9 Secrets to Making a Leo Man Miss You (A Lot)

Updated May 7, 2023

If you want to make a Leo man miss you, you need to make sure you’ve caught his attention. He’s a busy, social man.

You will need to put in a lot of effort if he doesn’t just miss you all on his own.

You want to make sure that a Leo man is always thinking about you if you want him to miss you. Do this by leaving items of yours at his place or leaving him notes.

Make sure he sees it when you’re out and about having fun. He’ll likely see what a good time you’re having and he’ll wish he was the one there with you.

When you are with him, do things to make yourself irresistible to him. You want to linger in his mind even when you’re not with him.

1. Show Off

When a Leo man is done with you for good, he won’t pay attention to you no matter how much you show off.

If you’re doing everything you can to get him to notice you and he’s not, it’s likely because he has no interest in you.

If you want to make a Leo man miss you, show off how much fun you’re having without him.

When you go on a trip, post lots of photos of it on social media. Show everyone what a great time you’re having.

If you’re in group chats that include him, constantly talk about all the fun things you’re doing. Send selfies when you’re out at the bar or tell the other people in the chat how much fun you had with them last night.

If you’re trying to get your Leo ex back, make sure he sees you when you two are at the same party. If he’s in earshot, brag about all the amazing things you’ve been doing lately without him.

When he sees that you’re having a good time without him, he’ll miss you. He may even feel jealous. He’ll want to be the one that you’re having fun with.

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2. Play Hard to Get

The best thing to do when a Leo man ignores you is to ignore him right back. He likes to be the one in control and he’ll hate it when you don’t react the way he wants you to.

If you’ve gone on a couple of dates with a Leo man and he hasn’t reached out to you about going on another one, don’t pester him. You don’t want to seem desperate.

Instead, go out on a date with other people. Make sure he knows you’re doing this. He’ll hear about your dating habits if you tell mutual friends or if you post about them online.

If he had fun going on dates with you, he’ll see that you’re off having fun with other people and he’ll miss you. He’ll be more likely to reach out so that he doesn’t miss out on the opportunity for a relationship with you.

3. Leaves Things with Him

If you want to make a Leo man miss you like crazy, one of the best ways is to leave things of yours behind at his house.

This can work at all stages of a relationship with a Leo man.

Even if you two are just friends, seeing a set of earrings you “accidentally” left at his house during a party will make him think about how beautiful you looked wearing them.

If you two are casually dating, you can leave some clothes behind at his house after you two have spent the night together. They’ll smell like you and they’ll remind him of the great time you had together.

When he has little reminders of you around his house, he’ll think of you and he’ll miss being with you.

He won’t be able to ignore you or his feelings for you because there will be some sort of constant reminder of you in his home.

If a Leo man breaks up with you but you don’t want the relationship to end, make sure that you don’t get all of your things from his place.

Leave your pajamas in the drawer he reserved for you. Leave your toothbrush in his bathroom. Leave behind a pair of shoes or a coat in his front closet.

Leave behind little things that will remind him of the life you two had together.

If he has any doubt in his mind about the breakup, they might make him nostalgic for the relationship. He may miss you and decide that he wants to give the relationship a second chance.

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4. Give Him Gifts

Will a Leo man miss you when you two aren’t together? He will if he has some things that remind him of you.

This works in a similar way to leaving your things behind at his place.

Gift him with practical things that he is likely to keep around and see often. You can give him a watch or a shirt, for example. He’ll think of you any time he wears them.

You can also give him pajamas or a new set of bedsheets. He’ll see them when he goes to bed and he’ll miss having you next to him.

If you two have broken up, he might be hesitant to get rid of any gifts you gave him if he likes them.

Give him things that you know he wants or needs and he’ll be more likely to keep them. They might make him miss you enough to reach out.

5. Be Affectionate

If a Leo man loves being around you, he’s going to be more likely to miss you when you’re gone.

Make him feel loved whenever you are together. Be affectionate and show him that you care about him.

Don’t hold back. Make sure he knows that you love him. You want him to get used to having all that affection. When you’re not around and that affection is gone, he’ll miss you.

You can also show your affection for him by leaving little notes behind for him. If you have to leave early in the morning before he wakes up, leave him a note telling him good morning.

When you’re not around, he’ll feel the absence of all that affection. He’ll miss it and he won’t be able to wait until he’s able to be with you again.

When you text him, show your affection for him as well. If he’s on a trip, he’ll see your sweet messages and he’ll miss you even more.

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6. Be Sexy

Will a Leo man come back after a breakup? He might if you remind him of how sexy and exciting you are.

If you know he finds a certain dress of yours irresistible, you can wear it to a party when you know he’s going to be there.

Be flirty in front of him. Show him that other men find you desirable and that you’ve got options other than him.

He might see how much fun those other men are having with you and he’ll miss being the one who was always at your side.

7. Flaunt What You’ve Got

If you want to know how to make a Leo man chase you, the best thing to do is show him how much of a catch you are.

Post photos in group chats and on social media of you wearing your most flattering outfits.

Wear revealing clothing if there’s a chance you’ll see him at a bar or a party.

He’ll notice you when you’re wearing something eye-catching. Show off your best assets and he’ll be unable to look away from you.

If you two dated before, he’ll see you and be reminded of how attractive you are.

This magic will make your Leo man want a relationship with you.

8. Post on Social Media

Will a Leo man miss you after a breakup? He will if he sees that you’re off having fun without him!

If you want to make a Leo man regret losing you, the best thing to do is make sure he knows that you’re doing just fine without him.

Make sure he knows that you’re dating other people and having a blast doing it.

Post photos of yourself that show off how beautiful you are. Post selfies with your friends and your dates.

If he follows your profiles, constantly posting will ensure that he notices you too. He’ll be unable to help but think about you when he sees your posts pop up all the time.

9. Hangout with Others

If you want to know how to make a Leo man miss you after a breakup, the best thing to do is spend time with other people.

If he wants you back, he’ll be envious of the people who get to hang out with you. He’ll miss being the one to go on adventures with you.

The best way to make a Leo man jealous is to flirt with other men when he’s around. Your Leo ex will miss being the one to get all that attention from you.

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