What Does a Capricorn Man Like in Bed? (Turn Him On Easy)

Updated May 7, 2023

A Capricorn man in bed can be a mystery at first. Capricorn men don’t always seem incredibly sexual at first.

Once you get to know a Capricorn man, you’ll realize he can be a great lover. You just have to figure out how to connect with him!

Capricorn men aren’t in any rush in the bedroom. They take things slow in relationships, and sex is no different!

Capricorn men want to be comfortable with their partners, and they need the atmosphere to be perfect.

Keep things simple when having sex with a Capricorn man. Be direct about what you like, and don’t overcomplicate things. If you try new things, start small.

Capricorn men might be slow and meticulous in the bedroom, but they can also be passionate! They are sensual people who want their partner to be satisfied.

He Takes Things Slow

A Capricorn man’s sexuality can seem repressed at times. He tends to take things slow in relationships and might take a while to have sex with his partner.

If you want to turn your Capricorn man on, take things slow. Take the time to get to know him before you go to bed with one another. You’ll have an easier time pleasing him if you do!

Go slow when figuring out where to touch a Capricorn man to turn him on the most. Take your time touching him, and pay attention to his reactions.

If you go too fast when you’re with a Capricorn man, you won’t turn him on. Take your time to explore and experience things with one another. There’s no need to rush.

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He’s Incredibly Sensual

What does a Capricorn man want in bed? Like all earth signs, Capricorn men are incredibly sensual! If you want to turn him on, you need to appeal to all his senses in the bedroom.

You can turn a Capricorn man on and appeal to his sensual side by playing music, lighting candles, wearing perfume, or laying out your softest, most luxurious bed sheets before you two have sex.

Take your time exploring your Capricorn man’s body too. Let him do the same for you! This will appeal to his sensual side.

You can also start with a massage before having sex and follow things up by taking a shower together. This will turn your Capricorn man on and please his sensuality.

Focus on kissing and foreplay if you want to turn your Capricorn man on easily. Sex isn’t just about the “main act” with him. It’s about feeling a variety of sensations and just relaxing for a while.

He Likes To Be Comfortable

What do Capricorn men like in bed? Many of them prefer to be comfortable above all else. If your Capricorn man isn’t comfortable with you or in the setting you’re in, he won’t want to have sex.

Some men are comfortable having sex in public or semi-public places. Capricorn men want complete privacy. They also want them and their partner to be as comfortable as possible.

Your Capricorn man might get distracted by scratchy bedsheets or a squeaky mattress. If he’s uncomfortable at all, it will ruin the overall experience.

Your Capricorn man also wants you to be comfortable! If he senses any discomfort from you, he’ll stop things. If you want to turn him on easily, ensure you’re both in a comfortable place.

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Atmosphere Is Important To Him

Seducing a Capricorn man is about setting the right atmosphere. Your Capricorn man won’t care how good you look or how great you are in bed if the atmosphere is off.

Capricorn men can’t have sex just anywhere. They typically prefer to have sex in a tidy, comfortable place. Many might never venture outside the bedroom when it comes to sex, and that’s okay!

If you want to turn your Capricorn man on, take your time setting the mood. Don’t rush to have sex the second you two get home. Make sure things are comfortable and appeal to all your Capricorn man’s senses.

You can set the atmosphere by ensuring the room is tidy. You can set the mood with music or soft, comfortable bedding.

Emotions are also part of the atmosphere. Your Capricorn man won’t be turned on if you are tired or unenthusiastic. He won’t have sex unless you are both feeling up to it!

He Loves Passionate Partners

Even though he can seem reserved most of the time, one of a Capricorn man’s turn-ons is when his partner is passionate.

Your Capricorn man wants to know that you’re enthusiastic about whatever you two do in the bedroom. He’ll be more turned on when it’s apparent that you are.

Be passionate and loving when you’re in bed with your Capricorn man. This doesn’t mean that you have to be reckless or that you need to pick up the pace! You can show your passion while still taking things slow.

Show your passion by letting your Capricorn man know how much you enjoy something. Express your feelings to him while you’re in the bedroom. Make it clear that you’re having a great time with him and want more.

A Capricorn man might enjoy being with a passionate partner because it helps bring out his passionate side. Encourage him to be passionate and expressive when he’s with you. That will turn him on.

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Be Direct With Him

It’s usually better to be direct with a Capricorn man when you’re in bed with him. You can tell him what you want without being coy or mysterious. You can directly ask him what he wants too!

Capricorn men might seem sexually repressed in some ways, but just talking about sex with a Capricorn man might be the best way to turn him on sometimes.

You won’t know what your Capricorn man likes if you don’t talk to him. It will be far easier to get him riled up when you already know his preferences and what things you should stay clear of.

If you honestly aren’t sure how to turn on a Capricorn man, ask him! It won’t turn a Capricorn man off to talk about preferences before having sex. He’d rather you just ask!

Your Capricorn man will also be turned on when you’re open about what you like. You don’t need to hide from him. Just be open and honest.

Don’t Rush

Don’t be in any rush when attracting a Capricorn man. Sex with him will be worth the wait!

You shouldn’t be in a rush once you two go to bed with each other, either. Capricorn men typically don’t like quick sex. They aren’t racing to the finish line. They want to enjoy the sensual experience for what it is.

If you don’t have time to sit back and enjoy yourselves, your Capricorn man likely won’t want to have sex. He’ll wait until you both have the time to do things right.

Many Capricorn men have a lot of stamina. You might not be able to tell it just by looking at them, but they can have sex for a long time! A Capricorn man isn’t just trying to finish things and move on.

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Keep Things Simple

You don’t have to be wild when having sex with a Capricorn man. You don’t have to make things too elaborate or complicated, either! Sometimes, the best sex is the most simple when you’re with a Capricorn man.

Some men like elaborate role plays or complicated positions in the bedroom. Many Capricorn men don’t, though. They aren’t too wild or adventurous when it comes to sex.

You can stick to things you already know you like when you’re having sex with a Capricorn man. He’ll be just as turned on even if you do the same thing over and over.

It’s easier to turn a Capricorn man on when you don’t overcomplicate things. He’ll be happy if you are both comfortable and the atmosphere is right.

You don’t need to constantly mix things up or turn your bedroom into a theatrical performance to turn him on.

He Wants You To Be Satisfied

How is a Capricorn man in bed? Many Capricorn men are good lovers once you get to know them. They are not selfish, and they want to make sure that their partners are satisfied.

Sometimes, the best way to turn your Capricorn man on is to show him that you are turned on. If he does something you like, make sure you let him know! Don’t hold back when you’re with him.

If your Capricorn man thinks you’re not in the mood or you’re having a bad time, he won’t want to have sex. If you want to turn him on, you can’t be aloof or hard to get. Make sure he knows how pleased you are.

Sex with a Capricorn man tends to be good once you actually start having sex because he will focus on your pleasure. If you aren’t having a good time, he’ll check in and see what he can do to fix that!

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