Quick Guide To Sexually Pleasing a Sagittarius Man (Easily)

Published January 11, 2022
Quick Guide To Sexually Pleasing a Sagittarius Man (Easily)

The key to sexually pleasing a Sagittarius man is making every sexual encounter a unique, exciting experience.

Sagittarius men like to try new things. They don’t like getting stuck in a routine, especially when it comes to sex.

If you want to satisfy your Sagittarius man in bed, you’ll need to think outside the box sometimes. You need to be open to having new experiences and constantly mixing things up.

You might need to have sex often or have sex for a long time to please a Sagittarius man. He has a high sex drive and a lot of stamina. He can go for hours!

Most of all, you should be spontaneous. You should look at sex as an adventure. Just have fun and never feel embarrassed about something you two are doing.

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity is one of the traits a Sagittarius man wants to see in his partner. He likes to be with people who are full of surprises.

You can show him your spontaneous side in many ways. You can kiss him out of the blue while you two are out together or even initiate something steamier.

He’ll be turned on if you surprise him with some sexy lingerie when he comes home from work. After a long day, he’ll gladly welcome some surprise sex.

You can also surprise him by suggesting you two do something new in bed. Depending on what it is, you won’t always need to talk things over beforehand. He may be down to do it right then and there.

A Sagittarius man will also love it if you start riling him up in public. If you’re on a date together, start doing things that you know turn him on. This will excite him and get him ready to have sex once you two are alone.

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Think Outside The Box

Some of a Sagittarius man’s turn-ons might be a bit unconventional. You won’t always be able to please him if you just stick to vanilla sex.

You will have to get creative sometimes when having sex with a Sagittarius man. You’ll need to work to keep things interesting for him.

Don’t do the same old thing just because you know it’s turned him on before. Don’t stick with all the same things you used to do with previous lovers either.

Things might get weird sometimes. He may suggest something you’ve never tried before. He’ll be satisfied if you at least consider it.

He will be extremely turned on if you come up with new, exciting things for you two to do in bed. If you suggest something he’s never heard of before, he’ll be pleased by your creativity.

If you notice that he’s starting to get bored, try your best to come up with something interesting. You’ll have to think outside the box sometimes. Don’t just stick to common kinks or things you’ve tried before.

Don’t Hold Back

Sagittarius men in bed are wild. When you’re with a Sagittarius man, don’t hold back!

He will be more turned on if you can just let go and enjoy the moment. If he senses that you’re anxious or that you’re withdrawing from him during sex, he won’t have a good time.

Allow yourself to loosen up and just get lost in the moment. Let your body do the talking. If you get the urge to do something, just try it out!

Don’t overthink things. If you spend the whole time you’re having sex worried about something else, he’ll be able to tell.

Don’t hold back from doing something just because you’re worried about the way you look or your lack of experience.

He will be pleased when he knows that you’re giving him your all. When he sees how passionate you are, that will satisfy him more than anything.

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Try New Things

A Sagittarius man’s sexuality is all about having new experiences. He doesn’t like to stick to the same old thing every time he has sex.

He will have preferences, of course. There might be a few different things that he likes to do frequently.

He won’t always want to do things he’s done before, though. He will want to try new things.

If he suggests something new, try it! You can always modify it or suggest something else if it’s truly something you don’t want to do.

He isn’t always looking to try a specific thing anyway. Sometimes, he just wants to try something new, regardless of what that new thing is.

When he knows that you’re willing to try new things with him, he’ll be satisfied with his sexual relationship with you.

Mix It Up

Are Sagittarius men kinky? A lot of them are. Even ones who aren’t the kinkiest still like to mix things up in bed.

You’ll be able to satisfy him more if you can surprise him in bed.

If he knows that you’re comfortable with him suddenly mixing things up, he’ll be more satisfied in the relationship.

You two must establish boundaries, of course. He doesn’t want to do anything that will make you upset or uncomfortable. Let him know what the limits are and he’ll be happy to work within them.

If you notice he’s starting to get bored or he seems uninterested in sex, do something to pique his interest again.

You can bring up a new kink you heard about. You can try watching porn together if you don’t normally do that.

Some Sagittarius men might also like threesomes or group sex. If you are comfortable with that, that’s always a good suggestion if your sex life ever starts to feel stale.

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Send Nudes

A Sagittarius man in a relationship still wants to have fun! He won’t let his sex life die in a long-term relationship.

One way to keep things exciting in your relationship is to send him sexy photos or texts when you two aren’t together.

There are times where you can surprise him with a naughty photo or two. If he’s on a business trip and you know he’s alone in his hotel room, send him a few shots of yourself lounging around in your bed.

Fire off a sexy text when he’s at work or out with friends. He might find it exciting. He may even get a thrill out of trying to keep his cool in public.

You may need to ask if it’s okay to send nudes sometimes. If he’s at work, he won’t necessarily want his coworkers to see anything on accident.

Whether you have to ask or you just surprise him with your photos, he’ll be pleased that you thought to send some.

Make Sex An Adventure

Are Sagittarius men good lovers? They usually are because they always make sex exciting. He will be more sexually satisfied if you can make every sexual encounter with him an adventure.

As long as he never gets bored in bed, you’ll be able to keep a Sagittarius man hooked.

One way to make sex an adventure with a Sagittarius man is by having public or semi-public sex. Some Sagittarius men get off on the idea of being caught.

Inviting other partners into your bed is another way to get adventurous. Again, many Sagittarius men will be alright with it if you suggest this.

In general, just keep him on his toes. If he never quite knows what to expect when he has sex with you, he’ll be turned on by all the endless possibilities.

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Let Him Dominate

If you want to know how to kiss a Sagittarius man, just let him take the reins. He is an excellent kisser and he likes to dominate.

Sagittarius men have dominant personalities. Many of them like to be in control. He won’t try to control your life but he might love it if you let him dominate you in bed.

There will be times where he wants you to dominate or where he wants to engage in a bit of power play. If that’s what he wants, give it to him.

There will be other times where he’s turned on just by knowing that you’ll let him dominate you if he wants to.

Have A High Sex Drive

Are Sagittarius men good in bed? Many are! Regardless of his exact skill level, most Sagittarius men have a lot of stamina.

You’ll need to have a lot of stamina and a high sex drive to truly please him. He might like a quickie sometimes but other times, he may want to go for hours at a time.

If you can’t keep up with him, you might not be able to keep him sexually satisfied. He’s not going to be upset if you turn him down sometimes but he might be if you go days or weeks at a time without having sex at all.

Sagittarius men love foreplay. Sex isn’t all about the main event for him. He enjoys a lot of foreplay and can keep that going for a long time.

If you don’t naturally have a high sex drive or a high amount of stamina, that’s something you can work up to. He’ll at the very least appreciate the effort.