What Should You Expect From an Upset Libra Man?

Updated May 19, 2023

It can be challenging to tell a Libra man is upset if you don’t know him well. He won’t always lash out or act upset!

Libra men are non-confrontational and tend to be passive-aggressive. He’ll show he’s upset, but it might not always be how you’d expect.

A Libra man might seem calm even when upset. He wants to appear happy and pleasant to those around him, so he might hide his feelings. He won’t always want you to know he’s upset.

A Libra man might also be passive-aggressive if he’s upset. He won’t confront you or lash out directly, but he’ll make it clear he’s upset if you pay attention.

When upset, a Libra man might try to distract himself. He’ll indulge himself to make himself feel better. He will likely need support from a loved one to feel better, though.

He Might Seem Calm

How does a Libra man act when upset? Sometimes, your Libra man might not seem upset, even when he is. You may only notice if you know him well.

Some Libra men will have no issue showing how upset they are, but others try to hide it. Your Libra man might seem calm if he doesn’t want to ruin the moment or bother you with his feelings.

While some Libra men will be open about their emotions, others won’t. A Libra man might also seem calm while trying to process his feelings.

If your Libra man seems perfectly okay after an argument or after something upsetting happens, that doesn’t actually mean he’s okay! He might get upset later.

Sometimes, a Libra man will try to appear calm because he doesn’t want to bother other people. He’s not always good at asking for help and may think his emotions are just an inconvenience he should get over.

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He’ll Try To Ignore His Feelings

You might not always know what to do when a Libra man is mad at you, especially if he won’t admit that he’s angry in the first place!

Some Libra men try to ignore their feelings. They would rather appear pleasant than talk to someone about why they’re upset.

A Libra man might be so good at ignoring his feelings that even he doesn’t realize he’s upset sometimes. He may act as if everything is okay because he legitimately doesn’t want to acknowledge that something is wrong.

Your Libra man might not want to deal with “negative” emotions like anger or sadness. If he’s upset, he’ll pretend he’s not. He might hope the feelings go away if he ignores them long enough!

A Libra man likely won’t be able to ignore his feelings forever. If your Libra man insists he’s okay, but you can tell he’s upset, he’s ignoring things. He may talk about it later.

He’s Non-Confrontational

How do you deal with a Libra man after an argument? You have to be the one to initiate contact. Libra men can be highly non-confrontational at times!

A Libra man might retreat after you say something to upset him instead of telling you that he’s upset. He won’t always stand up for himself or acknowledge that you’ve done something wrong.

If your Libra man ignores you after an argument or avoids you after you say something hurtful, it’s likely because he doesn’t want to confront you.

Libra men like friendly debates, but they hate fights. They don’t like to cause problems, even if confronting someone would help them deal with their upset feelings.

Apologizing to a Libra man after an argument is essential if you think he might be upset. Even if he doesn’t ask for an apology, one will likely make him feel better!

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He’s Passive-Aggressive

If a Libra man is ignoring you, it might be because he’s upset about something. Your Libra man might not call you out on your behavior if you upset him, but that doesn’t mean he’ll always completely let it slide, either!

A Libra man’s silent treatment is one of the most common ways he’ll passive-aggressively convey his feelings. Instead of telling you that he’s upset or that you’ve done something wrong, he’ll just ignore you.

If your Libra man is refusing to talk to you while he’s upset, you might be the reason why. Another way he’ll passive-aggressively show he’s upset is that he’ll ignore things you’ve asked him to do.

If your Libra man is suddenly avoiding chores, showing up late when you have plans, or “forgetting” things you’ve told him, he might be upset at you.

A Libra man might also sulk or pout but then insist everything is okay. If he seems like something is wrong and refuses to say anything, he’s probably upset with you and refusing to talk about it.

He Won’t Lash Out

Even when a Libra man is angry, he likely won’t lash out. He does his best to balance and control his emotions. He doesn’t want to let them get the best of him.

Your Libra man might behave passive-aggressively or pretend everything is okay, but he’ll rarely be aggressive or outwardly angry when upset.

A Libra man is unlikely to yell and scream when angry or burst into tears when sad. Even when he does express his emotions, he doesn’t like to lash out. Your Libra man will try to work through things without getting too intense.

If a Libra man does lash out, he’s likely been ignoring his emotions for a while! This is typically not the way he expresses his feelings.

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He Might Distract Himself

An upset Libra man might do anything to distract himself from his feelings. He won’t always ask for support or make any indication that he’s feeling upset.

Instead of dealing with his feelings, a Libra man will try to keep himself busy and hope that his emotions go away.

You might notice that your Libra man suddenly wants to go out more when he’s upset. He might want to distract himself with a party or by just hanging out with you at a bar.

Sometimes, distracting himself will help a Libra man. If he’s upset about something he can’t fix, going out and doing something to take his mind off it will cheer him up!

Other times, distractions will make things worse. If a Libra man is upset about an argument with a friend, talking to that friend and resolving things will be better than distracting himself and hoping the problem goes away.

He’ll Indulge

A Libra man is likely to indulge himself when he’s upset. Even if he gives no other signs of how he’s feeling, a Libra man overindulging can be a sign that something has upset him!

Your Libra man might indulge in sweets when he’s upset. He may also indulge in wine or try to distract from his feelings by going shopping.

A little indulgence isn’t bad, and it isn’t always a sign that a Libra man is upset. If he always goes out drinking after a bad day at work or buys himself things whenever he has a fight with a friend, that can become a problem!

Just like distracting himself might make a Libra man feel better sometimes, so will indulging. Having a little pick-me-up after a rough day might be all he needs to cheer up. Other times, indulging is just covering up the problem.

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He Wants To Appear Happy

It can be tricky figuring out how to handle a Libra man when he’s upset because he won’t always show you that he’s upset. Your Libra man wants to appear happy and pleasant as often as possible.

Some Libra men are people-pleasers. They like to be the life of the party and love to keep other people happy. If a Libra man is upset, he won’t always express that because he doesn’t want to bother people.

A Libra man will likely do his best to appear happy even when he’s not. If your Libra man knows you’re upset about something, he’ll smile and try to cheer you up instead of addressing his own emotions.

Don’t always assume that your Libra man is happy just because he seems like he is. Try to check in with him and encourage him to express his genuine emotions!

He’ll Need Support

How do you cheer up a Libra man when he’s upset? Offer him support. Even if you can’t fix his problems, being there will make him feel better.

If your Libra man seems upset after an argument, offer support. Encourage him to deal with his emotions and to talk to you about why he’s upset. Don’t let him avoid confrontation, even if that confrontation is with you!

A Libra man will appreciate your support, even if he won’t ask for it. When he loves you, you’ll make him feel better, even if you’re the reason he was upset in the first place.

You’ll know when a Libra man is done with you because your support will stop making him feel better. Things will be okay if you can still cheer him up, even after an argument.

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