Virgo and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Updated December 30, 2022
Virgo and Virgo • Compatibility in Love, Sex, and More

Virgo and Virgo know how to communicate well with one another, but that isn’t always enough to make a relationship last.

Two Virgos are sometimes too similar. These two have the potential to connect, but sometimes their similar personalities get in the way of that.

Virgos are sometimes drawn to one another because stability is essential for them in a relationship, and another Virgo can provide that stability! Two Virgos will also have no issue communicating with one another.

Problems usually occur in this relationship because of the similarities of the two Virgos, not their differences. A Virgo-Virgo relationship is good in many ways, but traits such as Virgo’s overly critical nature can get in the way.

Overall, this relationship has potential. These two can be good friends or lovers to each other, whether they last long-term or not.


Virgo’s compatibility with other Virgos in friendship can be pretty good! These two will have some issues, but they often have enough mutual interests to give them something to bond over.

A Virgo-Virgo friendship might not always be exciting, but it can work for these two. It’s sometimes nice for Virgo to have a friend they can socialize with without getting too crazy.

Two Virgo friends might enjoy going to the gym together, studying together, or even working on their own things while simply being in the same room.

The emotionally detached nature of a Virgo can help or hinder a friendship between two people with this sign.

On the one hand, they will understand one another’s need to detach. A Virgo won’t be offended by another Virgo disconnecting or putting up walls. These two may be able to connect over their shared ways of expressing emotions.

Two Virgos might also feel more comfortable talking about their emotions with another Virgo in some ways because they know their Virgo friend can be nurturing without becoming overwhelming or overly emotional.

Virgo has the potential to bond deeply with others. They are caring, nurturing people. They just don’t always share their own emotions with others. They would rather care for their loved ones than deal with their own feelings.

On the other hand, if neither Virgo pushes for an emotional bond, a pair of Virgo friends might not connect as deeply as they could with someone more emotionally open.

Two Virgos can sometimes be a little too rational for their own good. These two will never push one another to talk about their feelings, even if that might be the best course of action in certain situations.

Virgo is also known for being overly critical while simultaneously being unable to handle criticism. This can cause a lot of issues when two Virgos get together!

When these two do manage to form an emotional bond, though, they will often be bonded for life. These two are friends who can go a long time without seeing one another but still be able to pick up right where they left off.

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A Virgo-Virgo relationship can be a good one, though it won’t be without any problems.

Two Virgos often form an instant connection with one another. It can be easy for them to feel attracted to someone who has so many similarities, at least at first.

A Virgo woman’s compatibility is higher with someone who won’t try to control her or switch up her routine. She likes things a certain way and needs a partner who understands that!

A Virgo man can be a good match for a Virgo woman because he’s not looking for a partner he can control. He’ll understand her need to stick to her routine because he also has his own routine.

A Virgo man’s compatibility is higher with someone who can be an honest, supportive partner. He wants a partner who is his equal and someone he can genuinely share his life with.

A Virgo woman might be the supportive, reliable partner a Virgo man needs. Virgo women are very nurturing toward their loved ones and are also extremely honest, sometimes to a fault.

Two Virgos who start dating will quickly realize that, while their relationship might seem stable and perfect in some ways, they still have issues like any other couple.

Control is one thing that can be an issue in this relationship. While Virgo doesn’t desire to control their partner in theory, in practice, they do have some controlling tendencies.

Virgo often exerts control through criticism. They might not directly tell you that you have to clean the apartment a certain way, but they will constantly criticize how you do things if you don’t do them the way they like.

This will cause two Virgos to butt heads! If they happen to have the same preferences when it comes to cleaning and organization, they’ll be fine. If they do things differently, they will have to learn how to compromise.

Criticism overall is often an issue in this relationship. Virgo can be incredibly judgmental, but they hate it when others judge them. Two overly critical Virgos are likely to get their feelings hurt when they start criticizing each other.


Are Virgo and Virgo soulmates? They have the potential to be. The issues these two have are things they can overcome if they want to.

A Virgo-Virgo marriage is often stable because Virgo isn’t the type to commit before they are 100% sure about their relationship.

If either Virgo has doubts about the relationship, these two will not get married. A Virgo woman isn’t the type to say yes to a proposal just because her partner asked, and a Virgo man isn’t the type to propose just because his partner wants him to.

Usually, by the time these two get married, they’ve figured out how to compromise about issues in their relationship.

Virgo might be overly critical, but they are capable of toning it down! Virgo also cares deeply about their loved ones, and they have no desire to hurt their feelings.

Two Virgos can have a great marriage when they communicate about their boundaries with one another.

When they know what issues are off-limits, they’ll be able to openly communicate with one another without accidentally criticizing something in a way that hurts their spouse.

A Virgo man and a Virgo woman’s compatibility in marriage can be high because Virgo takes marriage seriously. These two aren’t the type to settle down unless they are sure about their relationship.

Virgo would rather be the last person in their family or friend group to get married than risk getting married to the wrong person. They desire perfection in everything and will try to get as close to it as possible before they marry someone.

Of course, nothing is perfect! There will be times when two Virgo spouses fight and drive each other crazy. They will be willing to work through their issues, though.

When two Virgos bond enough to get married, they are willing to do what it takes to make the relationship work.

These two will do what they can to communicate about issues in their relationship. If they are having trouble connecting emotionally or find they’re fighting a lot, they will seek outside help, such as marriage counseling, before immediately jumping to divorce.

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In Bed

Virgo and Virgo in bed together can be hit or miss. These two have the potential to understand one another and have a good sexual relationship, but they sometimes fall short.

Virgo-Virgo couples sometimes have trouble connecting in bed because of their overly critical natures.

Virgo is judgmental overall, but their penchant for criticism can definitely show up in the bedroom! This will not go over well with any partner, least of all another Virgo.

Some Virgos can be very particular about sex. They have specific ideas about what sex should be like, and they may voice their criticisms when their partner fails to live up to those expectations.

While Virgo has no issue criticizing others, they often hate it when others criticize them! Two Virgos in bed together can end up hurting one another’s feelings.

When two Virgos have an excellent emotional connection, they can usually work past this. If they don’t, though, they will likely end up avoiding one another, so they don’t have to deal with the criticisms.

On the plus side, Virgo does tend to be good about respecting boundaries. Virgo is not always down to try anything, and another Virgo will completely understand that!

These two might not always have an exciting sex life, but they can learn how to have a satisfying one. If they know to communicate more kindly, they can figure out a way to have sex together that satisfies both partners.

Overall, Virgo and Virgo will have some issues they need to work through before they can have a good time in the bedroom together.

Virgo needs to learn how to tone down their criticisms and be more compassionate in the bedroom. They need to learn how to focus on communicating in more positive ways.

When two Virgos communicate their needs to one another without judging each other, they will have a good sex life. It might not be wild or exciting, but it will be satisfying.