Is Leo Man Jealous and Possessive in a Relationship?

Updated September 12, 2023

Many Leo men are jealous and possessive in love. Leo is a passionate sign. They devote themselves to their partners and want that same level of devotion back.

He wants you to pay attention to him and only him if you two are in a relationship.

Leo men are known for their huge egos. They like to be the center of attention. If your eyes are straying or you’re flirting with other men, he’s going to become extremely jealous.

It’s easy to make a Leo man jealous. That’s one of the best ways to play hard to get before you two start a relationship. If you’re in an exclusive relationship, though, don’t make him jealous.

His jealousy can be highly aggressive. A Leo man won’t be afraid to confront you or the person you’re flirting with if he feels jealous.

Huge Ego

Leo men often have large egos. This is one of the most stereotypical traits associated with Leo. Many of them live up to that stereotype.

He thinks highly of himself. For some Leos, this makes them less likely to be jealous. He might think that he’s perfectly able to keep you happy and satisfied so he won’t worry if you’re talking to somebody else. He knows he’s better than them!

Other Leos do get jealous. He may get upset if he thinks you’re flirting with somebody else because he thinks that you should be perfectly happy only flirting with him.

He may get jealous when you’re paying attention to somebody else because he’ll wonder why you aren’t paying attention to him.

He may also get possessive because of his pride and ego. He’ll be offended if somebody else flirts with you because they should know that they aren’t good enough for you.

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Some Leo men are self-centered. Not all of them are like this! Many are great partners who can put aside their needs when necessary.

A self-centered Leo man might be jealous or possessive and he won’t always care about how that makes you feel.

He will openly tell other people that you are his and he won’t care if that makes you uncomfortable.

He will get angry if he thinks another man is flirting with you. He’ll act on this anger sometimes and he won’t always care if he’s wrong or if his actions are unnecessary.

A Leo man who only thinks of himself won’t always care if you don’t appreciate his actions.

Ego Easily Bruised

Should you make a Leo man jealous? You shouldn’t go out of your way to try to if you two are in a committed relationship.

When you’re both single and you’re trying to get him to chase after you, you can play hard to get. You can make him jealous by flirting with other guys.

If you two are in an exclusive relationship, however, you should try to get his attention other ways.

If he sees that you are flirting with other men or ignoring him for them, you’re more likely to hurt his feelings. His ego will be bruised.

He might wonder if he did something wrong. He might think that you’ve lost interest or that you’re cheating on him. It’s better to get his attention in other ways if you think he hasn’t been focused on you enough.

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Are Leo men jealous lovers? Many of them are. Some of them are also aggressive when they feel jealous.

Don’t take this to mean that all Leo men are violent. Many are perfectly capable of handling their anger, even if they do get jealous.

Most Leo men are also just very direct. He might not be trying to come across as aggressive. He might just think he’s being open and honest about what he thinks of something.

If he is aggressive, he will react with anger if he feels jealous. He might yell at somebody he thinks is flirting with you. If he thinks you’re trying to make him jealous, he might also pick a fight with you.

An aggressive Leo man can of course learn how to control his anger. He can learn to control his jealousy. It’s just something he needs to actively work on.


How does a Leo man act in a relationship? He usually likes to be the dominant partner. He doesn’t want to date a doormat but he likes to feel like he’s in control.

If he’s jealous, he’ll make it known to you. He won’t hide his feelings. He’ll take control of the situation and let you know exactly how he feels.

Are Leo men controlling? Some Leo men handle their jealousy better than others. If he doesn’t know how to properly express his jealousy to you, he might come off as too controlling.

When he thinks somebody is flirting with you or pursuing you, he’ll often take control of the matter and go talk to that person. He won’t always check with you first. He’ll just tell that person to back off.

He won’t see any problem with this. He might think that he’s protecting you or that he’s just handling the matter.

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Are Leo men possessive? Many of them are. They are also highly competitive.

Sometimes they like this competition. If you two aren’t in an exclusive relationship, he might have a bit of fun competing with other men for your affections. He’ll also have fun making you compete for his.

If you two are in a committed relationship, though, he won’t like feeling as if he has to compete for your love.

His possessive nature might come out if he thinks someone else is trying to compete with him for you.

He may get jealous if you have a lot of male friends or if you are friends with one of your exes. He might start to do things to show that you are his, not theirs.

Expects Loyalty

Is a Leo man jealous? Many are, regardless of how they express that jealousy.

He expects a high level of loyalty from his partner. Often, this means that he doesn’t even want his partner to look at or flirt with other people.

A Leo man will feel hurt and jealous if you flirt with other people in front of him. He will also be jealous if you two are on a date and you spend the whole time texting other people.

Of course, if you cheat on him or even just kiss another person, he’s going to be extremely jealous and angry about that.

He doesn’t want you to seek out other people. He wants to be able to meet all your needs. He wants to be the one, the only one, that you love.

When you show him how loyal you are to him, that may make any feelings of jealousy go away. When he trusts your loyalty, he’ll also be less likely to act out when he feels jealous.

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Needs Devotion

Is a Leo man a good boyfriend? Many of them are! A Leo man in love will be extremely devoted to his partner. He expects that same level of devotion from them.

When he needs you to be there for him, try to be there. If he needs emotional support, give it to him.

He’s going to feel hurt and jealous if he reaches out for help and you blow him off to spend time with somebody else.

He will also be jealous if you are constantly choosing others over him. He knows that you won’t always spend time with him but he expects to be a priority in your life.

Show him your devotion by always making time for him. Be there for him when he’s down. If he is willing to put aside his pride and ask for help, help him.


A relationship with a Leo man isn’t always going to be peaceful. If he thinks something is wrong, he’s going to confront you about it.

He will happily confront anyone he thinks is hitting on you. You might think this is great if somebody is making you uncomfortable and you don’t want to deal with it.

If you’re just chatting with a friend, though, you won’t like it when he confronts them about “flirting” with you.

If he thinks that you’re the one flirting, he will also confront you about it without a second thought.

He’ll make sure you know that he doesn’t appreciate the way you’re talking to another man, even if you didn’t intend for it to be flirty.

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Center of Attention

When a Leo man is possessive over his partner, it’s usually because he thinks his partner isn’t paying enough attention to him.

Leo men love to be the center of attention most of the time. Your Leo man loves it when all eyes are on him.

He’ll happily share the spotlight with you sometimes. He won’t, however, want to share your romantic attention with anyone else.

Always make time for him. If he needs some affection, give it to him. You won’t need to spend every waking moment with him. He’s capable of getting attention from other people.

Just don’t ignore him when you two are out together. When he feels secure and like he’s getting attention, he’ll feel less jealous.

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