October Scorpio vs November Scorpio

Updated September 4, 2023

October Scorpios and November Scorpios are often different from one another, even if the differences are sometimes subtle.

October Scorpios often have the highest concentration of stereotypical Scorpio traits. This doesn’t mean that November Scorpios don’t have these traits.

Why are there different kinds of Scorpios? One reason has to do with planetary rulership. Pluto rules all Scorpios, but November Scorpios also have a separate planetary subruler.

October Scorpios are often more intense than November Scorpios, though that doesn’t mean that November Scorpios aren’t intense! The intensity of an October Scorpio is just more potent.

October Scorpios are possessive, jealous, and competitive. November Scorpios can have those traits, but they tend to be calmer in comparison. They are emotional, secretive, and more in touch with their compassionate side.

Pluto vs Neptune & The Moon

Why are October and November Scorpios different? There are many factors at play, but one key difference is because of planetary rulership and subrulership.

Each zodiac sign is divided into three subsections, called decans. This means that there are three different types of Scorpios, not just two.

What kinds of Scorpios are there? October Scorpios are first decan Scorpios, while November Scorpios are second or third decan Scorpios. Each decan has a subruler, in addition to the regular planetary ruler.

In modern rulership, Pluto rules Scorpio. The first decan of Scorpio is known as the “Scorpio” or “Pluto” decan because Pluto is both the ruler and subruler. First decan Scorpios will have the most stereotypical Scorpio traits.

The subruler of the second decan of Scorpio is Neptune. Neptune is the same planet that rules Pisces, so this decan is also referred to as the “Pisces” decan. These November Scorpios are often imaginative and creative.

The Moon rules the third decan of Scorpio. This decan is also known as the “Cancer” decan. November Scorpios born in this decan are often more sensitive and compassionate than others.

November Scorpios differ from October Scorpios because they are in different decans. November Scorpios will also vary slightly from one another because there are these two types of November Scorpios.

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Competitive vs Spiritual

October Scorpios can be highly competitive. Many things can create this competitive nature in a Scorpio.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. Many October Scorpios are competitive because they have a strong desire to constantly be growing and changing.

An October Scorpio is often in competition with themselves. They have an idea of who they want to become in their head, and they are constantly competing with that image.

The passion of a Scorpio is another reason why an October Scorpio is competitive. They feel strongly about everything they do. They will likely compete with other people when doing activities they are incredibly passionate about.

November Scorpios can be competitive, but it is not the central part of their personality. November Scorpios also want to transform and grow, but they go at that transformation from a more spiritual point of view.

A November Scorpio is often highly connected to the universe. They may not necessarily be religious, but they often feel tied to the universe at large. They use this connection to transform themselves.

November Scorpios may avoid being super competitive because competition isn’t what they want to focus on. They want to work on themselves in a way that involves shadow work or profoundly connecting with their inner self.

Intense vs Moody

One of the differences between November Scorpio and October Scorpio is how they express emotions. October Scorpios are incredibly intense, while November Scorpios can be moodier.

What are some of the similarities between November Scorpios and October Scorpios? Both of them like to avoid talking about their feelings. They often pretend not to have emotions in the first place.

If an October Scorpio tries to hide their emotions, they will often come across as intense. You won’t be able to tell that they’re angry, sad, upset, etc.

You will, however, notice an intense air to their personality. This intensity can be intimidating.

October Scorpios are the type of people who might have resting poker faces or naturally intense facial expressions. Even if they are in a good mood, they might seem like they’re scowling when their face is at rest.

November Scorpios are much moodier than October Scorpios. You will often pick up on their irritation, even if they won’t openly talk about it. A November Scorpio will refuse to talk about their feelings, but it might be evident to people who know them well.

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Powerful vs Mysterious

What is the difference between an October Scorpio and a November Scorpio? One key difference is that October Scorpios often have a powerful, intimidating aura, while November Scorpios have a mysterious one.

Many people find October Scorpios intimidating because they have the full influence of Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. They are powerful, intense people!

You might immediately know that you’ve met an October Scorpio because of the confidence they exude. These people are unlike anyone you’ve ever met before. Their power is palpable.

November Scorpios tend to be more on the mysterious side. You might meet a November Scorpio and not entirely be able to figure them out.

Whether they are powerful or mysterious, all Scorpios are magnetic. An October Scorpio might seem intimidating, but people are also drawn to them in a way they can’t quite explain.

People are drawn to November Scorpios as well. They often have a strong desire to try and uncover the mystery that is a November Scorpio person. You’ll never really discover the entire mystery unless you get very close to them.

Possessive vs Emotional

Possessiveness is one common October Scorpio trait. October Scorpios tend to be highly possessive over everything they care about.

October Scorpios are the Scorpios that give Scorpio its reputation for being obsessive. When they are in a relationship, they can become very possessive of their partners. An October Scorpio might be possessive over friends as well.

An October Scorpio is not trying to be controlling. They are often possessive because of the intensity of their feelings for people. When an October feels a strong connection with someone, they will think of that person as theirs.

November Scorpios can be possessive, but not in the way an October Scorpio is. November Scorpios are much more on the caring, emotional side.

A November Scorpio might be overwhelmed by their emotions when they love someone. They won’t necessarily feel any desire to possess that person, though. They will just feel a huge amount of love for them.

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Jealous vs Secretive

Jealousy is a common Scorpio personality trait. All Scorpios can be jealous. October Scorpios tend to be far more jealous than November Scorpios, though.

An October Scorpio will become enraged if their partner ever cheats on them. They will likely feel jealous if their partner flirts with someone, even jokingly.

It is often disastrous when an October Scorpio becomes jealous. They can easily be blinded by their jealousy and act out in ways they usually don’t.

Combined with their possessive nature, the jealousy of an October Scorpio can be highly intense and irrational. They may have a hard time controlling their feelings of jealousy when they care about somebody.

One common November Scorpio trait that is also a stereotypical Scorpio trait is secrecy. November Scorpios tend to be even more secretive than October Scorpios.

A November Scorpio might feel jealous. They aren’t going to tell you that, though. A November Scorpio is likelier to sit back and seethe rather than act out due to their jealousy.

November Scorpios are excellent at keeping secrets. If you tell a November Scorpio something in confidence, they will take that information to the grave.

Ambitious vs Compassionate

Are October or November Scorpios better? Neither is genuinely better than the other. They both have their good and bad sides, the same as anyone else.

Scorpio is an ambitious sign. All Scorpios can be ambitious, but October Scorpios can take it to the next level. They will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Some might accuse an October Scorpio of being jealous to a fault. When they want something, they will do whatever they have to do to get it.

October Scorpios are the type of people who can end up stepping over others in their quest for success. This isn’t always true, of course. This only happens when an October Scorpio negatively expresses their ambition.

Ambition can be a positive thing, though! An October Scorpio is great at achieving their dreams. When an October Scorpio cares about you, they will help you become successful.

November Scorpios are more compassionate than October Scorpios. They are incredibly caring. Their drive is focused on helping the people they care about rather than getting everything they want in life.

When a November Scorpio cares about you, they will do anything for you. They’ll help you fight your battles and will always stand up for you when you need it. Their love is highly intense.

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