Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With an Aries Man

Updated July 27, 2022
Risky Guide To Playing Mind Games With an Aries Man

An Aries man playing mind games can drive somebody up the wall. He’s highly competitive and mind games are another way of competing.

If you want to play him at his own game, you need to learn how to play mind games like he does.

It’s not always a good idea to play games with an Aries man. Some Aries men can be angry and violent. You don’t want to get on his bad side.

The best way to play with him is to set up a competition between the two of you or between him and other men in your life.

It’s even better if you make him feel like he’s losing the competition.

You can also play with his head by being insincere, being dishonest, and by not reacting when he tries to make you angry.

Tease Him

Some light teasing is one of the ways to keep an Aries man interested and keep him on his toes. Even if you’re not playing games with him, this is sometimes a great way to spice things up a little.

If you really want to toy with him, though, be merciless with your teasing.

If you know him well, this will be especially easy. You’ll know exactly what to say to really get under his skin.

If he’s sensitive about something, bring it up. Joke around about it. Tease him and don’t back down from it right away.

This will rile him up. He’ll get especially angry if you tell him that you’re “just joking” and that he’s being too sensitive.

If you don’t know him that well, you’ll likely still be able to find things to tease him about. Just joke around until you strike a chord and he reacts.

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Compare Him to Others

Aries men hate being compared to others. It’s up there on their list of least favorite things.

He will be infuriated if you start comparing him to other people. This will be especially true if he sees these people as competition.

If you want to really bother him, compare him to your ex-boyfriends.

If he does something you don’t like, say something like, “My ex would never do that to me.”

If you want him to do something and he’s refusing to do it, you can also say that one of your exes always did it without arguing.

If you have a male friend or coworker that he’s jealous of, compare him to that person. The key is to make it sound like you favor the other person and their behavior.

Sometimes, this can result in him changing his behavior so that you think highly of him. Other times, it will just make him angry.

Set Up Competition

Aries men love competition but only when they are the ones who have set it up. They like everything to be on their own terms.

An Aries man might try to set up a competition between you and someone else or even between you and him. He does this when he’s playing games or testing you.

If you want to know how to beat Aries man at his own game, do the same things he does.

Create a competition between him and other men in your life.

If one of your male friends is better than him at something, make sure you really rub that in his face. If he thinks he’s great at basketball, for example, tell him all about your friend who is way better than him.

You can also try to show him up at things he thinks he’s good at.

If he is bragging about doing something well, show him that you can do it better than he can. Don’t back down and continue trying to best him at everything.

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Make Him Jealous

If an Aries man is acting distant, one of the best ways to get his attention back on you is to make him jealous.

It’s easy to toy with an Aries man’s emotions. Sometimes, it’s as simple as posting on social media saying that you’re having a great time with another man.

He’ll notice right away if you start flirting with somebody else or paying more attention to them than you do to him.

If an Aries man just wants to hook up with you, making him jealous might keep him around for longer. He’ll start seeing other people as competition for your attention. He’ll rise to the occasion and start competing.

Aries men get jealous easily so it won’t be difficult to make him jealous. Even if you’re not actually trying to make him jealous, he’ll get jealous all on his own.

Be a Flirt

Aries men absolutely hate it when their partners flirt with other people.

If he’s done something to anger you and you want some revenge, just start talking to one of your exes.

If you know he’s jealous of a male friend of yours, flirt with him. Make sure your Aries man is watching.

Look him dead in the eye while you caress another man’s thigh. You want him to know that you’re doing this on purpose.

If you really want to rile him up, flirt with one of his friends. You might cause a fight between them and if you want to avoid that, don’t do this. If you don’t care, though, go right ahead.

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Be Dishonest

If you catch him in a lie about your relationship, that’s a sign an Aries man is using you. If this happens, don’t get mad. Get even.

Aries men want honesty from their friends and partners. They hate it when people lie to them. It makes them feel disrespected.

You want him to know that you’re being dishonest, of course. If you lie to him and he never finds out, that’s not going to do anything at all.

If he asks you out, tell him that you’re sick and staying home for the evening. Then go out with somebody else and post pictures all over social media.

Tell him that you’re not talking to your ex and he’s mistaken for thinking so.

After that, make sure that your ex shows up when you and your Aries man are out. Talk to him like old friends and make it obvious that you two are still in contact.

Silent Treatment

Ghosting an Aries man is one of the best ways to really get to him. He hates being ignored.

If an Aries man is playing the hot and cold game, don’t engage with him. When he’s “hot” and suddenly wants to pay attention to you, ignore him.

When the Aries man has turned cold, continue to ignore him. He might be trying to get you to reach out to him. He wants you to be upset that he’s not paying attention to you.

This will drive him up the wall. This is especially true if he’s the one who is trying to play mind games with you.

He hates it when people beat him at his own game. He also hates it when people don’t care about his attempts to mess with them.

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Be Indirect

Aries men want people to be straightforward and direct with them. If you want to mess with him, be as indirect as possible.

If you’re angry with him, don’t tell him why. Drop hints or tell him “he knows what he did”. Refuse to actually come out and say what’s wrong, though.

You can purposefully let something get back to him “through the grapevine”. Tell your friend what the Aries man did to anger you and let them gossip about it until it gets back to him.

You can be passive-aggressive as well. If you’re annoyed with him, avoid directly confronting him about it.

Be Non-Confrontational

If an Aries man is testing you, don’t react the way he wants you to. He’ll sometimes play games with you. Don’t give him the satisfaction of letting him play you.

He might try to start a fight, for example. Don’t rise to the occasion. Don’t get angry. Ignore any and all attempts to make you frustrated enough to argue with him.

If you’re angry with him, don’t start a fight over it. As mentioned, you can be passive-aggressive about your anger.

You can ignore him. You can give him the silent treatment. You can also act overly nice if he tries to start a fight. He’ll hate seeing you be insincerely kind when he’s fuming.

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Be Insincere

When you are insincere and pretend to feel one way when you actually feel the opposite, an Aries man will notice. This will drive him nuts.

Aries men hate it when people are dishonest. They also hate having to “read between the lines” to figure out how somebody is actually feeling.

Say one thing when you really mean something entirely different. Smile at him and be polite when you’re angry at him.

Sarcastically “compliment” him. Make sure he knows that it’s a backhanded compliment and that you don’t actually mean it.

Aries men love to be complimented. He’ll definitely know that you’re messing with him when you give him a fake compliment.