Quick & Easy Guide To Text Flirting With a Libra Man

Updated February 27, 2023
Quick & Easy Guide To Text Flirting With a Libra Man

A Libra man’s text flirting style tends to be light, friendly, and playful. Match his style if you want to flirt with him!

Let your Libra man take the lead to see how he flirts, then play along if you want to flirt successfully.

Libra men tend to be incredibly romantic, so you can be too while flirting with him over text. Be friendly at first, but pick things up as you two flirt with one another more.

You should compliment your Libra man often. Play around with him and make him laugh. Be direct and show him just how interested you are in him. There’s no need to play hard to get over text!

Send selfies to your Libra man and positively respond when he sends them as well. Do your best to have fun with him in your text conversations.

Let Him Take The Lead

Do Libra men text first? They will message first sometimes! Libra men like balance. Let him take the lead now and then, especially if you typically text first.

Letting your Libra man take the lead can let you know how he feels about you.

Libra men can be people-pleasers sometimes, and your Libra man might flirt just because you are flirting. If you let him lead, you’ll be able to tell if he genuinely likes you.

Your Libra man might appreciate it when you let him lead too. He won’t feel like he has to always please you or like he has to go at your pace.

There might be times when it’s appropriate to take the lead. You still want to flirt with your Libra man and show interest! You can text him first or set the tone sometimes. Make sure he gets a chance to reach out first, too.

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Be Friendly

Start off friendly when you’re flirting with a Libra man via text for the first time. You can make your interest clear, but don’t be too sexual too soon.

It might seem odd to be friendly while flirting, but this is a great way to put your Libra man at ease. If you start friendly with your texts, you can gauge how receptive your Libra man is to flirting.

Being friendly can also show your Libra man that you genuinely care about him as a person. When you mix friendly texts with your flirtatious ones, your Libra man will know that you’re not just interested in sex.

You want to show your Libra man that you are genuinely interested in him. He won’t take you seriously if you are flirtatious without being warm and friendly!

Keep It Light

When flirting with a Libra man via text, keep things light at first. Don’t come on too strong unless he does.

Just like being friendly, keeping it light is about making your Libra man feel comfortable. If you come on too strong, he might pull away. You might also give him the wrong idea.

If you immediately start sending sexual texts, your Libra man might think you’re only interested in sex. If you’re flirting because you want something more, keep it light. Show genuine interest in him as a person.

Don’t go overboard when texting, either. If you overtext, you might seem too clingy, which may turn your Libra man off.

If your Libra man texts every day or sends incredibly sultry messages to you, you can match that energy! Let him be the one to pick up the pace, though.

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Compliment Him Often

If you want to know how to flirt with a Libra man, you should compliment him often! This will make your Libra man feel good and show your interest in him.

Text your Libra man to let him know he looked good the last time you saw him. When he sends you pictures, compliment him on them! Point out everything you like about him.

If your Libra man texts you about a project he’s working on, compliment him on those. You can also compliment his jokes or tell him that he’s easy to talk to.

When you’re coming up with sweet things to say to a Libra man, focus on more than just his good looks. Focus on his talents and personality, too, if you really want to make him feel good!

Match His Texting Style

How do Libra men like to be texted? If you’re unsure how intensely you can flirt with your Libra man, try mimicking his texting style, at least at first.

You want to show your Libra man that you can go at his pace and meet him where he’s at. If he comes on strong in your texts, you can too! If he keeps things light, wait to heat things up until he’s ready.

When flirting with your Libra man, you want to ensure you’re on the same page. An excellent way to convey that is to stick to a similar tone as him when flirting.

Pay attention to a Libra man’s texting habits. If he constantly messages you and seems chatty, you can message him all you want! If he only texts at certain times or goes a few days between conversations, then stick to that and don’t overtext him.

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Send Selfies

Should you text a Libra man first? You definitely can! A great way to start a conversation with your Libra man is to send him a selfie and see how he reacts.

Sending selfies is a great way to flirt with a Libra man, especially if you’re not always the best with words. Libra men tend to be pretty focused on aesthetics, so he’ll love seeing you!

Flirt with your Libra man by sending a photo of you dressed up, then ask what he thinks. You can send seductive and alluring images but leave a little to the imagination to tease him.

You can rile your Libra man up by sending photos of you blowing a kiss or winking at him. You can also wear his favorite color or dress up in something he picked for you.

Be Playful

When flirting with a Libra man over text, be playful. You can mix up the exact tone you use when messaging him, but try not to always be too serious.

Your Libra man will love it when you send him playful texts. Try joking around with him and showing off your sense of humor. He’ll appreciate it!

Your Libra man will feel at ease when you are both friendly and playful. If he’s not ready for anything serious right now, seeing that you aren’t being too serious will make him feel better.

When flirting with your Libra man, you can use emojis to show him how playful you’re being. Send winking or kissing faces, and add little hearts to your messages.

Even if you are serious about flirting, being playful will make things more fun for your Libra man! He might enjoy love and romance, but he likes to sit back and enjoy himself too. Play with him a bit when you two are texting.

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Be Direct

Try to be direct and honest about your intentions when you’re flirting with your Libra man via text.

If you want to mess around and flirt for fun, tell your Libra man that! The last thing you want is for him to take you seriously when you are just playing around.

If you genuinely have feelings for your Libra man, make sure he knows. You can still be playful and friendly, but make it clear that your feelings go beyond that.

As you get to know your Libra man better, you can be more and more direct with him. If he responds well to your flirting and seems to reciprocate your feelings, you can start to send bolder texts.

When you are open with your Libra man, he’ll appreciate it. Eventually, he’ll find your bold, direct flirtations sexy. He’ll love getting a sultry text from you that says exactly how you feel about him.

Be Romantic

To attract a Libra man through text, you should be romantic. Libra men are huge romantics, so yours will appreciate it if you say sweet things and show him that your flirtations are more than sexual.

How do you know a Libra man likes you through text? He’ll start saying increasingly romantic things.

Your flirtations over text might start light and friendly, but they should steadily become more and more romantic if you’re genuinely interested in your Libra man.

Start texting your Libra man to say good morning. Message him to let him know that you’re thinking about him, or tell him you miss him if it’s been a while since you two last spoke.

Once your Libra man picks up the pace with your text flirting, you can as well! Don’t just flirt with him.

Let your Libra man know how you genuinely feel about him. Throw in a few incredibly romantic texts. You can still be friendly and playful, but make sure he knows you care.

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