Will a Taurus Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Updated February 22, 2023
Will a Taurus Man Give An Apology After Upsetting You?

Will a Taurus man give you an apology after he upsets you? That all depends on how he feels about the situation.

A Taurus man might not apologize if he thinks he has nothing to be sorry for. He may try to avoid an apology.

A Taurus man won’t apologize after an argument if he thinks he was right. He might acknowledge that you’re upset. He may try to cheer you up. He won’t apologize if he feels like he did nothing wrong.

Your Taurus man will need time even if he does decide to apologize. He wants to calm down and gather his thoughts before apologizing. He wants to make sure you’re calm too.

Apologies are difficult for a Taurus man. He’s stubborn, and he hates admitting when he’s wrong. He’ll be reluctant to say he’s sorry.

Depends On His Feelings

Do Taurus men apologize? They do, but only if they feel they have something to be sorry for. Your Taurus man won’t always apologize because you say he needs to.

If he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, your Taurus man won’t apologize. If he accidentally said something to upset you, he’ll promise not to do it again, but you won’t always get an actual apology.

Your Taurus man won’t apologize if he’s angry after an argument. Even if he caused the fight or was clearly in the wrong, you won’t get an apology from him while he’s still mad.

A Taurus man will also not apologize if he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Don’t expect him to say he’s sorry just because you’re mad at him. He needs to understand why you’re upset.

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Actions May Feel Vindicated

When a Taurus man is mad at you, he might say or do something to upset you. In that case, he may feel vindicated in his actions. He won’t want to apologize.

Some Taurus men prefer to get even after you’ve upset them. He will have no trouble hurting you after you’ve upset him.

He won’t apologize if he feels justified in his actions. If you two were arguing and you ended up swapping insults, he’s not going to apologize for insulting you. You insulted him too.

In his mind, your Taurus man will feel like you two are even. You did something hurtful, so he did the same.

A Taurus man won’t apologize unless you apologize first in this case. He doesn’t think there’s any need for him to apologize. He might change his mind if you sit him down and say sorry for whatever you did to “start” things.

Needs Time

Even when a Taurus man is sorry, he’ll take his time before he apologizes.

Taurus men need time to collect themselves after an argument. He doesn’t want to risk starting another fight or saying something else to upset you.

If you are still actively upset, he might step back and give you time to calm down too. Taurus men don’t always know how to handle people when they’re upset.

Your Taurus man might want time to figure out how to apologize. He might want to go over everything and be sure he needs to apologize too.

Don’t rush him. If he’s not ready to apologize, don’t insist he gives you one right away. That will usually only make things worse.

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He Holds Grudges

Do Taurus men hold grudges? They do. Taurus men can hold grudges almost as long as Scorpio men can.

A Taurus man might not apologize after upsetting you if you didn’t apologize the last time you made him sad or angry.

If you aren’t in the habit of apologizing, don’t expect apologies from your Taurus man. He remembers every time you didn’t say sorry.

You might not remember the last time you failed to apologize to your Taurus man. If he’s refusing to apologize, even when he’s wrong, try to think back. You may also have something you still need to apologize for.

Hates Being Wrong

Taurus men hate being wrong. Even if he admits to himself that he messed up, your Taurus man won’t always want to admit it to anyone else.

Taurus men aren’t always prideful, but they are very stubborn. That makes it hard to be wrong. You might find him doubling down any time you tell him he’s mistaken about something.

Apologizing means admitting to wrong-doing. It means your Taurus man needs to tell you he messed up and take responsibility for it. Many Taurus men will want to avoid this at all costs.

Your Taurus man will apologize when he has to. If he’s genuinely hurt you, he will do what he can to make it up to you. That doesn’t mean he’ll enjoy apologizing.

He might look uncomfortable while apologizing. He may use indirect language, so he doesn’t have to admit he’s wrong.

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He’s Uncomfortable With Apologies

A Taurus man’s communication style favors non-verbal communication. Many Taurus men aren’t big talkers.

Your Taurus man might be uncomfortable with apologizing because it means he has to sit down and talk with you. That may be difficult for him!

Taurus men don’t always know what to say. Even if your Taurus man wants to apologize, he might not be able to find the right words.

Emotional displays are also tricky for Taurus men. If you are upset and crying, your Taurus man won’t always know how to handle the situation. He also won’t always know how to talk about his emotions.

Their trouble dealing with emotions is why indirect apologies are common from Taurus men. Sitting you down and saying, “I’m sorry,” is just too hard sometimes.

The Past Is The Past

Taurus men can hold grudges forever, but they hate it when people hold grudges against them.

Your Taurus man probably wants you to move on after you two argue. He’ll take some time to calm down, and once he feels better, he’ll expect you to feel better as well.

You might be okay with this in some situations. Not every little thing requires an apology. Your Taurus man’s lack of apology can be frustrating when he hurts you, though.

Remind him that he would likely expect an apology from you in the same situation. Make sure he knows that you won’t just “get over it” until you two talk things over.

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He’s Stubborn

When a Taurus man loves you, he wants to do what he can to make you happy. That doesn’t make apologizing easy for him, though.

Taurus men are stubborn. They don’t want to admit they were wrong or issue an apology unless they have to.

If you insist on an apology, that might make things worse. Even if your Taurus man was thinking about apologizing, he won’t want to do it the second you demand an apology from him.

You usually have to let a Taurus man do things at his own pace. Sometimes, you will have to let things go.

Other times, you’ll need to work through that stubborn nature of his and let him know that it’s important he apologizes. Try to be non-confrontational when telling him that he needs to apologize.

Indirect Apologies

How do Taurus men apologize? Many do so in indirect ways.

Your Taurus man won’t always say, “I’m sorry,” aloud. He prefers to apologize non-verbally instead.

Your Taurus man might be extra nice to you following an argument. He may do more than his share of household chores or might surprise you with breakfast in bed.

He will also give you gifts. He’ll be even more generous than he usually is. If you want a new pair of shoes or earrings, he’ll get them for you.

He might be extra complimentary as well. If he insults you, a Taurus man will make it up to you by telling you things he likes about you. He may say, “I love you,” more than he already does too.

Sometimes, the best way to reconcile with a Taurus man is to forgive him and move on. You won’t get a direct apology every time he upsets you. You might need to learn to accept his indirect apologies and move on.

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Last Resort

Some Taurus men will only apologize as a last resort. He may say he’s sorry to end an argument after he’s tried everything else.

Crying in front of a Taurus man is one way to make him uncomfortable. Taurus men don’t know how to handle emotional people.

He might apologize to get you to stop. Don’t rely on this, though, because it won’t always work. He might comfort you without saying sorry. He might also leave until you calm yourself down.

Your Taurus man will do what he can to avoid an apology if he doesn’t want to apologize. He’ll shift blame, indirectly apologize, or avoid the topic altogether.

If he loves you, though, he’ll apologize when you need him to. If it’s important to you, he’ll try to get over his stubborn nature and give you the apology you want.

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