Quick & Easy Guide To Text Flirting With an Aries Man

Updated January 11, 2022
Quick & Easy Guide To Text Flirting With an Aries Man

Flirting with an Aries man through text is easy if you’re already a confident, forward person.

The best way to flirt with him is just to go for it. Don’t hold back and don’t be shy. Flirt openly and be sexy.

Aries men love to flirt. They also love attention. If you are open and honest with how you feel about him, he’ll appreciate it.

Be sexy, be passionate, and be playful. You don’t need to be serious or try too hard when you’re flirting with him through text. Just go with your gut when it comes to what to say.

Most of all, be confident. Don’t overthink your texts. If you get the urge to say something, go for it! He’s not going to judge you for being too forward.

Indulge Him

Learning how to text an Aries man is fairly easy. If you make everything about him, he’ll love to text you.

Aries men love to have the attention on them. Flirt with him by appealing to things that he likes.

If he asks for pictures of you, for example, go ahead and send some. Feel free to be as flirty as you like in those pictures as well.

If he texts you at odd hours, respond with a flirty text.

Do anything you can to show him that you’re interested in him and that you want to make him feel good. He’ll appreciate it.

Aries men are used to getting what they want. Giving in to his desires and responding with what he wants to hear is a great way to flirt with him over text.

Ignoring an Aries man’s texts is one of the worst things you can do. You should pay as much attention to him as you can if you’re interested in him.

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Be Forward

Should you text Aries man first? It’s perfectly fine if you do. He likes to be in control most of the time but it’s also a good idea to make sure he knows you’re interested.

You can be bold and forward with your flirting. You don’t need to be coy and you don’t need to beat around the bush.

Flirting with an Aries man is easier when you don’t hold back and just outright state your intentions.

If you’re into him, just say that! Don’t leave him wondering how you feel about him.

You don’t need to think too hard about what you say before you say it with an Aries man. If he is flirting with you via text, just go with whatever your gut tells you to say.

He likes it when a woman is confident in her sexuality. If you’re forward with him and match his energy, he’ll love it.

Be Sexy

You don’t have to be innocent when you’re flirting with an Aries man over text. You can be sexy and you can also be a little naughty if you want to be.

Aries men often enjoy sexting. If you want to pick up the pace and make things a little steamy, feel free to text him with some dirty talk.

You can be as seductive as you like. He won’t be offended. He’s likely to rise to the occasion and match your energy.

You can also send him sexy pictures of yourself if you like. He’ll appreciate them. He may even respond with some of his own.

If he ignores your attempts at being sexy and seductive, that’s a sign an Aries man doesn’t like you. No matter how much you flirt, he won’t flirt back. He’ll also ignore photos if you send them to him.

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Be Passionate

An Aries man’s emotions are often easy to figure out because of how passionate he is. He loves being with people who are just as passionate as he is.

Show how passionate you are in your texts. Don’t censor yourself or hold back.

If you like him, tell him so! If you’re interested in picking up the pace in your relationship, let him know that as well.

Feel free to express yourself. Don’t feel shy or embarrassed. Aries men don’t think before they speak so you don’t have to either.

You want him to see how much you like him. If you two just have a physical relationship, you want him to know how attractive you find him.

If you two have a romantic relationship or you’re working towards one, you also want him to know how much you care about him.

Praise Him

You can flirt with an Aries man by texting him words of praise.

The best way to compliment an Aries man is to compliment him often! He loves to hear praise from the people around him.

If he sends you a photo of himself, tell him how attractive he is. Tell him what you like about his body. Let him know that you noticed his new haircut or the new shirt he’s wearing.

Aries men also like to feel strong and manly. Tell him how strong you think he is.

You don’t need to hold back with the praise, either. Aries men are gluttons for it.

Praise is one of the best ways to make an Aries man want you. When you make him feel good, he’ll seek you out and want to text with you more.

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Be Playful

Some signs, like Virgo, flirt by being witty and intellectual. You don’t have to worry about seeming smart when you’re flirting with an Aries man.

He’ll love it more when your flirting is playful. You don’t need to take it too seriously.

An Aries man thinks that flirting should be fun! It’s a way to let off steam. It’s a way to express yourself.

If you’re flirting with an Aries man, he’s not going to think some playful words mean that you want a relationship with him when you don’t.

He won’t read too much into your flirting. He’s not going to pick up on things that aren’t there.

You can flirt with him without worrying about him taking it too seriously. If you two just have a casual relationship, sending him a few texts isn’t going to change that.

Be Confident

Aries men love confident women. When you’re texting him, just go with the flow and let your confidence shine through.

Don’t second guess yourself when you’re texting him. Don’t worry about embarrassing yourself.

If you think you seem overeager or weird, don’t worry about it. Just say what you want to say.

If you want to ask an Aries man out via text, just ask him outright. You don’t need to hedge what you say or have small talk leading up to it.

When you are confident in what you’re saying, Aries will notice that and he’ll love it.

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Provoke Him

If you want your flirtatious texts to lead to something physical when you meet up with an Aries, feel free to provoke him and try to rile him up.

Send him sexy pictures while he’s at work. Start up a sexting session. Don’t worry about offending him. If he’s truly busy and doesn’t want to flirt with you or sext, he’ll ignore the messages until later.

If you know what he likes in bed, send him a few flirty texts about what you’ll do to him when you see him later.

Purposely say things that you know will press his buttons a little. You don’t want to make him angry or jealous but you can tease him a little bit and try to get a reaction out of him.

Be Spontaneous

Aries men are often spontaneous and impulsive. He won’t mind at all if you send a flirtatious text on a whim.

If you’re just getting to know an Aries man and you’re not sure of his feelings toward you yet, don’t worry. Throw caution to the wind and send a flirty text whenever you feel the urge to.

If he’s not that into you, he’ll make that clear. If he is, though, your flirty text can definitely kick off a relationship between you two.

Don’t worry about texting him at odd or inappropriate times. If an Aries man is busy, he’ll likely not even see the text until he’s free.

Go with the flow and just say whatever comes to mind while you’re flirting with him. Don’t overthink it.

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Entertain Him

Aries men get bored easily. If you want to flirt with him via text, make sure you mix things up.

Don’t always say the same thing. Don’t always send the same kind of picture or pose the same way.

Talk to him about things he finds interesting as well. You don’t always need to be flirting with him when you two are texting.

Sometimes, starting up a regular conversation about a topic he enjoys is the best way to make him happy and to show him that you’re interested in him.

He wants to be entertained. Say things that stand out from what everyone else is texting him.

When he hangs off your every word no matter what you’re talking about, that’s a sign an Aries man secretly likes you.