10 Obvious Signs a Leo Man Cares Deeply About You

Updated August 21, 2023

The signs a Leo man cares about you should be incredibly obvious. He’ll show it even if he’s not ready to say he loves you!

Your Leo man will be supportive, loyal, and compassionate when he cares about you. He’ll make sure you feel cherished.

A Leo man will show love in many ways when he cares about you. Whether you’re his partner or his closest friend, he’ll ensure you know how much he loves you!

Your Leo man will spend a lot of time with you. He’ll also be physically affectionate and give you gifts to show how much he cares. If you’re in a relationship, he’ll also make grand romantic gestures.

A Leo man who loves you will support, help, and praise you. He’ll do anything he can to cheer you up when you’re down.

1. He’s Protective

When a Leo man loves you, he will be incredibly protective of you. He might be completely aware that you can care for yourself, but he’ll still stand up for and defend you if needed!

A Leo man who cares deeply about you would never let anyone say something negative about you in front of him. He’ll shut down any rude remarks and make sure everyone knows how great you are.

Your Leo man will protect you from harm at all costs when he genuinely loves you. He might still be reckless and impulsive, but he would never purposely put you in a dangerous situation.

If your Leo man adopts a protective stance when you’re around strangers, it’s because he cares. It’s not that he thinks you can’t take care of yourself! He believes you shouldn’t have to all the time.

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2. He’s Compassionate

A Leo man in love will likely be incredibly compassionate toward you. Even if he’s not usually that sensitive or empathetic, he will be with you.

Leo men can be compassionate, but not all of them are. Some are too self-absorbed and need to learn how to focus more on the feelings of others instead of focusing on themselves.

When a Leo man is serious about you and cares about you deeply, he’ll care about your feelings. He will show genuine concern if you’re ever sad or upset and do what he can to make you feel better.

A Leo man who cares about you will also try to be more compassionate toward others if he knows that matters to you. He’ll show compassion to everyone, not just you. You’ll help make him a better person.

3. He’s Supportive

If you’re in a relationship with Leo man, and he genuinely cares about you, he’ll support you and everything you do.

A Leo man who cares about you deeply will always support your dreams. He’ll encourage you when you’re feeling down and motivate you to achieve your goals. If you need some inspiration, he’ll gladly help with that too!

Your Leo man will also be emotionally supportive. He’ll be there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on. He will support you even when it’s not fun or exciting.

If you have your Leo man’s unconditional support, he cares about you. He’ll show his love by being your rock and always cheering you on when needed. You won’t always have to ask for support, either. He’ll reach out to offer it.

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4. He’s Loyal

One of the signs a Leo man is serious about you is that he will be incredibly loyal. A Leo man in love is one of the most reliable and devoted partners you’ll ever have.

A Leo man who cares deeply about you would never consider cheating on you. You can trust him completely because he will genuinely only have eyes for you.

A social Leo man might have a lot of female friends, but you can trust him. He would never dream of doing anything to hurt you and betray your trust.

Your Leo man will prove his loyalty to you when he genuinely loves you. He’ll listen to your insecurities and do his best to soothe them. You can trust him with your heart because he would never purposely do anything to break it.

5. He Helps You

One of the signs that a Leo man cares about you is that he’ll always be happy to help you. Whether he cares about you as a friend or something more, he’ll gladly offer assistance when you genuinely need it!

A Leo man isn’t always the type of friend to help you move, but if yours is the first to offer help when you’re moving, he greatly cares about you! He loves you if he goes out of his way for you.

Your Leo man will gladly offer his help when you need it. He won’t just wait for you to ask, and he will never sit back and watch you struggle without at least letting you know that he’s available to help you.

A Leo man will help you because he cares about you. Even if he knows you could do something on your own, he’ll offer help to show affection.

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6. He Praises You

A Leo man who cares about you will always have kind things to say about you. He’ll praise you and compliment you and expect nothing in return.

Some Leo men might use empty compliments to flirt or butter people up, but a Leo man who loves you will genuinely praise you. You’ll be able to tell when he’s being sincere!

Your Leo man will tell you you’re doing a great job when you feel overworked. He’ll praise your work ethic and make sure you know how talented you are.

A Leo man who praises your personality and talents, not just your looks, cares about you. He’ll make sure you know how impressed he is by you!

7. He Spends Time With You

One of the signs a Leo man has feelings for you is that he will go out of his way to spend time with you. He’ll want to be with you as often as possible because it feels good to be with you!

Leo men are social creatures, so they typically spend a lot of time with others instead of alone. Your Leo man will specifically want to spend time with you when he cares, though.

A Leo man who cares about you might invite you to parties and take you out frequently, but he’ll also be delighted to spend time together at home sometimes.

If your Leo man is perfectly content to sit around doing nothing with you, he cares about you deeply. If he can have a good time even when you’re not really doing anything, that’s a sign of his love.

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8. He’s Physically Affectionate

One of a Leo man’s love languages is physical touch. Leo men are incredibly passionate and tactile people. They are affectionate with everyone they care about and are even more affectionate with their partners.

Your Leo man won’t be able to keep his hands off you when he cares about you. His touch won’t always be sexual, either. He’ll hold your hand or gently brush your hair out of your face to show he cares.

A Leo man who loves you will always be warm and affectionate with you. He’ll walk arm in arm with you and sit close together when you’re out at dinner.

A Leo man who loves you will likely want physical affection from you too. This is how he feels loved, so try to be affectionate with him! A few hugs and kisses can go a long way.

9. He Gives You Gifts

Gift-giving is sometimes another love language for Leo men. A Leo man who cares about you will love showering you with gifts.

A Leo man who cares deeply about you and knows you well will give you thoughtful gifts. He won’t just give you flowers. He’ll give you your favorite flowers. If he buys you jewelry, it will be made with your favorite gemstone.

Your Leo man might sometimes give you extravagant or expensive gifts, but he’ll give you smaller ones too.

A Leo man who always brings you coffee in the morning or who keeps your favorite candy at his apartment for when you visit is a Leo man who loves you.

When a Leo man genuinely cares about you, he won’t expect anything in return for these gifts. He’ll give them to you because it feels good to make you happy!

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10. He Makes Grand, Romantic Gestures

Some of the signs a Leo man likes you will be incredibly obvious! Leo men can be hopeless romantics, and this is apparent in the way they treat the people they care about.

If you’re dating a Leo man, he’ll likely make grand romantic gestures to show you he cares. If he’s serious about you, he’ll want the whole world to know it!

Leo men are the type to propose in public and scream their love from the rooftops. If your Leo man deeply cares about you, he will ensure everyone knows it.

Your Leo man will have no problem being romantic in front of the entire world. He’ll make grand gestures just because he feels like it.

Your Leo man will do lavish and dramatic things for special occasions, but don’t be surprised if he sometimes goes a little overboard for a regular date night.

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