Is Aries Man Jealous and Possessive in a Relationship?

Updated May 3, 2023

Aries men can be jealous and possessive when it comes to their partners. They are definitely a fire sign!

Aries men are passionate but sometimes that passion goes too far and becomes negative. An Aries man’s jealousy can get ugly.

Is an Aries man a possessive partner? He certainly can be, for a variety of reasons.

He is a dominant, intense person. He doesn’t necessarily see his partner as an object even if he does see her as “his”.

Is an Aries man jealous as well? He acts confident but he can get insecure and he sometimes has trust issues.

If he gets insecure about his relationship, he may get jealous over the smallest things.

How he acts on his feelings of jealousy and possessiveness will depend on how mature the Aries man is.


Aries men are known for having a hot temper. They also have a short fuse and can get angry over the smallest of things.

If an Aries man feels jealous about something, he’s likely to react by lashing out in anger.

His anger is explosive too! It’s not a quiet anger and it doesn’t go away easily.

As Aries men grow and mature, some of them learn how to control their anger and calm themselves down. Not all Aries men know how to do this, though.

If he gets jealous, you’ll know immediately. If he thinks another man is flirting with you, he’s likely to start a fight with that man.

He’ll act possessive over you when he’s angry too. He’ll do anything he can to make sure people know that you are his and that they should stay away from you.

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Underneath all the bluster, Aries men are insecure. They can get inside their own head too much and overthink things.

This is one of the reasons behind why they get jealous. If an Aries man doesn’t feel secure in his relationship, he’s going to get jealous any time he thinks that relationship is being threatened.

He won’t like it when other men talk to you, even if it’s just friendly chatter. He’ll convince himself that they’re flirting with you. This will upset him and can make him moody.

If you’re away and an Aries man misses you, he might become jealous of the people you’re with or the things that you’re doing without him.

If an Aries man is feeling sensitive and insecure, you’ll need to reassure him. Let him know that he’s the one you love and that nothing is going to change that.

Trust Issues

An Aries man is possessive over the things and people he cares about partly because he has trust issues.

It’s not necessarily that he doesn’t trust you not to be faithful to him. It’s that he doesn’t trust other people.

He wants everyone to know that you are his partner and only his. He will do anything he can to make this loud and clear.

He doesn’t trust your male friends. Even if your relationship with them is completely platonic, an Aries man might convince himself that they are secretly after you.

If he doesn’t trust you, his jealousy issues are going to be even worse. He’ll act jealous and controlling any time you are out of his sight.

Until Aries man learns to trust not only you but the people around you, he’s going to have problems with jealousy. He needs to learn to just let go of certain things.

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An Aries man’s behavior in love is intense sometimes.

He’s not always trying to act possessive. He doesn’t always want to be controlling. In fact, if you tell him he’s being controlling, that may upset him.

He feels his emotions strongly. If he loves you, he wants to shout that love from the rooftops. He wants everyone to know that you two are together.

This is sweet sometimes. It’s nice to have a partner that wants to show you off sometimes.

If he gets too intense and starts becoming possessive, though, it’s not so sweet any longer.

He’ll show you off to everyone, yes, but only because he’s making sure everyone knows you’re his.

Aries men can get too intense sometimes. It’s something they need to work on, especially in relationships. If he’s doing something you don’t like, you need to let him know right away.


Ignoring an Aries man might make him act out in odd ways.

Aries men need a lot of attention in general. This is especially true with the people they care about.

If you are in a relationship with an Aries man, he’ll want your attention on him as often as possible.

If your attention is on something (or somebody) else, he might get jealous.

What happens when you ignore an Aries man for an extended period of time? He might assume that you’re not interested in him anymore, that you’re having an affair, or that something else is going on.

If you’re just busy or dealing with something personal, make sure you let him know that. The more you communicate, the less likely to get irrationally jealous he’ll be.

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If Aries man loves you, everyone will be able to tell. He’s a highly passionate person and he often can’t hide his emotions even if he tries.

This passion can be extremely sexy and alluring. It can draw you in. It makes you feel desired and that feels good.

On the other hand, his passion can be a bit too much at times.

That “passion” can easily turn into possessive, controlling behavior. It can also turn into anger just as easily.

If he feels strongly that somebody is flirting with you, he’s going to fuel all that passion into making that person back off.

He may overdo it when he’s showing you off to others. You want to feel like a person and an equal part of the relationship, not like a possession.

Even if he’s passionately singing your praises, it won’t feel nice if he’s just treating you like something he owns instead of like his partner.


Are Aries men possessive of things and people they consider important? They tend to be, yes. Some of them will be overly aggressive about this fact.

As mentioned, Aries men tend to have a temper. Even when they aren’t angry, though, they can act in an aggressive way.

He won’t simply tell other people that you’re his partner. He’ll tell people you’re his partner as if he’s staking a claim over you.

If he thinks another man is acting inappropriately, he won’t talk to you about it first. He’s more likely to confront the other man.

An Aries man’s aggressive behavior can be off-putting to many people. In fact, this is one of the reasons behind why some of his relationships end up failing.

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Goes Too Far

Are Aries men controlling? Sometimes, when their jealousy and possessiveness go too far, they can become extremely domineering over their partner.

Even if he trusts you, he might become controlling. This often has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his own feelings of insecurity.

If an Aries man is going too far with how he reacts to his feelings of jealousy, you need to confront him about it right away.

Let him know that you don’t appreciate it when he picks fights with people just because he’s jealous. Let him know it doesn’t make you feel good when he acts possessive and controlling.

If he won’t listen and continues with his bad behavior, that might be a sign the relationship needs to end.


If he’s trying to intimidate your male friends or other men in your life, that is one of the signs an Aries man is jealous of those men. He’ll act extra tough if he sees somebody as a threat.

The thing about Aries men is that they often are intimidating, even when they aren’t trying to be.

He just has a tough, aggressive aura about him. Even if he’s actually a calm person, he’ll give off that impression.

When he is trying to be intimidating, everyone should look out. He’ll make good on his threats if he thinks somebody is acting inappropriately toward you.

You might even find yourself intimidated by him when he’s angry. Even if he’s not actually an aggressive or violent person, he can be scary when he’s mad.

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Always Right

It can be difficult to make an Aries man change his behavior. He thinks he’s always right and often won’t listen to criticism.

If he’s convinced a male friend of yours is flirting with you, nothing you say will convince him otherwise.

If he thinks you are the one flirting with other men, he’s not going to listen to a word you say. Even if you’re genuinely not flirting, he won’t believe you.

If the way he acts is bothering you, it won’t always be easy to get through to him about this. He might turn it around so that you’re the problem, not him.

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