10 Sure Signs a Gemini Man is Dead Serious About You

Updated January 10, 2023
10 Sure Signs a Gemini Man is Dead Serious About You

When a Gemini man is serious about you, it’s usually going to be very obvious.

You’ll be able to tell the difference between a Gemini man who wants a casual relationship and a Gemini man who is ready to be exclusive.

When a Gemini man is ready to commit to a relationship, he’ll do things like delete all the dating apps off his phone, stop dating around, and stop flirting with other people as much.

He’ll also try to connect with you on an emotional level. He’ll start telling you his secrets and opening up about things he doesn’t normally share with other people.

He’ll want you around all the time. He’ll want you to meet his family and his friends. He’ll incorporate you into every part of his life, not just keep you off to the side.

1. He’s Generous

Generosity is part of a Gemini man’s love language. He’ll be generous with his time and his affection, in addition to giving you gifts.

If he’s serious about you, he’ll be especially generous with his time. He’ll spend more time with you than he does with anyone else and he’ll do so gladly.

He’ll bring you gifts. He might show up with flowers just because. He may give you more expensive gifts, like jewelry or that new video game you’ve been wanting.

He may also just give you little trinkets to show he was thinking about you. Not everything is going to be extravagant or expensive.

The bottom line is that he’ll give you everything he can when he’s serious about you. He wants to show you that he cares. He wants you to see how much you mean to him.

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2. He Stops Flirting

A Gemini man in love might not stop flirting with other people entirely but he’ll not do it as much as he does when he’s single.

The nature of his flirting will change, even if he does continue to flirt with other people.

When he’s single, he has no problem flirting with multiple people at the same time. He’ll flirt with other people in front of you, even if you two are casually dating. He doesn’t see a problem with this.

When he’s serious about you, he’ll stop flirting with other people in front of you. He doesn’t want to make you jealous and he wants you to know that he’s focused on you when you two are together.

If he does flirt with other people, it’s going to be a lot lighter than before. He won’t be as touchy. He’ll be silly and fun but he won’t turn up the charm.

3. Connects Emotionally

When a Gemini man loves you, he’ll want to connect with you in a way he doesn’t normally with other people.

Gemini men don’t always like talking about their emotions. Some of them don’t even like acknowledging their emotions most of the time.

If he starts opening up to you when he’s sad or upset, that’s a sign he’s serious about you.

He’s not going to open up to somebody he intends on ditching at any moment. If he’s discussing his intimate feelings with you, he means to be with you for a while.

Even if it’s difficult for him, he’ll try to connect with you emotionally as a way of showing you that he cares about you and that he’s serious about your relationship.

If openly discussing emotions is important to you, he’ll try his best to give you what you want.

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4. Communicates Often

Even if a Gemini man is hiding his feelings for you, he won’t be able to help but stay in constant contact.

This one by itself doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready to settle down with you. Gemini men love to talk! It’s natural for them to communicate frequently with the people around them.

If he is communicating with you more than other people, though, that’s a sign he likes you.

A Gemini man’s communication style can be inconsistent at times. He’s always communicating with somebody but he isn’t always good at replying to messages right away.

If he responds to your messages within seconds of getting them, that means he’s waiting for them. He wants to talk to you specifically, not just talk in general.

When he’s serious about you, he’ll be less likely to ghost you for long periods of time. He’ll make a conscious effort to communicate with you as often as possible.

5. Spends Time With You

As mentioned, when a Gemini man is serious about you, he’ll be more generous with his time than he normally is.

Gemini men often have a lot of things going on. They have many friends. They have multiple hobbies. They’re busy people and they don’t always have free time.

If he’s serious about you, he’ll make an effort to prioritize you. He’ll make sure he always has some time for you.

If you really need him to be there for you, he’ll spend some time with you instead of going out to the bar or a party.

He’ll also be willing to spend some quiet nights at home with you when he’s serious about you. If he’s just having fun with you, he’ll want to go out and do exciting things.

This doesn’t mean that he’ll spend every waking moment with you. He’s not going to drop all his plans every single night just because you want him to. It just means he’ll make an effort to spend more time with you.

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6. Stops Dating Around

Even if you two aren’t “official” yet, if he stops dating other people, that’s a sign a Gemini man secretly likes you.

Gemini men aren’t cheaters but if he’s just casually dating you, he’s likely casually dating other people as well.

If you two have been on a few dates but you haven’t made things “official” yet, don’t assume that he’s only dating you.

He dates around and doesn’t see any problem with it. He won’t assume that you’re only dating him if you two haven’t talked about being exclusive so don’t assume he’s only dating you.

If he deletes all his dating apps and stops going on dates with other people though, he’s getting serious about you.

He’ll likely tell you at some point that he wants to only date you. Once he says that, that means he’s serious about you and ready to be in an exclusive, committed relationship.

7. Shows His Personal Life

One of the signs a Gemini man likes you is that he’ll show you more and more of his personal life.

He’ll introduce you to his family. He’ll bring you to hang out with his close friends.

He doesn’t bring every single person he dates home to his family. He doesn’t invite people to family weddings or birthday parties as his plus one if he doesn’t intend on keeping them around for a while.

He’ll start showing you more of the “real” him. This isn’t to say that Gemini men are fake but they don’t always reveal their inner selves to everyone.

When a Gemini man trusts you, that’s a huge sign he’s serious about you. When he starts opening up and sharing personal details with you, that’s a big deal for him.

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8. Plans Dates

When a Gemini man likes you, he wants to make sure you know it!

He’ll do things like plan extravagant dates to show you how much he cares. He’s a spontaneous man so when he actually plans something out, you know he’s serious.

He’ll make sure he fits you into his schedule. If he has plans with you, he’s not going to back out of them either.

He’ll still be spontaneous, of course. He might call you up to invite you to a party last minute or show up at your door because he was in the neighborhood. That’s not going to stop.

Making plans with you shows that he’s making an effort to incorporate you into his life. He doesn’t just want to be with you when it’s convenient, he wants to be with you whenever he can.

9. Extra Charming

When a Gemini man is serious about you, his inner romantic will truly come out.

He’ll behave like a gentleman and he’ll be entirely sincere about it. He’ll do cheesy things like hold doors open for you and pull out your chair.

He’ll turn up the charm and he’ll be sincere about that too. When he compliments you, he’ll mean it. He’ll be less likely to flatter you and more likely to genuinely tell you how he feels.

All his attention and charm will be focused on you as well. If you notice he’s not turning on that charm for other people, only for you, he’s serious about your relationship.

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10. Adventures With You

A relationship with a Gemini man is always exciting. When he’s serious about you, he’ll want to take you on the adventures he goes on.

If he’s always asking you to come on trips with him, that’s because he wants to spend time with you! He thinks you’re fun, he cares about you, and he wants to share new experiences with you.

Gemini men love to adventure. They love to adventure with people they care about even more.