Aries and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated December 31, 2022
Aries and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Aries and Virgo might not always see eye to eye, but these two can definitely have an interesting relationship!

Relationships between these two can be hit-or-miss. It can be a fun experience for both signs, though they aren’t always meant to last long-term.

Virgo and Aries are compatible enough in some areas to make a relationship work, though some of their incompatibilities can be downright disastrous for everyone involved.

Sex and emotions are areas where these two tend to struggle. Aries and Virgo have very different ideas of what constitutes good sex, and they aren’t always able to compromise about this. They may also struggle to establish an emotional connection.

These two can work as friends and often become friends because of mutual respect for one another.


An Aries-Virgo friendship can seem odd to outsiders. These two signs are very different. When they develop a bond, though, it’s often because they can find what common ground they do have.

Virgo and Aries often develop a workplace friendship. These two work well together because they are both hard-working and ambitious, but not in ways that put them in direct competition.

Aries can always rely on Virgo to do their job correctly. They will meet every deadline and are detail-oriented enough to notice when something is wrong before it becomes a huge problem.

Virgo will gladly do their own thing and rarely go up against Aries for leadership roles. Virgo likes to be in control of their own space, not of other people like Aries.

These two often develop mutual respect, making it easier for a friendship to bloom.

Aries’ compatibility with someone is much higher if that person isn’t too clingy. They aren’t the type of friends who will message you every day or constantly want to be with you.

This works well for Virgo. Virgo’s compatibility with Aries is often high in friendship because these two are loyal friends, but they don’t expect their friends to be available to them 24/7.

Virgo can be a supportive, nurturing friend. If Aries genuinely needs them and reaches out, they will be there for them. Likewise, Aries will gladly stand up for their Virgo friend or help them in a pinch.

A set of good Aries and Virgo friends know that even if they haven’t talked in a while, they can still rely on one another when it counts.

Virgo can also be surprisingly adventurous. They aren’t as impulsive or adrenaline-seeking as Aries, but they know how to take a calculated risk and have a good time. Aries can bring out their wild side.

Aries can often learn some impulse control from their Virgo friend too. Virgo will not tell Aries not to do something, but they might tell them some reasons why it may not be a good idea.

Virgo and Aries might not bond emotionally right away, but they don’t always need to. Their friendship is based on mutual respect and an understanding that each person brings something to the table.

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Virgo and Aries can have a good friendship, but that doesn’t mean these two will always work out romantically. If they want to, both signs need to compromise and put in an effort.

Communication is one area Virgo and Aries tend to have issues. The impulsive nature of Aries and the practical one of Virgo make having good communication difficult at times.

Aries does not always think before they say something. They are also highly aggressive. This does not go over well with Virgo at all.

A relationship with Aries can be highly frustrating for Virgo at times. Virgo carefully considers their words before they speak and may find themselves embarrassed by some of the things that come out of their Aries partner’s mouth.

Aries may also end up hurting or offending their Virgo partner. Virgo can be highly critical, but they cannot handle criticism themselves. Aries can sometimes be a brutally honest person.

When hurt, Virgo isn’t always good at expressing their feelings. They can be non-confrontational and also don’t open up easily. This means that Aries might hurt Virgo and never know it.

A relationship with Virgo can be equally frustrating for Aries. Aries will be put-off by passive-aggressive behavior or efforts from Virgo to avoid direct confrontation.

Aries will also rarely notice that they’ve hurt their Virgo partner’s feelings until it’s too late. They’ll be confused when Virgo snaps at them suddenly or brings up past slights in an argument.

The relationship between Aries and Virgo isn’t all bad, though. When these two have similar interests, they can learn how to work together and intellectually stimulate one another.

Aries can also bring out Virgo’s fun side. If Aries learns how to step back and listen to Virgo, these two can easily have a great time together!

Virgo can also teach Aries how to plan things better and is often the organizational force wild Aries needs.

Aries can sometimes get overwhelmed by all the things they have to do. They constantly need to be on the go, but that means they don’t stop to think about how they should do something. Virgo can help them do that.

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The Aries-Virgo relationship isn’t an impossible one, but these two need to work through quite a few issues before having a successful marriage.

Their communication issues are one thing they need to figure out. They also often need to figure out how to establish a solid emotional connection.

Virgo can sometimes be overly intellectual and closed-off. Aries has a lot of emotions, but they can be too proud to open up about them.

Both Virgo and Aries often benefit from having an emotionally open spouse who can teach them to be vulnerable. When they are with one another, they often need to learn that from someone else or stumble through figuring it out together.

Aries often jumps to anger, regardless of what they’re feeling. Sadness, embarrassment, fear, anxiety, etc., can all be covered up with rage by Aries.

On the other hand, Virgo will hide all “negative” emotions, including anger. This can make for an explosive marriage.

Aries and Virgo might find living together impossible at first. They may find their marriage suffers because they don’t know how to talk to one another or work through their issues properly.

Both need to learn how to be vulnerable with their spouse. They need to learn how to live together and give up a little control as well.

Virgo and Aries both like to feel in control. That’s not always possible when you live with someone! They have to develop routines and structures that work for both of them, which can take time.

Both Virgo and Aries make very loyal partners, though. If they can learn how to overcome their issues, they can have a strong marriage.

Both Aries and Virgo are also very honest people. Once they learn how to talk to one another, they can quickly become one another’s confidants.

A marriage between these two can be long-lasting, but only with a lot of work. Otherwise, it is likely to fizzle out because of silly arguments and a refusal to communicate directly about emotions.

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In Bed

Are Virgo and Aries compatible in bed? In many ways, they aren’t. These two have very different sexual styles, which aren’t always compatible with one another.

Aries might not be initially attracted to Virgo. Virgo comes off as extremely practical and closed-off, and this doesn’t often create chemistry with passionate Aries.

Virgo is usually put off by the intense nature of Aries rather than drawn to it. Developing sexual attraction can be difficult between these two signs, though it isn’t impossible.

An Aries man and Virgo woman’s compatibility is often low. Both signs need a lot of patience to have a good sex life!

An Aries man is often far too impatient in bed for a Virgo woman. She wants to take her time. She needs a lot of foreplay and mental stimulation, as well as physical.

A Virgo woman might seem like a prude to an Aries man. She’s not! She needs time to find her ground and become comfortable. Aries won’t always give her the time she needs.

A Virgo man and an Aries woman’s compatibility in bed is also low. A Virgo man will try to take his time and be a good lover. He likes to warm up to things and is rarely in a rush in bed.

An Aries woman won’t see it that way, though. She’ll likely think he’s too slow or not passionate enough. She’ll probably grow bored before her Virgo man has the chance to get started!

This doesn’t mean that Aries-Virgo compatibility in the bedroom is impossible. It just means it takes a lot of work and compromise.

Aries isn’t trying to be impatient or brutish. They are trying to be passionate!

Virgo isn’t trying to be stuffy and boring. They’re trying to take their time and ensure everyone is comfortable and satisfied.

Virgo and Aries need to learn how to communicate with one another about their sexual needs. Virgo can learn how to embrace some of Aries’ intensity. Aries can learn to slow down and enjoy the ride.