Pisces and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated August 30, 2023

Pisces and Virgo have the potential to be very compatible! They won’t always be a perfect couple, but they can balance each other out.

Pisces and Virgo can have a strong connection. These two are often attracted to one another right away.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other on the wheel of the zodiac. They can be extremely different, but opposites attract!

These two have the potential to play well off one another. Virgo can ground Pisces and help them be more practical. Pisces can help Virgo open up emotionally and bring out their creative side.

Trust can be a problem with Pisces and Virgo. That is often something these two need to work hard to develop. Once they do learn how to trust each other, their bond will be stronger than ever.


A Pisces and Virgo friendship can be a strong one. These two don’t always share hobbies, but they can still have a good time together!

Pisces can get along with nearly anyone, so they usually have no problem befriending Virgo. Their easy-going nature will make it easy for them to spend time with Virgo even if they don’t share many interests.

These two might seem odd initially, but they can have a strong friendship. Virgo doesn’t always trust easily, but once they trust Pisces, these two can form a strong bond.

This is often an easy friendship. Pisces and Virgo are both non-confrontational, so they will try to resolve any disagreements between the two of them without fighting.

Pisces and Virgo both have some people-pleasing tendencies, so they will often go back and forth when it comes to who gets their way.

If this gets out of balance, that can be a problem, but for the most part, both friends should get what they want, at least sometimes.

The main issue in this friendship is often Pisces’ clingy nature. Virgo tends to be more independent and can also be pretty introverted. Pisces can be a bit much for Virgo at times!

Virgo usually has to be clear with Pisces about when they need space. Pisces might not always like it, but they will respect Virgo’s boundaries when they care about them.

When these two do hang out, they often end up doing whatever Virgo wants to do. This is because Pisces is very easy-going, and they also know that Virgo won’t always enjoy doing the things Pisces likes!

Pisces will have no problem doing what Virgo wants most of the time. When Pisces loves being with someone, they won’t care what they do as long as they can spend time with their friend.

Virgo is sometimes confused by the eccentric nature of Pisces, but they also find it oddly endearing. Virgo will usually enjoy having conversations with Pisces because Pisces offers a unique insight into topics that other people don’t.

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Are Virgo and Pisces soulmates? They can be! Virgo and Pisces can have a deep love for one another. They might have some challenges in their relationship, but they can overcome them.

The Pisces-Virgo relationship is good because they can bring out a side of one another that others can’t.

Even if Pisces and Virgo don’t stay together forever, this is often a beneficial relationship because they can learn much from each other.

If they break up, they’ll be able to take the lessons they learned and be better partners for others in the future.

Virgo does have a creative side, but people don’t always see that. Pisces will be able to see this creative side and help it flourish, though.

Pisces and Virgo might enjoy creating art together. This couple can easily write songs together or create beautiful paintings. Virgo can be more free with Pisces than they can be with others.

In return, Virgo brings out the intelligent side of Pisces. Pisces people are often brilliant, but their quirky tendencies can sometimes hide that.

Virgo can teach Pisces how to be a little more grounded. Pisces has trouble staying in touch with reality at times, but their Virgo partner can remind them of what is fantasy and what is reality when they need it.

The balance between rationality and emotions in the Virgo-Pisces relationship can benefit both partners. They just have to be willing to balance their sometimes opposing natures!

One issue this relationship can have is Virgo’s need for perfection. Even if they try, Pisces will never be the “perfect” partner. Pisces can quickly become discouraged if Virgo is too critical of them.

To have a good relationship, Virgo must learn to be a little more gentle with Pisces. They need to embrace their nurturing side and learn how to tone down their critical nature.

Overall, though, this can be a great relationship. Even if Pisces and Virgo don’t last, they will typically look back on this relationship fondly.


A Pisces-Virgo marriage can be a peaceful one. These two can often avoid true conflict in their marriage because they are both willing to create peace in the relationship.

When both Virgo and Pisces know exactly what they want from their marriage, they will be able to make things work.

Pisces and Virgo both have some people-pleasing tendencies. Virgo is a little better at standing up for themselves, so they won’t necessarily get married just because their Pisces partner wants to.

Pisces might get married because Virgo wants to, though. If Pisces is unsure about marriage, they need to be honest with Virgo, or they may damage their relationship.

Virgo can deal with it if Pisces says they aren’t ready for marriage before they get married. They will be heartbroken and angry if Pisces tells them they aren’t ready for marriage after they’ve already gotten married!

A Virgo man and a Pisces woman’s compatibility will be high when these two can agree on reasonable expectations for their marriage.

Virgo has high expectations for any relationship. Pisces often has idealized expectations that aren’t always realistic.

If a Virgo man can show a Pisces woman that their marriage can be good, even if it doesn’t fit Pisces’ fantasy image, they will have a good marriage.

A Pisces man and a Virgo woman’s compatibility is often high because Pisces won’t take his Virgo wife for granted.

Virgo women do a lot for their relationships. They are dedicated to keeping things organized and put a lot of effort into their marriages. Not all of their partners appreciate it!

Pisces will at least try to show appreciation, though. Many Pisces men are used to being taken advantage of because of their caring nature. A Pisces man won’t want to make his wife feel like he’s taking advantage of her.

Both Virgo and Pisces can be loyal spouses. These two may have some minor issues now and then, but they will be able to work through them as long as they focus on their love for one another.

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In Bed

Virgo and Pisces in bed together are highly compatible. These two are often strongly attracted to one another right from the start.

Pisces and Virgo’s attraction to one another isn’t always intense, but it doesn’t need to be. These two can connect emotionally during sex and play well off one another.

Virgo’s compatibility with Pisces is high in the bedroom because Pisces can be the patient lover that Virgo needs.

While Pisces can sometimes have wild fantasies, they don’t need to act them out. Pisces is perfectly happy to take their time in the bedroom and will never try to force Virgo to do anything they aren’t comfortable with.

Pisces’ compatibility with Virgo is high because Pisces is attracted to Virgo’s nurturing nature. They are intuitive and see the emotional being underneath Virgo’s analytical exterior.

Pisces and Virgo have the potential to learn and grow together in the bedroom. Virgo can take a long time to open up, but that won’t be a problem at all for Pisces. Pisces will be perfectly happy to wait for them.

These two can have a beautiful connection during sex because they both want to make their partner happy. Virgo might take some time to feel comfortable with sex, but they will be a devoted, caring partner in the bedroom once they open up.

Pisces will do everything they can to make Virgo feel cared for in the bedroom. They’ll never judge Virgo for lack of experience and certainly won’t care if Virgo is “boring” in the bedroom sometimes.

Virgo and Pisces might never have wild sex, but they don’t need to! Both will be perfectly satisfied with their connection once they figure out a routine together.

Pisces and Virgo are the sexual partner the other needs in many ways. Pisces is someone Virgo can relax with. Virgo is someone who will put just as much effort into their sex life as Pisces does.

If these two do have any issues in the bedroom, they will usually be able to work through them quickly.

Virgo’s strong communication skills and Pisces’ compassionate nature will ensure that they always check in and ensure their partner is having a good time.

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