Understanding The Type of Woman Attracting a Scorpio Man

Updated April 29, 2023

The type of woman who attracts a Scorpio man is often as charismatic, ambitious, and passionate as he is.

Scorpio men are attracted to confidence and personality more than looks, but a woman who is sexy and knows it will catch his eye.

Intelligence, charisma, and confidence are all traits that a Scorpio man is attracted to. He wants a woman who can match his passionate nature as well!

A Scorpio man is looking for a compassionate, loyal partner. He might be attracted to a woman’s looks, but he will only stay attracted to her if she has these traits.

Scorpio men are often attracted to women who are more open and social than they are. An introverted Scorpio man will likely be more attracted to an extroverted woman who enjoys socializing more than he does.


You must be confident if you want to attract a Scorpio man! No matter how physically attractive you are, you won’t be as attractive if you’re uncomfortable in your skin.

Don’t worry too much about your Scorpio man’s likes and dislikes. Even if you think you’re not his “ideal woman,” you should still be confident! That confidence might attract him more than anything else.

Hold your head high whenever you enter a room. Maintain confident eye contact with your Scorpio man when you chat with him. If you know what you’re talking about, make that clear! Don’t hold yourself back around him.

Confidence will always attract a Scorpio man. You might not be the most conventionally attractive person, but he’ll be drawn to you if you act like you are!

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What does a Scorpio man like in a woman? Scorpio men aren’t always the most extroverted or social, but they love social women.

Some Scorpio men are more introverted. They keep their social circles small and don’t always go out of their way to chat with people.

A woman who is more social than he is will typically attract a Scorpio man. An extrovert can perfectly balance him and help bring out his adventurous side!

This is a case of opposites attracting sometimes. A woman who shares some traits with him might attract a Scorpio man, but he doesn’t want someone exactly like him. He is attracted to women who are more open and social.

Having a more social partner can help draw a Scorpio man out of his shell. He’ll also appreciate that his partner can go off on her own when he wants to be alone!


A Scorpio man’s ideal woman is more than a pretty face. Scorpio men are attracted to a woman’s mind just as much, if not more, than her body.

A Scorpio man might initially be attracted to someone for their looks or the energy they give off, only to quickly stop being attracted to them once he realizes that person lacks substance or intelligence.

Intelligence is critical to attracting a Scorpio man and keeping him around! You can dress your best and be the most attractive woman in the room, but he won’t stick around if he thinks you’re dull or unintelligent.

Never dumb yourself down when you’re around a Scorpio man. Don’t get discouraged if you think you’re not as bright as he is! Show him your mind. Find what makes you intelligent and flaunt that!

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What are Scorpio men attracted to? Scorpio men are drawn to women with natural charisma. If all eyes are on you when you walk into a room, your Scorpio man will look your way.

The women who attract a Scorpio man tend to be naturally magnetic. Something about them enchants others and draws people to them.

A Scorpio man isn’t always necessarily attracted to women who are physically attractive in a conventional sense. They have something about them that makes them irresistible, and it’s not always easy to explain why!

The type of woman who attracts a Scorpio man is sometimes difficult to describe. She’s charismatic and has a powerful influence over other people, but it can be challenging to figure out why.

Luckily, charisma is something that you can learn. You have to figure out traits of yours that will draw people in and then use them to your advantage.


What kind of women do Scorpio men like? Scorpio men are ambitious and love women who are just as ambitious as they are.

A Scorpio man isn’t looking for a woman who shares all his goals or has the same ambitions he does. He does want someone who is ambitious and knows how to get what she wants, whatever that may be.

Talk to your Scorpio man about your life goals if you’re trying to attract him. Show him that you have dreams and know how to make them into reality!

Any time you are successful, show that off as well! Tell your Scorpio man about your recent promotion or about a project you’ve finished. Then, tell him your next steps to make it clear that you won’t stop there!

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Independent women are highly attractive to Scorpio men. A Scorpio man tends to be independent and values his alone time.

Scorpio men are incredibly dedicated and loyal partners, but they don’t want to be with someone who relies on them for everything. If you want to attract a Scorpio man, show him you can do things for yourself!

A Scorpio man will be more attracted to a woman who he doesn’t have to worry about constantly. If you can do things for yourself and lead your own life, your Scorpio man will find that attractive.

Your Scorpio man wants to see that you know how to handle yourself. He’ll gladly help you when you need it, but he’ll find it far more attractive if you don’t constantly need his help.


Loyalty is what attracts a Scorpio man more than almost anything else. A Scorpio man can let some things go in a relationship, but loyalty is essential to him.

A Scorpio man will always be attracted to someone who is loyal to the people around her. If you are loyal to your friends and family, your Scorpio man will pick up on that and find it attractive!

You can prove your loyalty before you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio man. Being reliable and following through when you make plans or promise to do something is one way to do this.

A Scorpio man who is friends with you and knows you’re a loyal friend is more likely to be attracted to you. Once he knows you have this trait, attracting him will be far easier!

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Passion is essential in a relationship with a Scorpio man. He might seem calm and relaxed, but he has a lot of passion! He needs a partner who is equally as passionate.

Your Scorpio man wants to see that you’re passionate about your interests, family, and relationships. He isn’t looking for someone who shares the same passions as him, but he is looking for someone who is passionate in general.

A Scorpio man is also attracted to passion in the bedroom. He wants a partner he can get a little wild with! If you have a passionate and adventurous side, definitely show him that! He’ll find it attractive.

Prove your passion to your Scorpio man by never holding back. If you’re genuinely excited about something, show that! Be passionate and expressive, and your Scorpio man will gladly show you his passionate side.


Scorpio men tend to be attracted to women with a natural sex appeal. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your assets if you’re trying to attract a Scorpio man. The best thing to wear to attract a Scorpio man is something that shows off your body!

A Scorpio man’s favorite body part on a woman can vary, but many are attracted to the neck, hips, or legs. Show off your favorite body part to attract a Scorpio man.

Being sexy is about feeling sexy and being unafraid to show off your best assets. A Scorpio man is looking for a woman who knows she is sexy and who isn’t afraid to show that off!

One of the signs a Scorpio man is sexually attracted to you is that he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you. If you catch your Scorpio man staring, he finds you sexy.

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Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpio men might hide their emotions better than Cancer or Pisces men, but they are still sensitive and emotional! They need compassionate partners who understand this.

Scorpio men find compassion and kindness incredibly attractive. It doesn’t matter how physically attractive you are if you’re not compassionate. A Scorpio man might initially find you attractive, but that will fade when he sees that you don’t care about the people around you.

Show your Scorpio man that you’re compassionate by expressing concern for others, being kind, and displaying empathy for his feelings. He will find you attractive if you’re supportive of his emotions!

A Scorpio man will stick around longer when he sees you’re compassionate. He’ll be attracted to you, not just your looks.

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