8 Secrets to Kissing a Leo Man (to Ignite His Love)

Updated March 7, 2023
8 Secrets to Kissing a Leo Man (to Ignite His Love)

If you want to kiss a Leo man and make him fall in love, you have to understand his personality.

Kissing a Leo man is an art and science. You only get one chance to impress him with a kiss.

Leo men are passionate and flamboyant. When a Leo man kisses you, he wants it to be an earth-shaking experience. Polite pecks don’t cut it for a Leo man.

When you kiss a Leo man, be prepared for an intimate experience. You need to be willing to lose yourself in a kiss with him.

A Leo man will feel offended if you shy away from a passionate kiss. If you are not into public displays of affection, try to explain this upfront.

1. Kiss Him Deeply

Kissing a Leo man deeply is one of the best ways to make him fall in love with you. You can’t be shy when you kiss a Leo man. For him, kissing is a full-contact sport.

Kiss a Leo man as if it is your last moment together. When you kiss him as if you haven’t seen him in years whenever you see him, a Leo man will fall in love with you.

Men born under this sign need to feel special. Your kiss is one of the ways you can let him know you care about him. Passionate and intense kissing makes him feel like he’s the only man in the world.

When a Leo man kisses you on the forehead, it’s his way of showing affection. But this isn’t always a sign he loves you. It’s a gesture of endearment. Kiss him passionately when you’re serious about him.

Any time you see your Leo man, be ready with mints and water. Keep your breath fresh because you’re in for long episodes of deep, open-mouth kissing with men born under this sign.

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2. Kiss His Entire Face

Kiss a Leo man all over his face. He enjoys feeling as if you are savoring the moment with him. One of the best ways to show affection is to kiss him in as many places as possible, starting with his face.

Usually, men born under this sign prefer deep kissing to pecks. But if you need to take a break from french kissing, alternate by kissing his face.

This shows a Leo man your appreciation and desire to maintain a connection to him. He enjoys being kissed this way as a segway into more passionate kisses.

Kissing his entire face is a preliminary tactic when seducing a Leo man. You can even tease him as you do this. Just be sure not to tease him for too long. Leos are impatient.

You don’t have to hold back when you kiss a Leo man. He has a grandiose personality, and his approach to romance is also larger than life. The more you kiss him, the better.

3. Kiss His Chest

Each sign of the zodiac has a special part of the body. The heart is associated with Leo. Though you can’t directly touch his heart, you can come close by kissing his chest.

Where do Leo men like to be touched? Men born under this sign are receptive to being touched on their face, neck, and chest. Touching a Leo man’s chest, he lowers his defenses and opens his heart.

Leo men love it when you pay attention to this body part. Stroke his chest while kissing him or kiss his chest directly. You can be sure to turn a Leo man on and make him fall for you.

Leo men are also dominant; when you kiss his chest, you make him feel in control. This is a good way to show a Leo man your feelings for him. He becomes affectionate when you kiss his chest.

If you want to know how to outsmart a Leo man, the best thing to do is pretend to be submissive. When he thinks he is in control, surprise him with assertive kisses.

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4. Kiss HIs Hands & Arms

In addition to kissing a Leo man’s face and chest, you can make him fall in love with you when you kiss his arms and hands. Your kisses should range from soft kisses to passionate nibbles.

You can melt a Leo man’s heart when you kiss him this way. Paying attention to his hands and fingers makes him feel seen. Leo men are also hardworking. He appreciates you kissing his hands.

He sees this as recognition of his skills and work. When you kiss his arms, he feels strong and masculine. While you kiss his arms, whisper about how strong and muscular he is.

A Leo man in bed enjoys hours of sensual foreplay. Kissing his arms and hands is one way to slow the process. This extends the pleasure he feels and keeps him fascinated with you.

5. Bite Him Gently

Leo men are frisky. Mix gentle bites with soft kisses when you want to make him fall for you. You can bite his lip while kissing him, or even bite him on the neck.

You can make a Leo man fall in love when you turn up the heat by biting him while kissing him. Be careful not to bite too hard. You can get carried away at the moment and accidentally draw blood.

Some Leo men may find this exciting. He loves it when you lose control and will never be offended if you leave hickies. So long as you are careful to do so in places that aren’t easily visible.

Flirting with a Leo man is easy when you playfully bite him. He falls in love with you because he loves ferocity. It reminds him of his sign’s symbol, the Lion. Being aggressive when kissing him goes a long way.

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6. Whisper While Kissing Him

If you want to drive a Leo man wild, whisper to him while you’re kissing him. When you have to step back for a brief break from passionate kissing, look into his eyes and whisper how you feel about him.

Alternate kissing with whispering in his ear. This is particularly effective when you kiss his neck and ears. When whispering in his ear, keep your voice low.

The sound of your voice and the vibration it creates is as arousing as what you say to him. Keep your voice soft and sexy. Tell him how you feel but avoid getting too emotional.

Leo men enjoy romantic messages, but they are uncomfortable with vulnerability. Your best option is to whisper compliments to your Leo man. Leo men know how to kiss a Leo woman.

But if you’re not a Leo, you can still please him by thinking like a Leo man. He loves attention and admiration and wants to feel special. Kiss him in a way that reflects this.

When Leo and Libra kiss, it feels like fireworks are erupting. These two signs balance each other well. But if you’re not a Libra, you can still appeal to a Leo man when you kiss him with sensitivity.

Be romantic and feminine in the process of kissing him. Act demure and modest at first, then show your feisty side. He falls in love when you surprise him by whispering seductive and flirty things.

A Leo and Gemini kissing is a different story. Geminis are vocal even in bed. If you’re a Gemini, keep your whispering strategic. Don’t overdo it. Leo men like a combination of kissing and pillow talk.

7. Kiss His Neck

When you kiss a Leo man on the neck, his heart melts. You can make him fall in love with you when you kiss him all around his neck. Be creative and vary your technique.

Leo men love kissing, but they also become bored. Try to alternate between deep, long kisses and playful kisses on his neck. You can be flirty, or serious while kissing him.

When you kiss your Leo man’s neck, you may tickle him. Take cues from his reaction. You may have to slow down to avoid overwhelming him. He may be too sensitive around his neck.

One of a Leo man’s flirting signs is when he flexes his muscles or shows off for you. Rather than saying anything in response, kissing his neck. Leo men see this as an invitation to affectionate foreplay.

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8. Kiss Him Seductively

Leo men have trouble separating sexual arousal from flirtation and romance. You can make him fall in love when you kiss him seductively. Tease a Leo man when you kiss him.

Slow, sensual kisses appeal to Leo men. You can vary these kisses with more intense, powerful open-mouth kisses. Kissing him coyly, such as soft kisses on his eyelids can also turn him on.

The more you kiss him seductively, the more a Leo man will go wild over you. He falls in love with a woman who shares his intense desire and sensual nature.

How does a Leo kiss? Leo men love to be the initiators when it comes to french kissing. A woman who isn’t afraid to be bold turns him on. Kiss him seductively, and he’ll want to chase you.

If you’re wondering, are Leos good in bed? The best way to find out is to use kissing to seduce him. He will quickly want to go from flirting to intimacy, and kissing is the bridge that gets him there.

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