November Sagittarius vs December Sagittarius

Updated February 23, 2023
November Sagittarius vs December Sagittarius

November Sagittarius and December Sagittarius people can have slightly different personalities. They’re all still Sagittariuses, just different “flavors.”

The reason they’re different is because of how planetary rulership works. Sagittarius has multiple planets that influence it depending on when a person is born.

Some of the differences between the November Sagittarius and December Sagittarius people can be subtle.

For example, Sagittarius is considered an adventurous sign, but many December Sagittariuses take that to the next level and are thrill-seekers.

There are three different types of Sagittarius people. This is because each sign is divided into three subsections (decans). This means that even December Sagittariuses can be different depending on their birthdays.

November Sagittariuses are stereotypical Sagittariuses, but that doesn’t mean that December Sagittarius people don’t also have those stereotypical traits. They just have a few different characteristics.

Jupiter vs Mars & The Sun

Are November Sagittariuses different from December Sagittariuses? Many of them are. One reason for this is the planets that affect each type of Sagittarius.

Even amongst December Sagittarius people, there are some differences. This is because there aren’t only two types of Sagittarius.

There are three different kinds of Sagittarius people. Most November Sagittariuses are born in the first section, or decan, of Sagittarius. December Sagittariuses are in either the second or third decan.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. People born in the first decan of Sagittarius are only governed by Jupiter, as this decan does not have a subruler. November Sagittariuses are all born in this decan, also called the “Sagittarius” or “Jupiter” decan.

Mars is the subruler of the second decan of Sagittarius. This is also known as the “Aries” decan since Mars also rules Aries. These December Sagittariuses might be more confident or aggressive.

The Sun is the ruler of the third decan of Sagittarius. This is the “Leo” decan. December Sagittariuses born in this decan will likely be more vain or charismatic compared to November Sagittarius people or second decan December Sagittariuses.

December Sagittarius people are still Sagittariuses. Depending on their birthday, they will have some elements of their personalities that seem more like an Aries or Leo.

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Adventurous vs Thrill-Seeking

November and December Sagittariuses are both born under the sign of Sagittarius. They have just as many similarities as they do differences.

All Sagittarius people love adventure. The difference between a December Sagittarius and a November Sagittarius is their idea of what an adventure is.

A November Sagittarius will love to travel. They might enjoy going abroad as often as they can or enjoy taking more local trips. Either way, they will want to get out of their hometown as often as possible.

When a November Sagittarius travels around, they may experience things like the local cuisine or nightlife. They will go to art museums, chat with locals, and hit up all the best spots in the new city.

November Sagittariuses don’t always look for thrills or risky activities when traveling around. A December Sagittarius, on the hand, will always be down for some thrill-seeking.

A December Sagittarius is the type of person who will fly off to an unknown city all by themself at the last minute.

These Sagittariuses will go sky-diving and rock climbing. They will have no trouble boldly running off into the unknown and they don’t happen upon risky situations by accident. They are often seeking them out.

Opinionated vs Self-Righteous

Both a November Sag and a December Sag are direct and outspoken. The way they voice their opinions can be different, though.

A November Sagittarius will be highly opinionated. They will always stand up for their beliefs and defend their values.

November Sagittarius people are also open to other people’s views, though. They might disagree with them, but they are not as likely to judge somebody for their opinions.

A November Sagittarius won’t usually be confrontational with someone who has opposing views. A December Sagittarius might be, though. They are highly likely to be judgemental when passionate about an opinion.

December Sagittarius people can be self-righteous at times. They often have larger egos than November Sagittarius people. They are more stubborn as well.

A December Sagittarius person might think they know better than the people they’re talking to.

They may believe that they are more intelligent than everyone else. Therefore, their opinions are more “correct” than the opinions of others (in their minds, at least).

December Sagittarius people will defend their opinions in a judgemental way. Even if their views aren’t necessarily backed up with facts, they will act like they are better than everyone else anyway.

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Optimist vs Party Animal

Are November and December Sagittariuses different? One key difference between them is that December Sagittarius people can be much wilder than November Sagittarius people.

November Sagittariuses are optimists. Many people enjoy being around them because they try to look at the bright side whenever possible.

A November Sagittarius will always be able to find the silver lining in a situation. They can sometimes be optimistic to a fault, but they are also great at cheering other people up with their enthusiasm.

People often love being around December Sagittariuses as well. This is because a December Sagittarius is a charismatic party animal.

A December Sagittarius is the type of person to never turn down an invitation to a party. They’ll show up at events even if they don’t know anyone there.

You can often find a December Sagittarius at bars or clubs as well. They will have a great time dancing the night away or playing drinking games with their friends.

Many December Sagittariuses are the life of the party. They’ll combine their love of adventure and their love of partying and join in on the fun in foreign countries.

Assertive vs Aggressive

Both November Sagittarius men and November Sagittarius women are highly assertive, though they don’t tend to be overly aggressive even when angry. On the other hand, December Sagittarius people can be aggressive at times.

November Sagittarius people know what they want, but they are also more adaptable. They can listen to the views of others and know how to get their point across without becoming angry.

A November Sagittarius might try to avoid confrontation, as mentioned. They would rather resolve issues without anger or aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, a December Sagittarius can be just as aggressive as an Aries at times. They will have no problem getting into a fight to defend what they believe in.

They were likely born in December if you’ve ever gotten into a heated argument with a Sagittarius. These Sagittariuses are far fiercer than their November counterparts, especially those born in the second decan.

December Sagittariuses are far more likely to have quick tempers than November Sagittariuses. They get angry far more quickly and have no trouble expressing that anger.

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Philosophical vs Passionate

Sagittarius is a very philosophical sign. They are often known as the philosopher of the zodiac because they love to talk about spirituality, the meaning of life, what happens after we die, etc.

November Sagittarius people are especially philosophical. They will gladly sit around for hours discussing philosophical topics. These are the Sagittariuses who might have some out-there views regarding spirituality.

A November Sagittarius is usually fairly laid back with their philosophical discussions. They can easily talk to people who do not share their views.

November Sagittariuses often enjoy hearing opinions that differ from their own. They want to expand their worldviews.

December Sagittarius people may also enjoy philosophy. They are much more impassioned when talking about it, though.

A December Sagittarius man might aggressively show his passion. A December Sagittarius woman will be just as passionate, though she may be less aggressive.

You can easily get into a heated debate with a December Sagittarius. They are incredibly passionate about their views! Even if their opinions seem odd or inconsequential at times, they will defend them.

Spontaneous vs Impulsive

One of the similarities between a November Sagittarius and a December Sagittarius is that they don’t always plan things out. Their degree of self-control can be different, though.

November Sagittarius people are spontaneous. They do not need to plan out something before doing it, though they will likely think something over before acting.

A November Sagittarius might avoid overspending or getting into a dangerous situation, even if they are prone to spontaneity. They will do some thinking before they act.

If a November Sagittarius gets the impulse to do something that might cause trouble for them, they may decide not to follow through with that impulse.

On the other hand, a December Sagittarius might give in to the impulse without giving it a second thought. They don’t always think before they do something.

December Sagittarius people are incredibly impulsive. They are thrill-seekers, after all! Even if a December Sagittarius knows they might end up in a dangerous situation, they might not care.

Some December Sagittariuses are also extremely lucky. They might give in to their impulses and get themselves into tight situations, but they also often get out of them unscathed.

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