9 Features Of The Body Type Aries Men Like

Updated May 25, 2023

Having the body type an Aries man likes might not guarantee that he’ll like you, but it certainly helps!

Aries men prefer strong, athletic women. They want a partner who is feminine but who is energetic enough to keep up with them.

Aries men are most attracted to strong women with fit, athletic body types. An Aries man wants a strong woman who can match his energy. He also cares about hygiene, so make sure you keep up with that!

Natural beauty and confidence are also essential when attracting an Aries man. If you can turn heads at the gym just as easily as at the club, he’ll be attracted to you.

Soft skin and strong features are also attractive to Aries men. They love it when a woman has a strong nose or shapely legs.

1. Athletic

What body type does an Aries man like? Many Aries men prefer women with athletic body types. You don’t necessarily need to be thin, but you need to be able to keep up with him at the gym!

There isn’t one specific athletic body type. You’ll look different depending on what kind of exercise or sports you do. A runner’s body looks different from a swimmer’s body or the body of someone more focused on weight lifting.

An Aries man loves when a woman has some muscle and when she can keep up with him. For this reason, many Aries men meet women at the gym or while playing sports!

Being athletic isn’t the same as being thin, so don’t worry if you aren’t thin. Your Aries man wants to know that you take care of your body. Once he sees that you can weight lift, run, etc., he’ll find that incredibly attractive.

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2. Strong

Strength is something that an Aries man likes in a woman. He is looking for a woman who is strong in many ways, including physically.

Strength can go along with having an athletic body type. Even if you don’t seem to have a muscular body, you can attract an Aries man by showing him how strong you are.

An Aries man will be attracted to a woman who is strong enough to lift weights at the gym. He’s also attracted to strong, shapely legs. If you ever go hiking with him, show yours off!

Your Aries man will be even more attracted to you if he sees your strong and soft sides.

He might want a woman with strong legs and muscular arms, but he also wants her to be feminine. Finding that balance is the real key to attracting an Aries man.

3. Clean

An Aries man’s perfect woman cares about her appearance and takes care of herself. To attract an Aries man, you must be clean and hygienic.

Aries men are most attracted to women who care about themselves and their appearance. Aries men can be just as picky as Virgo men regarding cleanliness and personal hygiene!

An Aries man might not care if a woman is wearing makeup, but he will care about whether or not her skin looks clean and healthy. He’ll be more attracted to someone with glowing skin and well-maintained hair.

Pay attention to your hygiene if you want to attract an Aries man. It doesn’t matter how attractive you are if he thinks you’re unclean.

Take care of the small things when you’re ready to see your Aries man. Clean your nails, make sure your hair is taken care of, and be sure your clothing looks its best, too, if you’re meeting up for a date.

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4. Natural Beauty

Do Aries men like natural beauty? Many of them do! You don’t need to wear a lot of makeup or change your natural appearance to attract an Aries man.

An Aries man will always go for someone naturally beautiful over someone who wears a lot of makeup or does other things to alter their appearance.

To attract an Aries man, you should focus more on highlighting your natural features than hiding or altering them. If you wear makeup, wear it in a way that shows off your natural beauty!

A woman who is beautiful even when she’s exercising at the gym or going on a rigorous hike will attract an Aries man. Be bold and show him what you truly look like. That’s what will attract an Aries man.

Your Aries man wants to see your natural body. You can flaunt your best assets by wearing well-fit clothing but don’t hide your body if you’re going to attract an Aries man.

5. Confident

What turns an Aries man on more than anything else? Aries men are incredibly attracted to confidence.

Your Aries man will be more attracted to you if you’re confident in your appearance. Even if you don’t match every one of his preferences, confidence will attract him anyway!

Don’t worry about trying to match every single one of an Aries man’s likes and dislikes. You don’t need to change yourself for him. If you’re comfortable in your skin, that will help attract him to you.

Confidence is vital if you want to draw an Aries man in. Even if you don’t always feel confident, you should hold your head high. That confidence will attract an Aries man even if it isn’t always genuine.

You’ll catch his eye when your Aries man sees that you’re comfortable in your skin and happy to flaunt your natural beauty.

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6. Feminine

An Aries man’s ideal woman is strong but still feminine. Some of the features that attract an Aries man are more stereotypically feminine.

An Aries man might want a woman who is strong and athletic, but he definitely still wants to see that she’s feminine and that she has a soft side.

Features like long hair or full lips are attractive to Aries men. An Aries man is also attracted to soft hands and a woman’s curves. Show off your chest and hips if you want to draw an Aries man to you.

If you want to know how to dress for an Aries man, dress in a way that shows off your soft, feminine side. He will love it when you wear outfits that show off how strong and how gentle you are.

Long, flowing dresses or well-fit blouses that highlight your curves are a great choice if you’re trying to attract an Aries man! He will love seeing your confidence in your feminine form.

7. Energetic

Attracting an Aries man is about more than just how you look. You might have the perfect body type for him, but you must also be energetic to attract him!

Looking like you’re strong and athletic is only helpful if you have the energy to keep up with an Aries man. This is why he isn’t just attracted to naturally thin women. He wants you to be energetic too!

An Aries man will find it attractive if you can beat him on a jog or keep up with him while hiking without breaking a sweat. He wants to see that you have the energy needed to do the activities he loves with him.

Your Aries man will also be more attracted to you if you have positive, confident energy. If you’re optimistic and it’s fun to be around you, he’ll be more likely to look your way!

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8. Strong Features

Her face is an Aries man’s favorite body part on a woman. Aries men are incredibly attracted to women with strong features that stand out.

Don’t worry about turning an Aries man off if you’ve got particularly muscular calves or a large nose. He will be attracted to these features! Some men might find those features unfeminine, but an Aries man loves them.

Piercing eyes, a strong jawline, and high cheekbones are other examples of strong features that will attract an Aries man. He will notice if you happen to have any of these!

An Aries man doesn’t want a woman who looks like everyone else. He wants someone who stands out and who embraces her unique looks.

If you have strong features and are confident in them, your Aries man will find you attractive. He’ll love seeing you embrace your strong features, and he’ll think that you’re beautiful.

9. Soft Skin

One specific feature that many Aries men are attracted to is soft skin. Your Aries man might not always care about the makeup or clothes you wear, but he will be incredibly attracted to how smooth your skin is.

Soft skin is something that can be considered a feminine feature. It’s also a sign that you take care of yourself! There are many reasons why Aries men love a woman with soft skin.

Take care of your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. Skincare for your face is essential, but pay attention to your whole body too! It will drive your Aries man wild if your skin is soft everywhere.

Your Aries man will love feeling your hand in his when your skin is soft and smooth. He’ll love running his fingers over your arms or along your neck. Your soft, feminine skin will attract your Aries man.

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