Aries Man Kissing Style & Expectations (Preferences)

Updated January 11, 2022
Aries Man Kissing Style & Expectations (Preferences)

An Aries man’s kissing style is passionate and uninhibited. He doesn’t hold back and he won’t think twice before kissing you if he gets the urge.

If you respond with as much enthusiasm as he shows when he kisses you, he’ll love it.

If you want to learn how to kiss an Aries man, the best thing to do is let him set the pace.

He is a dominant person who likes to be in control of everything, kissing included. He’ll show you how he likes to be kissed.

You should expect the unexpected with an Aries man. He’s impulsive and he’s dramatic. He’ll kiss you whenever he likes.

Everything is a competition with Aries. He wants you to think he’s a good kisser. For this reason, he’ll put a lot of effort into his kisses.


Aries is a passionate sign. Aries men are going to be some of the most passionate people you ever meet.

This passion will definitely come through when an Aries man kisses you.

His kisses won’t be shy or sweet. They’ll be bold. He might even kiss you roughly, depending on his mood.

He’ll be enthusiastic. Even if the Aries man you’re kissing isn’t that skilled or experienced, he’ll more than make up for it with that.

He won’t hold back. He’ll just go with his emotions and he’ll fuel all of them into the kiss.

You’ll be able to tell how an Aries man feels about you when he kisses you. He won’t be able to hide any of his emotions.

Many people get swept up in the moment when an Aries man kisses them.

Even if you two are just having a one-time fling, it’ll be something to remember! His kisses are powerful.

This simple secret about men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.


Kissing an Aries man is often a wild experience. He doesn’t hold back from his desires and he’ll kiss you with reckless abandon if he wants to.

As mentioned, he can sometimes be a rough kisser. He might bite at your lips or press himself firmly against you while you two kiss.

A makeout session with an Aries man is always an interesting time. Even if it’s not to your taste, you’ve got to admit that it’s fun.

An Aries man will never stop himself after just one kiss. His kisses are also never chaste or innocent.

If you let him, he’ll be as wild as he wants to be. You’ll have to be the one to rein things in if he starts to go too far.

A kiss also often doesn’t end at just a kiss for an Aries. He’s willing to let things heat up and go further as long as his partner is down for that.


An Aries man is never going to be embarrassed or ashamed of his kissing skills, even if he’s not yet the most experienced with kissing.

If he has an urge, he’s going to act on it. If he wants things to go further beyond just kissing, he’ll start picking up the pace.

Again, you’ll have to be the one to stop things if they’re heating up too much. If he’s moving beyond just kissing and you don’t want him to, you’ll have to be the one to pull back.

Aries men can sometimes do odd things during makeout sessions. This is because they don’t think before they act.

They just go with the flow and do whatever feels good at the moment. This might not always feel good to you but he’ll be enjoying himself.

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Aries men make for dramatic lovers. Even if he’s just kissing you goodbye before you go to work, he’s going to make a whole show of it.

He likes it when his kisses are memorable. He wants to make your toes curl. He wants you to leave for work thinking about him.

He wants you to wait with anticipation for the next time he kisses you.

Again, this can often lead him to go a little too far. If you’re trying to leave, you don’t want a kiss to turn into a makeout session! He might try to make that happen, though.

Kissing is always an event for an Aries man. It’s an experience. Kissing is never just a kiss for him.

If you want a calm lover who gives you sweet, affectionate kisses, then an Aries man might not be the person for you. He’s never calm.


Aries men are competitive in everything that they do. They want to be the best at everything and they want everyone around them to know it.

Kissing is no different!

He wants to be a good kisser. He wants his partners to think he is and he wants everyone around to know it.

If there’s something specific that you like while you’re kissing somebody, mention it to him. He’s likely to try it just because he wants you to think he’s a good kisser.

He doesn’t do anything halfway. If he goes in for a kiss, he’s going to be confident and sure about it. He’s going to give it his all.

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An Aries man’s personality is very dominant. This can be seen when he’s kissing you.

If you want to know how to turn on an Aries man, just sit back and let him take control. He loves it when his partners let him be dominant and take the reins.

This is another reason why he can have rough, bruising kisses at times. It’s also why he tends to pick up the pace when kissing.

He likes to feel in control. He likes to feel like he’s the one in charge of both your pleasure and his own.

He likes a challenge too. If you’re unsure about something or you seem apprehensive when he’s kissing you, that will just make him want to try harder.

This dominant nature of his can be a bit much for some people. If you don’t like it, you’ll need to let him know.


Does an Aries man kiss on the first date? He often does because if he gets the impulse, he’s going to act first and think about it later.

If he’s attracted to somebody, that’s all he’s going to be thinking about.

When he kisses you on your first date, he’s not thinking about your future or whether or not he wants to have a second date with you. He’s just focused on kissing.

If an Aries man is in a relationship with you, you can expect that he’ll kiss you whenever he feels like it. Don’t be surprised if he kisses you out of nowhere.

He’s never one to deny himself anything that he wants. If he wants to kiss you, he’s going to kiss you!

Aries men also aren’t shy about public displays of affection. If you are, you’ll need to set a clear boundary with him because he’ll want to kiss you in public.

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Kissing an Aries can get steamy sometimes. Aries men like it when their kisses are a full-body experience.

Kissing isn’t just about the mouth for an Aries man. If you’re making out with an Aries man, don’t be surprised if his hands start to wander over your body.

He’ll kiss your neck, your jaw, your clavicle, and anywhere else he can reach.

Where do Aries like to be kissed? Everywhere and anywhere, honestly. If you want to make an Aries man obsessed with you, let your mouth wander wherever you’d like.

If you’re willing, something that started as a simple kiss can often lead to more. Aries men don’t shy away from sex and they’re willing to let a kiss lead up to that.


Aries men aren’t always the best about talking about their emotions but they are excellent at expressing them in their kisses.

If you want to know how an Aries man truly feels about you, you’ll find your answer when he kisses you.

If he doesn’t care that much about you and he’s just trying to hook up, you’ll be able to see that lack of care.

If he loves you, his kisses are going to be even more intense. He’ll pour all of his love and passion into each kiss he gives you.

If he’s feeling frustrated, you’ll notice that in his kisses too. Aries men often use kissing, makeout sessions, and sex to relieve their frustration.

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Aries men love to kiss and they love to do so as often as possible. If he wants to kiss you, he won’t be able to hide it at all.

Where does an Aries man like to be touched? If he’s eager to be with you, it won’t matter where you touch him as long as you’re doing it.

You might notice him staring at your mouth during a date. If you two are having dinner, he might brush some stray crumbs off your lips. He’ll do anything he can to show you that he wants to kiss you.

He’s not always going to ask before he kisses you either. If he sees an opportunity, he’ll take it.