Easy Guide To Elicit a Text Response From an Aries Man

Updated September 3, 2023

If you want an Aries man’s text response, you must do more than text him about the first thing that comes to mind.

You need to be strategic when texting an Aries man. If he doesn’t think your text requires a response, he might not reply to it!

Aries men typically like to take the lead, so don’t come on too strong with your Aries man. You can text him first, but don’t overtext him. Give him a chance to respond.

You can show your Aries man you want a response by asking for advice, asking about him, or messaging to discuss his interests. Just don’t text too often or bother him when he doesn’t reply immediately!

Your Aries man will text you back when he enjoys talking to you. You do not need to message him continuously.

Compliment Him

One of the best ways to flirt with an Aries man through text is to compliment him! If you compliment an Aries man and make him feel good about himself, he’ll be more likely to respond to you.

Aries men love it when people stroke their egos. They might not be as attention-seeking as their fellow fire sign, Leo, but they have a vain side.

If your Aries man knows that you’ll compliment him and make him feel good when he texts you, he’ll be more likely to respond!

Reach out to let your Aries man know that you liked his outfit the last time you saw him or compliment a recent picture he posted on social media. If he texts you a photo, be sure to compliment that too!

Your Aries man will respond more often and reach out more when texting you makes him happy. Compliment him and boost his ego a bit if you want a response.

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Ask Him About Himself

If you want a response from an Aries man, try texting to ask him about himself!

Aries men aren’t as self-absorbed as Leo men can be, but they like to talk about themselves! If your Aries man knows you’re happy to hear all about his life and interests, he’ll respond to you.

It will likely make your Aries man feel good when you ask about him. You don’t have to ask anything too personal, especially if you don’t know him well, but something as simple as asking about his favorite movie might ensure a response.

When your Aries man knows that you won’t just talk about yourself any time you two talk, he’ll enjoy texting you more. He’ll love hearing from you, of course, but he’ll feel appreciated when you take the time to ask about him.

Talk About His Interests

If an Aries man has stopped texting, think back to how your conversations usually go. Do you typically spend the whole time talking about yourself and your interests? If so, try texting about your Aries man’s interests instead!

Be sure to ask your Aries man about his interests as often as possible. If you know some of his specific interests, text to talk about them.

You can mention that you started reading his favorite book lately or that you have been thinking about seeing his favorite sports team. Show interest in the things he’s interested in, and he’ll text back to discuss them with you!

When your Aries man knows he can text about the things he likes, not just the things you do, he’ll be more likely to respond and maintain a conversation with you.

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Send Photos

If you aren’t sure what to text an Aries man to get his attention, try sending some photos! That is always a great way to catch his eye.

Some Aries men honestly aren’t the best at chatting over text. It can be difficult to start a conversation, especially if you’re not sure what to message him either!

Sending photos is a good conversation starter. You can send selfies, but you can also send pictures of trips you’ve been on or things that have previously come up in conversation.

Your Aries man will likely respond to compliment you if you send a selfie or tell you his opinion on your outfit if you ask for it.

He will usually answer if you send photos of your vacation, too, especially if you’re somewhere he’d like to visit!

Text To Make Plans

Some Aries men are just not good at texting. They don’t enjoy talking via text as much as in person.

If your Aries man isn’t much of a talker over text, try texting him to make plans so that you two can hang out in person instead!

Your Aries man is more likely to respond to a specific request to make plans than anything else. Whether he likes to text or not, this is a great way to elicit a response.

Try to be specific when texting to make plans. Instead of just asking when he’s free to hang out, ask if your Aries man is free to do a set activity on a particular day.

Your Aries man will likely respond to you whether or not he’s free that day. From there, you two can figure out when he is free and make plans so that you can see each other!

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Don’t Text Too Often

If you want to attract an Aries man over text, don’t text him too often. That will likely bother him.

Your Aries man doesn’t want to feel like you’re constantly bugging him. He’s a busy guy who doesn’t like it when other people are clingy or controlling.

If your Aries man doesn’t respond immediately, don’t freak out. You don’t need to keep messaging him. That will usually ensure that he doesn’t reply to you.

Your Aries man will reply when he can. If he typically enjoys texting with you, his lack of response probably means he is at work or focused on something else.

Do Aries men take long to reply? They sometimes do. If an Aries man is busy with something, he’ll probably remain focused on that until he’s done. Don’t keep messaging him if he doesn’t reply right away. Just be patient.

Let Him Take The Lead

An Aries man’s texting style can vary based on who he is talking to and his mood. If you want your Aries man to respond to you, try texting him in a similar way to how he texts you.

Many Aries men prefer to take the lead. Your Aries man will likely message you if he wants to talk to you. Even if you text first, you’ll have better luck maintaining a conversation if he feels in control.

Will an Aries man text first all the time? While he does like to take the lead, your Aries man isn’t going to text you first every single day.

It will be up to you to reach out to your Aries man sometimes. Just make sure that you’re not reaching out all the time.

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Play A Little Hard To Get

Should you text an Aries man first? You can, but don’t do it all the time! You don’t want to seem too desperate, and you don’t want him to think you’re controlling or clingy.

Instead of constantly messaging first, play a little hard to get when texting your Aries man. Make him be the one to text first sometimes. This will ensure that he messages more often!

If an Aries man is not responding the way you want him to, the best thing to do is to pull back. If he’s used to you messaging every day and that stops, he will likely reach out to see what the issue is.

Some Aries men like the chase. If you always message your Aries man first, why would he need to reach out or respond every time? He knows that you’ll keep messaging him anyway.

If you play a little hard to get, your Aries man will realize he needs to start messaging you more. He’ll appreciate the messages you send and be sure to reply.

Ask For Advice

If you want to know how to text an Aries man in a way that will ensure a response, try asking for advice! This is a great way to show him that you want a reply without explicitly demanding one.

Aries men love to give advice. You can ensure a response if you let your Aries man know how much you value his opinion, how intelligent he is, or that you think he’s an expert on whatever topic you’re asking about.

It’s usually better to ask for practical advice from an Aries man or advice that is actually related to his area of expertise. He’s not always the best with emotional or interpersonal advice. He might not always respond if you get too personal.

Your Aries man might not always immediately respond when you ask for advice, but he will respond. He might take a moment to figure out the best advice to give you, but he’ll typically respond enthusiastically and tell you everything he thinks.

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