Understanding a Distant Aries Man (Why? How To Fix?)

Updated September 1, 2023

A distant Aries man isn’t always a reason for concern. He may sometimes seem distant because he still needs to get to know you better.

Respect your Aries man and be patient with him. He’ll open up once he’s ready to.

Aries men can be unpredictable. They aren’t always as emotionally detached as an Aquarius or Capricorn man might be, but they may withdraw if they feel overwhelmed. He is emotional, but feelings can still be difficult for him.

When your Aries man is distant, try giving him space. He might need some time for himself, and then he’ll be happy to spend more time with him.

If your Aries man is constantly distant, that might be a sign something is wrong. Occasionally being distant isn’t always cause for alarm, though.

He Takes Time To Open Up

If an Aries man is emotionally distant, it might be because it’s hard for him to open up sometimes.

Aries men are not aloof, but that doesn’t mean they are emotionally open. They often distance themselves emotionally until they can trust someone.

Your Aries man is unlikely to go to you when he’s sad, anxious, or afraid because he is often embarrassed by “negative” emotions.

It will take him a while to open up to you when he’s feeling down. If your Aries man distances himself from you whenever something bad happens, it’s because he’s not comfortable talking about how he feels with you yet.

Aries men seem very open in some ways, but when it comes to being vulnerable, they are more likely to close themselves off.

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He’s Afraid Of Commitment

Some Aries men are afraid of commitment. They value their freedom and will pull away from anything that might infringe on it.

If you and your Aries man have been getting closer and he suddenly distances himself, his fear of commitment might be why.

Many Aries men will jump into a relationship if it’s what they want. Some might hesitate if they think there’s any chance the relationship will take away any of their independence, though.

Show your Aries man that moving in together, getting married, or making other significant commitments won’t take away his freedom. Make sure he knows that you two can still be independent people and be committed to one another!

If your Aries man distances himself whenever you bring up the topic of commitment, it’s because he’s not ready. Try backing off and give him time to get used to the idea.

He’s Unpredictable

Don’t be surprised if an Aries man disappears and comes back constantly. He can be an extremely unpredictable person!

An Aries man might seem distant one second and obsessed with you the next. This is likely because he has a lot going on in his life, and he doesn’t always think about how his actions affect others.

Aries men are action-oriented. They don’t always think before they do something. An Aries man might impulsively ask you out, only to realize he’s not that into you.

Your Aries man might tell his friends that he’s free to hang out with them because he forgot he had plans with you. He’s not always distant because something is wrong. He’s distant sometimes because he’s forgetful!

An Aries man’s distance might be because he’s forgetful, busy, or just not paying attention to how he’s acting. It doesn’t always make sense!

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Emotions Are Difficult For Him

An Aries man’s hot and cold game isn’t always on purpose. Sometimes, Aries men don’t know how to deal with their emotions.

Aries men are highly emotional people, but they are also very proud! An Aries man might suddenly distance himself because he’s embarrassed about how he shows emotion around you.

An immature Aries man might not think that it’s a good thing when he expresses himself around you. He might withdraw and distance himself because he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings.

Your Aries man might distance himself after intimacy or opening up to you. This is normal. He likely just isn’t used to being so emotionally vulnerable.

Give Him Space

If an Aries man has stopped texting, don’t continue texting him. That will likely annoy him! He’ll get back to you when he can.

Sometimes an Aries man distances himself because he needs space. If you two have been spending every waking moment together and he suddenly withdraws, it’s because he wants time to himself!

Don’t be offended if your Aries man needs some time away from you. He’s a very independent person, and he’s also very busy! He’s got other things to do.

No matter how good your relationship is with your Aries man, he won’t want to be with you 24/7. He’ll have a great time with you sometimes, but he’ll want time away now and then too.

Be sure to give your Aries man space regularly. Make sure he has time to do things by himself and hang out with his friends.

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Be Patient With Him

How long does it take for an Aries man to come back when he’s distanced himself? He might come back immediately or distance himself for a long time. Either way, try to be patient.

Aries men do not like to be controlled. They love their freedom. If you’ve reached out to him or let him know that his distance bothers you and he hasn’t changed, continuing to bother him won’t change anything.

If an Aries man is not responding to you when he usually does, don’t immediately jump to conclusions. Again, he’s unpredictable! You can’t always expect him to respond to messages or pick up the phone.

If you want your Aries man to open up eventually, you must be patient. If you can’t wait for him, it might be time to move on.

Help Him Trust You

An Aries man might distance himself if he feels he can’t trust you for some reason. Aries men are often honest to a fault, so they expect the people around them to be honest.

You can help your Aries man trust you by always being honest with him. If he asks for your opinion on something, he wants your honest opinion! Give it to him.

Be open and sincere as well. If your Aries man thinks you’re hiding something, he’s not the type to try and figure out what that something is. He’s just going to distance himself from you.

If your Aries man ever catches you in a lie, he’ll start to withdraw. He’s a busy man who doesn’t have time for games.

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Respect His Feelings

It can be tricky figuring out how to communicate with an Aries man about his feelings. He might be highly emotional, but he doesn’t always want people to know that!

Try to respect your Aries man’s feelings when he does tell you about them. If you brush them aside or make him feel bad for them, he’ll stop communicating them to you.

An Aries man will distance himself further from you if he doesn’t feel respected. Even if he doesn’t express his emotions the way you would, you need to show him respect.

Your Aries man might withdraw when he’s upset. You can encourage him to talk to you, but don’t shame him for withdrawing. He might distance himself because that’s the only way he currently knows how to deal with certain emotions.

Encourage His Ambitions

Aries men are highly ambitious. They want partners who will support their ambitions and encourage them to reach their goals.

You should always encourage your Aries man’s ambitious nature. It’s okay to give him an ego boost regarding his goals in life.

An Aries man will distance himself from you if he feels you’re holding him back. If you don’t encourage his ambitions or if you talk negatively about his goals, he will stop opening up to you.

You can offer an Aries man help or critique if he asks for it. If he’s just talking about his goals, though, be supportive! He is likely coming to you for support, not criticism.

Your Aries man will go to you more when he knows you’ll encourage him. Instead of distancing himself when he’s feeling down, he might go to you.

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Go At His Pace

An Aries man in love is usually all-in. He’s a spontaneous person. If he wants to be with you, he’ll be with you! If he’s going at a slower pace, there’s a reason why.

If your Aries man is taking things uncharacteristically slow, he’s either not that serious about you, or he’s been hurt before and doesn’t want it to happen again.

Your Aries man might have been burnt in the past because of his impulsive nature. He may distance himself from you because he doesn’t want to jump in too fast and make the same mistakes again.

If you want to know how to comfort an Aries man when he’s distancing himself out of fear, just let him know that you’re willing to go at whatever pace he wants. He might not say it, but he’ll appreciate your patience.

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