Keys to Talking About Feelings With an Aries Man

Updated August 18, 2023

An Aries man’s feelings are usually fairly easy to figure out. He’s an open book and he has a hard time hiding them.

This doesn’t mean he always wants to talk about feelings, though. It’ll take time to get him to talk about how he feels.

If you want an Aries man to talk about feelings with you, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you can’t make him if he doesn’t want to.

If you push too much, he’ll just get angry and pull away from you.

If he needs privacy, give it to him. Be vulnerable with him but if he doesn’t get vulnerable with you in return, don’t be offended.

He won’t always talk about feelings the way you want him to. You’ll need to accept this if you want the Aries man in your life.

Be Non-Confrontational

If an Aries man is hiding his feelings about you or about something else, don’t accuse him of doing so. That will just make him want to hide more!

Being confrontational with an Aries man will just make him angry. He’ll be more than happy to argue with you if you push him too far.

If you want him to open up to you, you need to let him do so on his terms. Be patient with him. Don’t push him to do anything he’s not ready to do.

If you do confront him, be prepared to have a fight. He’s not going to listen to you and decide to suddenly open up about how he feels.

Aries men won’t do anything they don’t want to do. They won’t open up about their feelings until they fully trust you and are comfortable talking about their emotions.

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Give Him Privacy

An Aries man might need privacy more than he needs to open up about his feelings. If that’s what he needs, you should give him that privacy.

Talking about feelings isn’t always easy for an Aries man. He can be an open book sometimes and you might be able to tell how he’s feeling but that doesn’t mean he wants to talk about it.

If you give him privacy, he’ll know that you respect him and that you care about his feelings more than you care about your desire to talk about them.

When an Aries man stops talking to you, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s angry with you. He might just need some alone time to sort through his feelings.

Eventually, he’ll start to feel more comfortable with you and he’ll open up more.

Be Honest

The best way to talk to an Aries man is to be as honest and genuine as possible.

You want him to trust you. In order for that to happen, you might need to start opening up before he’s willing to do so himself.

When you show him that you’re an honest person, he’ll be more likely to open up to you when he’s ready to do so. Once he trusts you, he’ll feel like he’s able to talk to you about his feelings without worry.

Being honest shows him that he can trust you with what he has to say. He’ll feel more comfortable when he knows that you won’t lie to him.

When he does open up to you and start talking about feelings, let him know how that makes you feel. If it makes you happy that he’s finally trusting you, let him know that!

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Be Vulnerable

Even if he doesn’t want to talk to you about his feelings, you can talk to him about yours.

You can do this to model how you like to talk about feelings. He may simply not be used to discussing how he feels with somebody. He needs to learn how!

Be vulnerable with him. Show him that it’s okay to be vulnerable with people you care about.

He’s not used to being vulnerable with people. He might think it makes him weak. Show him that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If he blows you off when you try to be open and vulnerable with him, that is a sign an Aries man is not interested anymore.

If that happens, it’s better to back off entirely. You don’t need to put effort into somebody who doesn’t want you.

Make Him Feel Strong

One of the reasons Aries men don’t like to talk about their feelings is because they think it makes them weak.

Some Aries men associate emotions with weakness or with being “unmanly”. This is unfortunate because it actually takes a lot of bravery and strength to open up to somebody.

When you two are talking about feelings, make sure he knows how strong you think he is.

Let him know that you think he’s a strong, manly person. Build his ego up. Once he starts being vulnerable with you, let him know you still think he’s strong.

You can also drop hints here and there that you think talking about feelings is something only an emotionally strong person will do.

He might see that as some sort of challenge and rise to the occasion. Once he talks about his feelings with you once, he might see how good it feels and make a habit of it.

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Follow His Pace

Aries men often dive right into pursuing women they are attracted to. They go for what they want and don’t back down.

When it comes to feelings, though, an Aries man might do things at a slower pace.

If an Aries man is confused in love and not sure of his feelings, he’s not going to open up to you until he’s sorted things out for himself.

Sometimes, he’ll dive right in and be willing to talk about feelings with you. Other times, he’ll want to avoid that completely.

You’ll need to go at whatever pace he sets.

If you rush him before he’s ready to talk, he’ll pull away from you. If you pull away because he’s going too fast, he’ll think you’re not interested.

Don’t Pressure Him

Never pressure an Aries man to do something until he’s ready to do it!

If you try to make an Aries man do something he doesn’t want to do, he’ll just double down and refuse to do it even more.

It can be frustrating when your friend or partner won’t open up to you. It’s even more frustrating when they aren’t comfortable with you discussing your own emotions.

If you really want him to open up, though, you need to let him do that on his own terms.

All you can do is continue to show him that he can trust you and that you’ll be there whenever he’s ready to talk about his feelings.

If he doesn’t want to listen to you talk about your feelings, don’t push it. If it’s really something he doesn’t want to do and that bothers you, you may simply need to reevaluate your relationship.

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Be Patient

When an Aries man respects you and trusts you, he’ll be more likely to talk to you about his feelings.

Allow him to build that trust with you. Be patient with him.

When an Aries man is in love with you, he’ll be more likely to open up about his feelings. He’ll also be willing to listen to you when you want to talk about how you feel.

You just need to be patient and wait until you two have the level of respect, trust, and love that he needs in order to be vulnerable with somebody.

Even after he starts opening up to you, you’ll still need to be patient. He’s not going to dive into his deepest thoughts and emotions right away.

Get to Know Him

An Aries as a boyfriend is passionate, intense, and loving. He can also be possessive, jealous, and domineering. You won’t know his exact traits until you get to know him.

Knowing exactly who he is will be the best way to figure out how to talk to him about feelings.

If you two have a certain kind of relationship and he’s more mature, you may be able to get him to open up by simply asking him and telling him it’s important to you.

With other Aries men, you’ll need to wait until they decide they want to talk about their feelings. It won’t happen unless they think it’s their idea.

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Feelings His Way

An Aries man might not always talk about feelings the way you want him to.

An Aries man’s eye contact and gaze will do a lot to show how he’s feeling. If he’s not able to open up and talk about something yet, look into his eyes.

When an Aries man loves you, he’ll want to do things to make you happy. Even if he doesn’t like talking about feelings, he’ll make an effort.

If his effort doesn’t live up to your expectations, don’t discourage him or make him feel bad. That will just drive him away. Let him know that you appreciate him and you’re grateful for what he’s shared with you.

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