin is clean and cared for. Highlight your best features and try to show off for your Virgo man if possible!

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2. Avoid Drama & Gossip

If you want to attract a Virgo man, you must avoid gossip and drama. If your Virgo man thinks you’re always involving yourself in other people’s business or your life is filled with drama, he likely won’t be interested in you.

Virgo might share a ruling planet with Gemini, but this Mercury-ruled sign isn’t a gossip like Gemini is! A Virgo man loves to communicate, but he doesn’t enjoy drama.

Your Virgo man might have trouble trusting you if he thinks you gossip about everything. He’ll be turned off if he thinks you constantly gossip about others, so try to avoid doing so.

A Virgo man is more likely to become obsessed with you if he thinks that you’re someone who avoids drama. If you know when to walk away when a situation gets out of hand, he’ll be impressed and likely become obsessed with you.

3. Be Mature

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you must show him that you’re mature. He won’t become obsessed with you if he thinks you’re childish.

Virgo men might enjoy being with people who can help them relax and let loose, but they don’t like being around immature people. Show your Virgo man that you can have fun and be responsible, and he’ll become obsessed with you.

Prove that you’re mature by behaving responsibly around your Virgo man. If you two go out for drinks, moderate yourself and don’t overindulge. If there’s some drama in your friend group, avoid it or try to resolve the issue.

A Virgo man is more likely to become obsessed with you if he thinks you’re the mature, responsible partner he wants. If he knows he can have a good time with you without things getting out of hand, he’ll want to hang out with you more!

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4. Show Off Your Intelligence

Attracting a Virgo man is about more than looking good. You want to show your Virgo man that you’re beautiful and intelligent.

Show off your mind if you want to make a Virgo man obsessed with you. Look your best, but don’t stop there! Show him how intelligent you are.

Your Virgo man won’t expect you to know all the same things he does. If you two share knowledge of the same subjects, he’ll love talking to you about them, though! He will enjoy having intellectual discussions about things you both enjoy.

Don’t worry if you don’t share many interests with your Virgo man. You can show off your intelligence by making it clear that you’re willing to learn new things or by sharing knowledge about your interests that he doesn’t share.

You can also show off your intelligence by being well-spoken or displaying emotional intelligence. Your Virgo man will become obsessed when he sees that you have a good head on your shoulders.

5. Be Open & Honest

If you want to make a Virgo man fall in love with you, you must be open and honest with him. He might temporarily become obsessed with a lie, but he’ll never stick around once he realizes you were being dishonest!

You might be tempted to become the woman you think your Virgo man wants. That might get his attention, but he’ll quickly realize you’re just pretending. An act won’t make him obsessed.

Instead, be honest about who you are. You can put your best foot forward, but be yourself around your Virgo man! He’ll become obsessed more quickly if he knows he can trust you.

Always tell your Virgo man the truth, even if it’s hard. He has no issue being brutally honest with people. If you can be honest, he’ll love being around you.

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6. Communicate Effectively

Mercury, the planet of communication, rules Virgo. Virgo men are effective communicators and prefer to be around others who are as well!

If you are well-spoken and eloquent, your Virgo man will become obsessed. If he knows that he can always have an engaging conversation with you no matter what you’re talking about, he’ll want to talk to you more!

Being honest is also part of communicating effectively, as is addressing issues as soon as possible so that you can resolve them.

Your Virgo man will become obsessed with you when he sees you’re truthful and have excellent conflict-resolution skills.

One of the signs a Virgo man likes you is that he will reach out and try to talk to you more often. Do your best to effectively communicate if you want his feelings for you to grow.

7. Boost His Confidence

If you’re unsure what to say to a Virgo man to get his attention, try complimenting him! Boosting a Virgo man’s confidence is a great way to help make him obsessed with you.

Virgo men can sometimes be shy, and many have low self-esteem, even if they try to hide it. If you can boost your Virgo man’s confidence and make him feel good about himself, he’ll become obsessed with you.

Remind your Virgo man that you love being around him even when he’s not “perfect.” Make sure he knows that you value him as a person and that you recognize all his talents!

Be sincere with your praise, and make sure your Virgo man trusts it. If he trusts that you’re telling the truth, he’ll appreciate your compliments even more.

A Virgo man who always feels good around you will want to be around you more. He’ll become obsessed with you and how you make him feel.

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8. Make Him Laugh

When flirting with a Virgo man, try to make him laugh. Don’t always focus on seducing him. Instead, be witty and try to make him smile!

If you can make a Virgo man laugh, he’ll quickly become obsessed with you. Once he sees that you have a similar sense of humor, he’ll love chatting with you even more.

Making a Virgo man laugh is another way to make him obsessed with how you make him feel. If he’s always smiling and laughing with you, he’ll want to be around you more.

Make witty comments whenever you’re chatting with your Virgo man. Show him you are intelligent and funny, and he’ll become obsessed with you!

If your Virgo man knows you can make him laugh even when he’s feeling down, he’ll want to be around you even more. Do your best to cheer him up, and he’ll start to fall for you.

9. Help Him Relax

Helping him to relax is one of the best ways to make a Virgo man obsessed with you. If he feels completely comfortable around you, he’ll become obsessed!

A Virgo man’s ideal woman is someone he can be himself around. If he can truly relax around you, your Virgo man will become obsessed with that feeling of relaxation and comfort.

Your Virgo man will love being around you if you can help him calm down. If he’s stressed and overwhelmed, but you can help him relax, he’ll become obsessed with you.

You can help a Virgo man relax by being a positive, calm presence. If everything is hectic, and you’re the one steady, relaxed person in his life, he’ll come running to you when he needs to escape.

As you get closer to your Virgo man, you’ll figure out the best ways to help him relax. If you’re the one person who knows him that well, he’ll love being around you.

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