10 Sure Signs a Leo Man is Dead Serious About You

Updated March 2, 2023
10 Sure Signs a Leo Man is Dead Serious About You

Leo men can be dramatic. You may not always know when he’s sincere or when he’s being theatrical.

But when you understand his unique personality, you’ll know when a Leo man’s acts of grandiosity mean he is serious about you.

Leo men act like gentlemen, and they are affectionate with friends. Knowing when a Leo man is serious about you is challenging. You have to understand their specific clues.

When Leo men are serious about love, they still act independent. But their behavior change gives them away. A Leo man in love becomes more protective.

He may even act jealous, controlling, and territorial. Some of his worst qualities come to the forefront when he is serious about you. But the clues aren’t all bad.

1. He Calls Constantly

When a Leo man is serious about you, he calls and texts more frequently. He may even start obsessively contacting you. This is a change of pace from his previously confident demeanor.

Usually, a Leo man will call or text to check in once in a while or to make plans. But when he’s serious about you, he’ll increase his contact. He’ll start calling and texting you nonstop.

Leo men are determined and tenacious when they are serious about someone. When a Leo man wants to make a relationship official, he will become a constant presence in your life, even by phone.

How does a Leo man test a woman? When he first gets to know you, he acts elusive. Once he is sure about his feelings for you, he will call you several times during the day.

If you want to know how to handle a Leo man, it’s best to make the most of his attentive nature. Eventually, he calms down and stops being so obsessed.

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2. He Brags About You

When a Leo man shows off by boasting to others about your accomplishments, he’s serious about you. Leo men are attracted to women who impress them. He loves bragging about his prospective partner.

A Leo man who introduces you to someone as if he is introducing a celebrity on a tv show is giving you clues that he cares. He may tell people about your career or hurdles you’ve overcome.

Leo men love attention, and when they are serious about a woman, they want to give that person attention and credit for their accomplishments. He brags about you when he thinks you’re the one.

When a Leo man falls for you, he brags about you to his family, friends, and colleagues. He wants everyone to know he’s found an exceptional woman. He acts proud of you.

A common trend in a Leo man’s behaviour is to boast about himself. When he starts bragging about you it means he is falling in love. A serious Leo man sees you as an extension of himself.

3. He Introduces You to Friends

When a Leo man is serious about you, he wants you to connect with the people who are important to him, like his friends. He wants to know that his friends approve of you and that you get along with them.

One of the worst things you can do is criticize his friends or try to come between a Leo man and his pals. When a Leo man is getting to know you, he’ll keep his social circles separate.

But when in love, he’ll want you to be part of his inner circle. He’ll start to close the gap between his love life and his social network. When he’s serious about you, he’ll include you in everything.

When a Leo man is serious about a woman, he makes her part of his crowd. He also does this because when his friends know who you are, they can help him keep a protective eye on you.

You may wonder if a Leo man is possessive and controlling. Sometimes he is. But most of the time feels he must take care of and protect you.

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4. He Brings You to Work

Strange as it seems, when a Leo man is serious about you, he’ll want to introduce you to his colleagues. He’ll bring you to work to show off his professional space.

When he does this, he’s also showing you off to his coworkers. He’s secretly hoping to make his colleagues envious. He also wants you to admire his professional success.

He may find benign reasons to bring you to work. When you get the tour of his office or workspace, you know a Leo man is serious about you. He is allowing you to witness another part of his life.

Leos take great pride in their work. When he brings you to his workplace, he’s showing you that he wants your approval. Leo men only do this when they are serious about a relationship.

What a Leo man looks for in a woman is someone he can feel proud to have as a partner. Always support his career success. Bringing you to the office is a sign of progress in the relationship.

5. He Changes His Profile Online

Another sign of a serious Leo man is when he changes his profile online. When in love, he wants the world to know it. He won’t hesitate to change his status to show he’s in a relationship with you.

He will also post photos of the two of you together on all of his social media sites. A Leo man who acts like he’s hiding you in public and online is sending red flags.

When a Leo is serious about you he wants the relationship to be seen. Like everything else in his life, he wants to show off when he’s serious about you. This includes letting the online world know he’s with you.

When a Leo man is serious about a woman, he makes it clear to the online world that his heart belongs to her. He also has an ulterior motive. He wants others to know his love interest is taken.

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6. He Surprises You

A Leo man who is serious about you is full of surprises, and only the good kind. He shows up with gifts for no reason at all. He makes your favorite meal to surprise you when you come home.

He is a true romantic when he’s serious about you. A Leo man will go out of his way to do praiseworthy things. This is, in part, because he seeks your praise and admiration.

He also does these things because he has a playful side that emerges when he is seriously in love. He acts as the hero in a romance film. A Leo man will make grand gestures of love.

When a Leo man hugs you unexpectedly, it’s a sign he is in love with you. He may also show he is serious about the relationship when he randomly stops by your house to visit.

7. He Buys You Gifts

Leo men buy gifts for the women they love. A Leo man who is serious about you will show it in material ways. He spares no expense giving you everything you want.

If you mention something you would like one day, a Leo man shows up at your house the following day with it to surprise you. Be careful what you say in front of a Leo man.

Your whimsical musings about what you would like to have will be gift-wrapped and handed to you in a short time. When he loves you, he’ll make your every wish come true.

He even buys you gifts that he thinks you want. If he is interested in certain items, he assumes you are. He may also make assumptions that you like jewelry or flowers.

A Leo man who is serious about you will start giving you gifts associated with courtship and romance. If you’re diabetic, let him know. Otherwise, you’ll get boxes of chocolates delivered to your home along with bouquets.

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8. He Always Wants to See You

A Leo man who ends a date by asking when he can see you again is showing you a sign that he is serious about you. Leo men are independent and try to preserve their autonomy.

But when a Leo man is serious about you, he’ll go through a phase of wanting to be with you all the time. Eventually, this urge to be joined at the hip subsides, and he returns to balance.

But when he first wants to let you know he’s into you, he will try to make plans to see you every day. He won’t want to take a chance that you’ll forget him or lose interest.

You see more signs a Leo man misses you when he is serious about the relationship. He’ll tell you he misses you after only being gone a few minutes. He’ll act as an enthusiastic puppy when he sees you again

9. He Texts First

When a Leo man is serious about you, you’ll know it. He texts you first. You don’t have to wait around debating whether you should send him a text after not hearing from him for days.

A Leo man who cares about you initiates conversation. He misses you and wants to get a jumpstart on sending you messages before time passes. Men born under this sign are impulsive.

He texts you to ask how you are doing. He even texts you first thing in the morning to greet you as soon as you wake up. Leo men who are serious about a woman are attentive and intense.

How does a Leo man behave when in love? He is eager to spend as much time as possible with you. This is uncharacteristic of this independent sign. This is part of the honeymoon phase.

When he feels secure in the relationship and knows you are all his, he will calm down and resume a little more distance. But initially, he will go out of his way to be with you.

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10. He’s Affectionate

When a Leo man is serious about you, he is affectionate. A Leo man who wants to be friends will hug you when he sees you. But a Leo man who is interested in you will make contact frequently.

He holds your hand, looks for reasons to touch your hair, and puts his arm around you while you walk together. He loves to snuggle when he is serious about you.

A Leo man lets you know he cares by showing affection generously. He keeps you close to him when he wants to let you know he loves you. He even gives you surprise hugs for no reason.

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